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In-Portal CMS - Change Log

In-Portal CMS - 5.1.0 (Released 2010-07-12) View Issues ]

Features + latest bug fixes

0000580Data Managementbug reportIssues with change log sectionclosed (Dmitry)
0000758Install / UpgragestaskPrepare 5.1.0 releaseclosed
0000244OptimizationtaskCreate new "Helper" to parse Email Bodyclosed (!COMMUNITY)
0000357Data Managementbug reportForm modification detector (it's php part) works strangeclosed (alex)
0000781Install / Upgragesbug reportUpgrade from 5.1.0-B2 to 5.1.0-RC1 failsclosed (alex)
0000782Data Managementbug reportOriginal fields are set in incorrect place after item creationclosed (alex)
0000783Install / Upgragesbug reportPHP Backwards compatibility issue in Installation scriptclosed (alex)
0000791Admin Interfacesbug reportShow All link isn't functional in Catalog Item Selector in Adminclosed (alex)
0000792Admin Interfacesbug reportColumn Picker isn't returning to Catalog Item Selector after column changesclosed (alex)
0000793Admin Interfacesbug reportBroken user selectorclosed (alex)
0000794Data Managementbug reportMinor tune-up for "Improvements to Form Submissions" functionalityclosed (alex)
0000784Data ManagementtaskAddition to Communication in Form Submission featureclosed (alex)
0000795Admin Interfacesbug reportIssues with Pagination on Form Submissions gridclosed (alex)
0000796Data Managementbug reportCategory permissions sometimes are not savedclosed (alex)
0000240OptimizationtaskSWFUploader in administrative consoleclosed
0000664Install / UpgragestaskDon't ask user to make "themes/" folder writable upon installationclosed
0000048Securitybug reportCookies are Set in non-SSL mode for SSL connectionsclosed (Dmitry)
[17 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.0.0 (Released 2009-07-25) View Issues ]

First Open Source release

0000031Data Managementbug reportConvert FCK "Internal Link Pointers" to Real URLsclosed (alex)
0000092Front Endbug reportMissing top menu when JavaScript is disabled.closed (alex)
0000090Front Endbug reportSitemap Template is Brokenclosed (alex)
0000015Admin Interfacesfeature requestSaving "Movable Blocks" in Layout Modeclosed (alex)
0000053Front Endbug reportMod-rewrite partially brokenclosed (Dmitry)
0000124OptimizationtaskImprove database interaction codeclosed (alex)
0000037OptimizationtaskSimplify code of kSearchHelper::getSearchClause methodclosed (alex)
0000062OptimizationtaskRemove depricated mod-rewrite partsclosed (alex)
0000007Admin Interfacesbug reportSwitching between Catalog / Show All gridsclosed (alex)
0000008Admin Interfacesfeature requestLimiting "Form Creator" to DBG Modeclosed (alex)
0000033Admin Interfacesbug report"Loading..." element while Edit Item form is loadingclosed (alex)
0000035Admin Interfacesfeature requestMinor Adjustments to Catalog Gridsclosed (alex)
0000038Admin Interfacesbug reportFCK Editor and Internal Stylesclosed (Dmitry)
0000041Databasebug reportUser IP in UserSession table have value "" sometimesclosed (alex)
0000060Admin Interfacesbug reportFolder ".svn" is added as new theme, but it should not.closed (alex)
0000070Admin Interfacesbug reportFCKEditor integration fixesclosed (alex)
0000078Front Endfeature requestMake Custom Fields Searchableclosed (alex)
0000042Front Endbug reportVertical scrollbar, when content block edit window is opened on Front-Endclosed (alex)
0000079Front Endfeature requestImprovements to Image uploads on Add / Edit Itemclosed (alex)
0000080Front Endfeature requestImprovements to Multi-lingual text fields on Add/Edit formsclosed (alex)
0000083Admin Interfacesfeature requestAbility to enter sql queries and phrases as custom field optionsclosed (alex)
0000085Front Endbug reportSuggest Category adds it to menuclosed (Dmitry)
0000089Securitybug reportSession expiration doesn't happen in adminclosed (alex)
0000093Front Endbug reportTag <inp2:c_Field ../> returns incorrect info.closed (alex)
0000102Localizationbug reportUpgrades in English Language Packclosed (alex)
0000050Admin Interfacesbug reportImprovements of CheckSimultaneousEdit functionalityclosed (alex)
0000051Admin Interfacesbug reportImprovements to Duplicate Submit checksclosed (alex)
0000099Admin Interfacesbug reportCategory Name not shown in List and Other pagesclosed (alex)
0000108Front Endfeature requestAdd "multiple" option to possible field options, when kOptionsFormatter is used (helps in search queries)closed (alex)
0000111Front Endbug reportDefault link/product image is not resizedclosed (alex)
0000112Admin Interfacesfeature requestAbility to remove swfuploader objectclosed (alex)
0000117Databasebug reportExtra SQLs for Locale Selectionclosed (alex)
0000120Admin Interfacesfeature requestAbility to change current language from templateclosed (alex)
0000122Admin Interfacesbug reportJavaScript warning related to "related.parentNode", when selecting data in date pickerclosed (alex)
0000123Data Managementbug reportUpload formatter option "direct_links" is ignored in "inp_edit_swf_upload" blockclosed (alex)
0000126Admin Interfacesfeature requestAdd ability to hook to all events of given prefix in javascriptclosed (alex)
0000127Data Managementfeature requestAdd jQuery-style "each" function Grid and Array classesclosed (alex)
0000028Front Endfeature requestAdd crop ability to ImageHelper classclosed (alex)
0000052Data Managementbug reportPreventing Data loss from Temporarily tablesclosed (alex)
0000091Front Endbug reportAll top module categories have same icon in menu.closed (Dmitry)
0000096Admin Interfacesfeature requestModal Windows and Pop-ups Editing Interfacesclosed (alex)
0000125Optimizationbug reportJavascript cycle "for (index in array)" is used for arrays - replace with normal "for (index = 0; i < array.length; i++)"closed (alex)
0000128Admin Interfacesfeature requestAdd event, that is called when grid page is changedclosed (alex)
0000129Template Systemfeature requestMisc NParser additionsclosed (alex)
0000130Front Endfeature requestAbility to work with BMP image filesclosed (alex)
0000131Front Endfeature requestAbility to fill margins left after image resize with given colorclosed (alex)
0000024Admin Interfacesfeature requestAdvanced Site Configurator: Create Unit Configsclosed (alex)
0000105Localizationbug reportLanguage pack cleanup - get rid of "la_fld_*Id" phrasesclosed (Dmitry)
0000134Localizationfeature requestAdd "Wiki" Url to Language pack Export/Import parametersclosed (alex)
0000135Otherfeature requestCreate LICENSE, README, CREDITS files for all modulesclosed (alex)
0000136Front Endfeature requestAdd basic "robots.txt" file to exclude system/php folders from Spidering/Indexingclosed (Dmitry)
0000145Documentationbug reportRemove Deprecated "module_help/" folders from all Modulesclosed (Dmitry)
0000147Install / Upgragesfeature requestDefault "config.php-dist" under Toolsclosed (Dmitry)
0000148Front Endbug reportRemove "default2007" theme, because it's not compatible with this releaseclosed (alex)
0000017Securitybug reportSession Expiration check for Ajax requestsclosed (alex)
0000022Admin InterfacestaskCheck and Consolidate "Config Settings"closed (alex)
0000119Front Endbug reportIn mod-rewrite mode __default__ template not replaced for item with 0 idclosed (alex)
0000121Front Endbug reportTag "st_ContentBlock" doesn't set DataExists markclosed (alex)
0000137Admin Interfacesbug reportSection Title in Catalog and HTML Title contain HTMLclosed (alex)
0000067Admin Interfacesbug reportLast visited section lost, when language is changedclosed (alex)
0000084Data Managementbug reportDuplicate records in SearchConfig table for custom fieldsclosed (alex)
0000110Admin Interfacesbug reportRequest variable "skip_last_template" has no affect, when placed after tags, that can perform redirectclosed (alex)
0000113Admin Interfacesfeature requestFCKEditor behavior, when ENTER is pressedclosed (alex)
0000118Data Managementbug reportStrict errors are written to silent log (doesn't respect DBG_IGNORE_STRICT_ERRORS setting)closed (alex)
0000005Admin Interfacesbug reportIssue with Copy/Paste into FCK in Edit Blocksclosed (alex)
0000006Admin Interfacesbug reportLeft Tree with Sections Fails to Updateclosed (alex)
0000025Securitybug reportNon-root user can't use copy/cut/paste buttons in catalog.closed (alex)
0000032Data Managementbug reportSQL Error when using FCKEditor to edit textarea dataclosed (alex)
0000036Admin Interfacesbug reportDuplicate category shown at the bottom in tree frame.closed (alex)
0000059Front Endbug reportIn mod-rewrite mode "undefined" page is always queried from somewhereclosed (alex)
0000144Otherbug reportFatal on Step 3 for CSV Import for Links, Articles, Productsclosed (alex)
0000109Data Managementbug reportError in database query syntax, when table aliases are used in "option_key_field" or "option_title_field" field optionsclosed (alex)
[72 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.0.1 (Released 2009-09-26) View Issues ]

Bug fixes and some visual features.

0000027Front Endfeature requestEmail validation during user registrationclosed (alex)
0000227Front Endfeature requestPassword required mark logic changeclosed (alex)
0000223Otherbug reportMissing License info in Skins_helper.phpclosed (Dmitry)
0000237Front Endfeature requestMake session creation optional on Front-Endclosed (alex)
0000221Admin Interfacesfeature requestFinal Changes in "Browse Modes"closed (alex)
0000203Front Endbug reportMinor changes in Names for Section templates in Default2009closed (Dmitry)
0000162Front Endbug reportBroken template layout on "Subscription Confirmation" page in Internet Explorerclosed (Dmitry)
0000238Admin Interfacesbug reportCosmetic + Minor Changesclosed (alex)
0000311Front Endbug reportTemplate "redirect" is missing in "advanced" themeclosed (alex)
0000204Front Endbug reportCreate new "Simple" theme and add to distributionclosed (Dmitry)
0000256Otherbug reportRename Themes in SVN to more meaningfulclosed (alex)
0000286OptimizationtaskCaching Results of TemplatesBase methodclosed (alex)
0000230OptimizationtaskRearrange Helpers and Remove Deprecated Parsersclosed (Dmitry)
0000214OptimizationtaskFix inconsistencies between database field declaration in unit configsclosed (alex)
0000188OptimizationtaskFind and remove all places where reffered to "/kernel" folderclosed (Dmitry)
0000168OptimizationtaskRemove "update_memory_check_script" functionclosed (alex)
0000158Admin Interfacesbug reportIncorrect field name in error message during image upload on "Images" tab for category itemsclosed (alex)
0000164Data Managementbug reportProblems when giving ids directly "kDBEventHandler::StoreSelectedIDs" method (using second parameter)closed (alex)
0000174Data Managementbug reportTag PredefinedSearchOptions should use GetList instead of GetObjectclosed (alex)
0000073Admin Interfacesbug reportIn-Portal CMS No Color in Headerclosed (Dmitry)
0000179Front Endbug reportMove "designs/detail" templates into Item foldersclosed (Dmitry)
0000181Install / Upgragesbug reportReview all Installation Steps to adjust Instructionsclosed (Dmitry)
0000183Mailing Systembug reportRemove "Additional Headers" from all Email Eventsclosed (Dmitry)
0000189Admin Interfacesbug reportChanges in Options for "Section Template" field for Sectionsclosed (alex)
0000190Install / Upgragesbug reportNot all Email Events are created during Installationclosed (Dmitry)
0000191Admin Interfacesbug reportTemporarily Hide "Spelling Dictionary" section in Adminclosed (Dmitry)
0000193Install / Upgragesbug reportMake Navigation Frame Resizable with default Installationclosed (Dmitry)
0000202Admin Interfacesbug reportCosmetic and Minor issues in Admin Interfaceclosed (alex)
0000210Admin Interfacesbug report"Browse Site" modes buttons are not working in Admin SSL modeclosed (alex)
0000206Localizationbug reportChange "Output Time" format in English Language packclosed (Dmitry)
0000207Admin Interfacesbug reportHide Sections tab in "Structure & Data" section if there other tabsclosed (alex)
0000213Front Endbug reportFlash uploader not shown on Front-Endclosed (alex)
0000169Front Endbug reportTemplate markup error message in Internet Explorer 8closed (alex)
0000200Data Managementfeature requestImprovements to Email Events - Functionality and Interfacesclosed (alex)
0000205Admin Interfacesfeature requestAbility to Hide any of "Browse Modes" from loaded Site Configsclosed (alex)
0000208Admin Interfacesbug reportMove "Time-zones" and "Session Expiration" settings to Website->Generalclosed (alex)
0000196Admin Interfacesbug reportChange Location of Website Title in Headerclosed (alex)
0000198Admin Interfacesbug reportAdjust Positioning for "Section Properties" and "Save Layout" buttonsclosed (Dmitry)
0000199Admin Interfacesfeature requestCreate a Switch between "Site Configs"closed (alex)
0000201Admin Interfacesfeature requestAbility to set default width for each grid column after clean installationclosed (alex)
0000212Admin Interfacesbug reportAdditional SELECT SQL when loading Tab Counter in Admin Catalogclosed (alex)
0000217Admin Interfacesfeature requestMerge UsePopups and UseModalWindows configuration variablesclosed (alex)
0000224Front Endbug reportPassword validation logic changeclosed (alex)
0000226Front Endbug reportDuplicate category items shown, when it's located in multiple categoriesclosed (alex)
0000195Admin Interfacesbug reportUpdate In-Portal logo in the Headerclosed (Dmitry)
0000218Admin Interfacesbug reportError reporting in configuration sections is brokenclosed (alex)
0000222Data Managementbug reportImage Priority wasn't set when Upload from Front-endclosed (Dmitry)
0000228Otherbug reportAuto-Resize for GIF images removes Transparencyclosed (alex)
0000242Admin Interfacesfeature requestAdd ability to specify default editing mode in site config presetclosed (alex)
0000243Install / Upgragesbug reportQuick fix for Email Subject Importclosed (alex)
0000248Admin Interfacesbug reportCreating New Formclosed (alex)
0000249Admin Interfacesbug reportProblem when 2 or more uploaders are on same form in IEclosed (alex)
0000254Front Endbug reportArrays are incorrectly passed between NON-SSL -> SSL redirects and via versaclosed (alex)
0000257Install / Upgragesfeature request"Meta Information" file for Modulesclosed (alex)
0000258Install / Upgragesbug reportMinor Cosmetic Changes in Installation Stepsclosed (alex)
0000262Admin Interfacesbug reportExtra "/" in Section Navigation Barclosed (alex)
0000263Admin Interfacesbug reportIssues HTML Escaping in HTML Title in Adminclosed (alex)
0000272Front Endfeature requestAbility to strip first N levels from category pathclosed (alex)
0000255Mailing Systembug reportFind and list Missing Email Eventsclosed (alex)
0000264Admin Interfacesbug reportFix "Show All" and "Show Structure" on Items Selector pop-up pageclosed (alex)
0000275Install / Upgragesbug reportIssue on Security Step of Installationclosed (alex)
0000276Admin Interfacesbug reportWhen in "popup window" mode, then grid is not refreshed after adding new items in IE8closed (alex)
0000280Admin Interfacesbug reportNavigation Tree Refresh after Config Data is Resetclosed (alex)
0000282Admin Interfacesbug reportUse PNG format for Top Header imageclosed (Dmitry)
0000283Front Endbug reportIncorrect user_id on IIS web server during logout processclosed (alex)
0000232Admin Interfacesbug reportAdjust default "Width" and "Order" for Columns in Gridsclosed (Dmitry)
0000281Admin Interfacesbug reportMove "Root Password" and "Remember Last Template" Configuration Settingsclosed (alex)
0000291Securityfeature requestAdmin HTTP Authentication using PHPclosed (alex)
0000295Admin Interfacesbug reportCan't Create a New Relation in Adminclosed (alex)
0000302Otherbug reportCheck and Adjust CONSTANTS in Debuggerclosed (alex)
0000300Front Endbug reportRedirect loop (on front-end) while using "View in Browse Mode" linkclosed (alex)
0000301Admin Interfacesbug reportUnable to view/change category owner in administrative consoleclosed (alex)
0000304Install / Upgragesbug reportIncorrect value of "Smtp_AdminMailFrom" variable during clean installationclosed (alex)
0000098Optimizationfeature requestRedo Mod-Rewrite for Better Flexibilityclosed (alex)
0000186Data Managementfeature requestAdd Config variable to control "Visitor Tracking"closed (alex)
0000277Admin Interfacesfeature requestShow "Root" user on Email Configuration sectionsclosed (alex)
0000305Template Systemfeature requestAbility to delete compiled templates from file systemclosed (alex)
0000180Install / Upgragesfeature requestAdd "Security Check" Step to Installation processclosed (alex)
0000233Admin Interfacesfeature requestAbility to Specify Recipient UserId in EmailEventAdminclosed (Dmitry)
0000307Securitybug reportMake "Configuration -> System Tools" section available for admins (permission based)closed (alex)
0000308Admin Interfacesbug reportCurrent Theme is not used when opening Catalog Items in "Browse Mode"closed (alex)
0000313Front Endbug reportMod-rewrite listeners defined via OnAfterConfigRead event don't workclosed (alex)
0000323Admin Interfacesbug reportWhen Uploader::moveOutside js method is called twice for one uploader control, then js error happensclosed (alex)
0000265Admin Interfacesfeature requestUpdate Icons in Adminclosed (alex)
0000290Otherbug reportFinal Review and Fixes for Release 5.0.1closed (alex)
0000314Admin Interfacesbug reportAdd Case-Insensitive Field to Phrases table for storing Labelsclosed (alex)
 0000324Localizationbug reportLanguage synchronizer gives fatal errorclosed (alex)
0000034Localizationbug reportUpdate English lang. Packclosed (Dmitry)
0000274Admin Interfacesbug reportMissing "Section Template" and "Section Properties" buttons in Content & Design Modesclosed (alex)
0000318Admin Interfacesbug reportColumn "LastRunOn" for Agents grid has 2145 pixels height, is this correct?closed (Dmitry)
0000319Admin Interfacesbug reportUnable to view form submission details - blank screenclosed (alex)
0000321Admin Interfacesbug reportToo many fields are hidden in simple mode in site config for sections (former categories)closed (Dmitry)
0000159Securitybug reportPrevent of Execution of System Files of files other, then "index.php" and "admin/index.php"closed (Dmitry)
0000260Admin Interfacesbug reportSystem Sections from different Themes are listed under Structure & Dataclosed (Dmitry)
0000267Admin Interfacesbug reportCategory toolbar buttons are missing on "Related Searches" tab during category editingclosed (Dmitry)
0000101Data Managementbug reportPreventing Category "Copy/Paste" from Recursionclosed (alex)
0000140Admin Interfacesbug reportPrecautions when processing "SectionAdjustments" unit config optionclosed (alex)
0000185Install / Upgragesbug reportCan't install In-Portal without modulesclosed (alex)
0000259Admin Interfacesbug reportFatal Error on Import when Installed Module was Disabledclosed (Dmitry)
0000315Install / Upgragesbug reportDatabase query error after upgrade when rss feeds are used in adminclosed (alex)
0000309Install / Upgragesbug reportStrange things in modules list (only In-Portal module installed)closed (alex)
0000161Front Endbug reportProblems in case, when E-Mail is not required during user registrationclosed (Dmitry)
0000171Data Managementfeature requestAutomatic Images Folder Cleaningclosed (alex)
0000176Admin Interfacesbug reportPhrase "la_ImageFiles" used in Flash Uploader is not translatedclosed (alex)
0000143Securitybug reportUpdate after Installation Message about Permissionsclosed (Dmitry)
[105 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.0.2 (Released 2010-01-08) View Issues ]

Bug fixes only

0000353Front Endbug reportAdding New Pageclosed (!COMMUNITY)
0000326Front Endbug reportReview and Correct phrases/translations in "Redirect" template in Advanced themeclosed (Dmitry)
0000018Data Managementfeature requestRedo Implementation of "OnAfterCopyToLive" methodsclosed
0000310Otherfeature requestTransfer and translate unresolved issues from wikiclosed
0000010Data Managementbug reportCore: Removing "Translated" Functionality + Fieldsclosed (alex)
0000019Localizationbug reportImport Languages Fails on 2nd Import attemptclosed (alex)
0000220Admin Interfacesbug reportDelete all Dynamic CSS files when Cache is Clearedclosed (alex)
0000241Permissionsbug reportFatal error, when trying to get event section (for permission checking) in SetCustomQuery methodclosed (alex)
0000247Admin Interfacesbug reportProblems with LINK.DENY and LINK.APPROVE eventsclosed (alex)
0000322Front Endbug reportMove Up/Down buttons in catalog don't have immediate effect on Front-End menuclosed (alex)
0000330Admin Interfacesbug reportMaybe some phrases under "core/admin_templates/browser" are not translated/escapedclosed (alex)
0000332Securitybug reportSome of new .htaccess protection rules actually gives Forbidden error on Apache 1.3closed (alex)
0000333Data Managementbug reportIssues in URL structure for Sectionsclosed (alex)
0000335Admin Interfacesbug reportAfter adding new language "Parent Section" field is emptyclosed (alex)
0000336Admin Interfacesbug reportParameter "onblur" doesn't have default value in "inp_edit_weight" block raising warning during product editingclosed (alex)
0000026OptimizationtaskRename "kUploadFormatter::ValidateFileName" methodclosed (alex)
0000045Optimizationtask"Session::SaveData" method is called from OnDeleteFile eventclosed (alex)
0000211Data Managementbug reportMake all fields, that contain dates NULL with NULL default valueclosed (alex)
0000292OptimizationtaskColumn "ResourceId" is not used in "PortalGroup" tableclosed (alex)
0000306Template Systembug reportParameter "result_to_var" doesn't work for m_Param tagclosed (alex)
0000325Install / Upgragesbug reportFix up "Core" module icon during the Upgradeclosed (Dmitry)
0000337OptimizationtaskServer information screen redesignclosed (alex)
0000363Front Endbug reportSome links lead to ".html" instead of normal templateclosed (Dmitry)
0000369Admin Interfacesbug reportDirectories "/system/user_files/Flash" and "/system/user_files/Files" created by FCKEditor are not listed in svn:ignore propertyclosed (alex)
0000370Otherbug reportSome non-binary files are marked as binary in svn resulting no patches could be applied/created to themclosed (alex)
0000372Admin Interfacesbug reportMissing "Add Agent" button in Agents gridclosed (alex)
0000373Admin Interfacesbug report"Add Phrase" button on Labels & Phrases available only in Debugclosed (alex)
0000383Admin Interfacesbug reportAdd "Menu Hidden" icon for System Section in Catalogclosed (Dmitry)
0000236OptimizationtaskDon't use preg_replace for removing trailing words in stringsclosed (alex)
0000245Admin Interfacesbug reportFilter in ID column in grid in IE8 sometimes is resized incorrectlyclosed (alex)
0000278Data Managementbug reportInability to load category items by non-id fieldsclosed (alex)
0000320Front Endbug reportSpecial, used in tags has not effect for c/st prefixesclosed (alex)
0000329Install / Upgragesbug reportDuring installation I wasn't asked to select theme, but I have 3 themes availableclosed (alex)
0000386Install / UpgragestaskUpdate install/upgrade system to support beta (B) and release candidate (RC) versionsclosed (alex)
0000011Install / Upgragesbug reportInstallation Fails with MySQL in Strict modeclosed (alex)
0000250OptimizationtaskCheck what "source" parameter of "m_Phrase" tag doesclosed (alex)
0000354Front Endbug reportMissing "Section Search" functionalityclosed (Dmitry)
0000515OthertaskPrepare 5.0.2 Releaseclosed (alex)
0000246Optimizationbug reportDatabase index not used, when quering phrases by nameclosed (alex)
[39 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.0.3 (Released 2010-05-11) View Issues ]
0000696LocalizationtaskEnglish Language pack changes in 5.0.3closed (alex)
0000721Admin Interfacesbug reportPrev/Next buttons are always enabledclosed (alex)
[2 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.0.2-B1 (Released 2009-10-20) View Issues ]
0000365Front Endbug reportMod-rewrite erases page number given in "env" request parameterclosed (alex)
0000445Otherbug reportEnable Mod-rewrite for Front-end in Adminclosed (alex)
0000239OptimizationtaskReplace "kApplication::IsAdmin" method with "kApplication::isAdmin" class attributeclosed (alex)
0000347Data Managementbug reportCustom field fields are not created, when custom field is created manuallyclosed (alex)
0000352Data Managementbug reportPersistent variables are not available for "root" user just after login was madeclosed (alex)
0000366Front Endbug reportDuplicate image path when image from Images table is resized resulting missing imageclosed (alex)
0000371Data Managementbug reportDebugger won't auto-detect Zend Studio 7closed (alex)
0000388Front Endbug reportNational symbols are incorrectly parsed from url resulting module index page to be shown instead of section templateclosed (alex)
0000393Data Managementbug reportCustom field values from other languages are not copied during copy/paste operationsclosed (alex)
0000401Admin Interfacesbug reportMinor Changes requested by Projectsclosed (alex)
0000402Front Endbug reportForgot password reset code doesn't populate "_plain" fields (as kPasswordFormatter does)closed (alex)
0000167OptimizationtaskRemove closing php tags in all filesclosed (Dmitry)
0000327Otherbug reportCheck Licensing and Installation Steps for External Linksclosed (alex)
0000348Admin Interfacesbug report"Browse" button is always disabled after "Upload" button is pressed (uploader)closed (alex)
0000368Front Endbug reportMisspelled variable name in "kApplication::IncludeTemplate" method resulting in ignored "is_silent" parameterclosed (alex)
0000387OptimizationtaskSitemap optimizationclosed (alex)
0000394Data Managementfeature requestAdd OnBeforeItemValidate eventclosed (alex)
0000396Data Managementbug reportIssues after Editing "Root" of the Catalogclosed (alex)
0000400Otherbug reportCreate In-Portal Release -- 5.0.2-Beta1 closed (alex)
0000403Front Endfeature requestAbility to specify default image, when actual image is missing, but requested on Front-Endclosed (alex)
0000404Data Managementbug reportEvent parameter "temp_id" not set, when OnAfterCopyToLive event is calledclosed (alex)
0000417Admin Interfacesbug reportSome Admin Sections missing it's Header Imagesclosed (Dmitry)
0000016Admin Interfacesbug reportRedo "IsIndexPage" and "SymLink" functionality for Sectionsclosed (alex)
0000097Databasebug reportIssues with "Like" type Grid Filters in Adminclosed (alex)
0000317Front Endfeature requestAbility to customize error messages in u_TestCodeIsValid tagclosed (alex)
0000408Admin Interfacesbug reportIssue with Drag n' Drop functionality in Design Modeclosed (alex)
0000409Front Endbug report"Cached Menu" is not respecting current ThemeId and Section Statusclosed (alex)
0000411Data Managementbug reportAdministrator users are created as pending instead of activeclosed (alex)
0000412Admin Interfacesbug reportSQL Fatal when using Double-quotes in Text Filters in Gridsclosed (alex)
0000420Admin Interfacesbug reportIncorrect "Module" while Adding new Phrases via "Content Mode"closed (alex)
0000421Front Endbug reportSitemap is brokenclosed (alex)
0000423Permissionsbug reportSession expiration doesn't happen at allclosed (alex)
0000359Front Endbug reportTwo different urls will lead to same physical template on Front-Endclosed (alex)
0000374Admin Interfacesbug reportWhen going to "Permissions" tab during section editing, then all tabs disappearclosed (alex)
0000375Admin Interfacesbug reportBrowse mode names can't be translatedclosed (alex)
0000376Front Endbug reportCan't go to front-end, got white screenclosed (alex)
0000381Front Endbug reportRemove deprecated "float" parameter of "st_ContentBlock" tagclosed (alex)
0000367Front Endbug reportTemplates "error_notfound" and "no_permission" are missing in "simple" themeclosed (alex)
0000382Install / Upgragesfeature requestTheme Depended Files and Demo Installationclosed (alex)
0000419Front Endbug reportCan't list Form fields on the Front Endclosed (alex)
0000251Front Endbug reportMinor crop/fill problems in image processingclosed (alex)
0000407Front Endbug reportIssue with Home sectionclosed (alex)
0000424Admin Interfacesbug report"Edit Modes" buttons are not shown for Admin userclosed (alex)
0000436Template SystemtaskChanging behavior of "m_Comments" tag to better support internal commentsclosed (alex)
0000440Admin Interfacesbug reportCatEventHandler fatal error when ItemPropertyMappings not definedclosed (alex)
0000443Data Managementbug reportNew Hidden Columns are added as visible to Gridclosed (alex)
0000444Data Managementbug reportEvent "OnPreSaveSubItem" doesn't set master event status attributeclosed (alex)
0000446Admin Interfacesbug reportColumn Picker doesn't work for Grids with Prefixes containing Dashclosed (alex)
0000349Admin Interfacesbug reportInterface language is not changed, when language is switched from top frameclosed (alex)
0000391Front Endbug reportLink "View in Browse Mode" doesn't respect default browse mode settingclosed (alex)
0000425Databasebug reportCheck and fix issue with "Read-Only" modeclosed (alex)
0000439Data Managementbug reportEnglish Custom Field value is used instead of Primaryclosed (alex)
0000449Permissionsbug reportCategory Permission Cache is calculated incorrectly on PHP5closed (alex)
0000461Admin Interfacesbug reportFatal Error in "Import Data" section for both Links and Articlesclosed (alex)
0000464Otherbug reportChanges in "External Url" processingclosed (alex)
0000470Front Endfeature requestMinor improvements to default .HTACCESS rulesclosed (Dmitry)
[56 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.0.2-RC1 (Released 2010-01-06) View Issues ]
0000499Front Endbug reportInternal page links doesn't work inside email eventsclosed (alex)
0000509Data Managementbug reportkMultiLanguage formatter raises missing field warningclosed (alex)
0000514Install / Upgragesbug reportLanguage missing after installationclosed (alex)
0000520Install / Upgragesbug reportWording on Final step of Installationclosed (Dmitry)
0000528Data Managementbug reportUnable to insert image in content block via FCKEditor on windowsclosed (alex)
0000536Data Managementbug reportLogged-in user not available in OnAfterConfigRead eventclosed (alex)
0000535Localizationbug reportUse Separate Langauge labels Errors in Password Formatterclosed (Dmitry)
[7 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.1.0-B1 (Released 2010-05-25) View Issues ]
0000107Optimizationfeature requestImplement "MemCached" functionalityclosed (alex)
0000486Admin Interfacesfeature requestAdd "Pending ..." node while ajax content is loaded into treeclosed (alex)
0000459Otherfeature requestImprove Mod-rewrite Listener by separating into Parsing and Building methodsclosed (alex)
0000472Front Endfeature requestDomain-based site auto-configurationclosed (alex)
0000588Caching SystemtaskImplement "APC" Caching Storageclosed (alex)
0000592Caching Systembug reportImplement "xCache" Caching Storageclosed (alex)
0000049OptimizationtaskMerge ConfigurationAdmin and ConfigurationValues tableclosed (alex)
0000630Otherfeature requestMove Config.php and Debug.php from root to system/ folderclosed (alex)
0000235OptimizationtaskRedo "config.php" into PHP formatclosed (alex)
0000435Admin Interfacesfeature requestEnabling "Prev/Next" buttons in sub-Item Gridsclosed (alex)
0000481Admin Interfacesfeature requestAbility to highlight tree sections, that are only visible in debug modeclosed (alex)
0000490Data Managementfeature requestAdd "DBG_REDIRECT_ON_ERROR" option for debuggerclosed (!COMMUNITY)
0000492Admin Interfacesfeature requestAdd ID attribute to each field's row on editing formclosed (alex)
0000502Data Managementbug reportDebugger option "DBG_RAISE_ON_WARNINGS" doesn't work as expectedclosed (alex)
0000530Front Endfeature requestImprovements of "m_Get" and "m_GetConfig" tagsclosed (alex)
0000579OthertaskAbility to use PerPage, SortBy and Page params from URL Queryclosed (alex)
0000046Admin Interfacesfeature requestDisplay Language Phrases instead of Permission Names on Adv. Perm. edit screenclosed (alex)
0000150Optimizationfeature requestExternal url support when building urlsclosed (!COMMUNITY)
0000285Optimizationfeature requestTranslation system refactoringclosed (alex)
0000362Install / UpgragestaskWe should move all module folders to new "modules" subfolderclosed (!COMMUNITY)
0000494Data Managementfeature requestSlight improvement to automatic field array builder (service tools)closed (alex)
0000541Data Managementfeature requestAbility to get formatted output of kDBBase::GetCol methodclosed (alex)
0000584Data Managementbug reportOptimize spam control for user rating indicatorclosed (alex)
0000589OptimizationtaskProcess expired sessions from agentclosed (alex)
0000717Admin Interfacesfeature requestAdd ability to display hint labels for configuration variablesclosed (alex)
0000014Securitybug reportCheck ADD/EDIT Permissions in Section drop-downclosed (alex)
0000152Front Endfeature requestAdd ability to get MenuTitle of CMS page using "st_PageInfo" tagclosed (alex)
0000163Data Managementfeature requestAuto-expire user session, when user becomes pending/disabled/deletedclosed (alex)
0000225OptimizationtaskMove login-related code away from UsersEventHandler classclosed (alex)
0000453Data Managementfeature requestCreate new Tag to display language-specific Date partsclosed (alex)
0000455Localizationfeature requestInterface Improvements to Language pack Exportclosed (alex)
0000484Admin Interfacesfeature requestAbility to customize caption block used on all forms in administrative consoleclosed (alex)
0000614Data Managementfeature requestAbility to load kDBItem class object from hashclosed (alex)
0000685OthertaskMoving .Htaccess and files to more suable locationclosed (alex)
0000686Admin InterfacestaskUpgrade to JQuery 1.4.x for Admin Interfacesclosed (alex)
0000095Otherfeature requestSupport for Multi-Domain Installationclosed (alex)
0000252Front Endfeature requestAdd ability to specify custom HTTP response code along with redirect headerclosed (alex)
0000454Template Systemfeature requestCustomizable URL Endings for Mod-rewriteclosed (alex)
0000471Front Endfeature requestImplement site content language negotiationclosed (alex)
0000482Front Endfeature requestAutomatic folder creation under "/system" folderclosed (alex)
0000548Front Endbug reportAutomatic mod-rewrite redirectingclosed (alex)
0000672Template Systemfeature requestCreate new m_Redirect tagclosed (alex)
0000679Admin Interfacesbug reportIssues with Grids in Chrome & Safariclosed (alex)
0000735OptimizationtaskAddressing (in code) users "root" and "Guest" using named constantsclosed (alex)
0000738Data ManagementtaskRefactoring of unit config field builder engineclosed (alex)
0000279Optimizationfeature requestPhrases of state and country namesclosed (alex)
0000457Front Endfeature requestAutomatic CSS / JS Compressionclosed (!COMMUNITY)
0000704Admin Interfacesbug reportImprovements to "E-mail Template" editingclosed (alex)
0000733Admin Interfacesfeature requestImprovements to ajax auto-complete controlclosed (alex)
0000734Admin InterfacestaskImprovements to multi-input controlclosed (alex)
0000736Permissionsfeature requestNew "debug" event permissionclosed (alex)
0000743Data Managementbug reportIncorrect daylight time saving, when server timezone differs from site timezoneclosed (alex)
0000473Data Managementfeature requestImprovements to Form Submissionsclosed (!COMMUNITY)
0000719LocalizationtaskEnglish Language pack for 5.1.0closed (alex)
[54 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.0.3-B1 (Released 2010-03-23) View Issues ]
0000451Template Systembug reportNew Phrase Translation on the Front end needs adjustmentsclosed (alex)
0000539Front Endbug reportIncorrect rewrite listener processing orderclosed (alex)
0000478Front Endbug reportBMP files are not ignored during url processingclosed (alex)
0000480Front Endbug reportFixes to "first_chars" / "cut_first" parametersclosed (alex)
0000540Data Managementbug reportUsers are NOT shown on User Grid in Admin if Expired from their Primary groupclosed (Dmitry)
0000556Template Systembug reportTag m_SetParam doesn't evaluate it's valuesclosed (alex)
0000565Otherbug reportPort, specified in url is not processed by systemclosed (alex)
0000571Otherbug reportIssue with ModRewrite in PHP4 due to improper Reference to kModRewriteHelper objectclosed (alex)
0000578Data Managementbug reportForeign key update problem in temp handlerclosed (alex)
0000458Data Managementbug reportScale image quality setting is incorrect for PNG imagesclosed (alex)
0000479Admin Interfacesbug reportAll user editing tabs disappear after visiting "Items" tabclosed (Dmitry)
0000496Data Managementbug reportError in number formatting in case if thousands separator not specifiedclosed (alex)
0000497Admin Interfacesbug reportGrid name isn't taken into account, when saving column positions in gridclosed (alex)
0000503Data Managementbug reportUnable to create new language as copy of other languageclosed (Dmitry)
0000504Data Managementbug reportTag st_CachedMenu doesn't work when system has more then 5 languagesclosed (alex)
0000549Admin Interfacesbug reportMultilingual column values in grid are always shown on primary languageclosed (alex)
0000551Template Systembug reportDatabase Connection object missing in TemplatesCache classclosed (Dmitry)
0000559Admin Interfacesbug reportIcon for "Website & Content" in Admin is Wider and pushes the section titleclosed (Dmitry)
0000560Admin Interfacesbug reportIncorrect value in columns in multiple languagesclosed (alex)
0000574Otherbug reportUrl Parameter "pass_events" is not stripped from Url after being Processedclosed (alex)
0000433Template Systembug reportTag MoreLink doesn't work, when pagination is displayed before listclosed (alex)
0000452Otherbug reportCSV Export fails to send prepared File when it's name (without extension) will end with one of this symbols: ".", "c", "s", "v"closed (Dmitry)
0000553Data Managementbug reportEmpty CategoryId in Item object after it's Createdclosed (Dmitry)
0000558Admin Interfacesbug reportSearch buttons Wraps in Grid Toolbarclosed (Dmitry)
0000561Admin Interfacesbug reportParameter "format" is ignored by "inp_edit_fck" blockclosed (alex)
0000563Admin Interfacesbug reportToolbar button phrase translation doesn't workclosed (alex)
0000564Admin Interfacesbug reportParameter "hint_label" isn't processed by "inp_edit_textarea" blockclosed (alex)
0000577Databasebug reportMissing INDEX on ACL field in PermCache tableclosed (Dmitry)
0000615Admin Interfacesbug reportMissing "icon24_help.png" iconclosed (Dmitry)
0000358Front Endbug reportProcessing of "_ses_redirect" template in "u:processLoginRedirect" methodclosed (alex)
0000448Data Managementbug reportCategory item Images are not Resized when Thumbnail and Fullsize are usedclosed (alex)
0000476Data Managementbug reportGot no permission error, when I was trying to delete form submissionclosed (alex)
0000498Admin Interfacesbug reportParameter "grid_filters" is ignored during grid renderingclosed (alex)
0000506Data Managementbug reportkDateFormatter class error reporting problemsclosed (alex)
0000273OptimizationtaskGet rid of ereg* functions usage, because they are slow and are deprecated since PHP 5.3closed (alex)
0000529Data Managementbug reportUnable to login when, when IIS compatibility option is used in non-debug modeclosed (alex)
0000554Admin Interfacesbug reportFCKEditor doesn't show in Firefox 3.6, that was released few days agoclosed (alex)
0000618Front Endbug reportSSL Redirect without eventsclosed (alex)
0000057Admin Interfacesbug reportSet formatters for all checkbox type fieldsclosed (alex)
0000500Data Managementbug reportOnAfterConfigRead event is executed several times for one prefixclosed (alex)
0000507Data Managementbug reportTime without date won't get validated, when kDateFormatter is usedclosed (alex)
0000566Front Endbug reportDon't include tracking code during site content editing in browse modesclosed (alex)
0000635Localizationbug reportChanges in English language pack in 5.0.3closed (alex)
0000442Otherbug reportOnAfterConfigRead doesn't execute for dynamically Cloned Configsclosed (alex)
0000555Admin Interfacesbug reportColumn selector (picker) doesn't remember multilingual column positionclosed (alex)
[45 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.0.3-B2 (Released 2010-04-06) View Issues ]
0000069Front Endbug reportIssues with "MoreLink" tag and "Data_Exists" paramclosed (alex)
0000624Install / Upgragesbug reportInstall Front-end Language pack from Primary Theme when Module is installed afterwardclosed (alex)
0000625Front Endbug reportFullsize category item (product) image isn't watermarkedclosed (alex)
0000626Front Endbug reportCurrent "Content Mode" is lost during language switching (when mod-rewrite is on)closed (alex)
0000627Front Endbug reportPrimary Image "Alt" is not used on category item detail pageclosed (alex)
0000634Admin Interfacesbug reportRemove "la_EmptyValue" phraseclosed (alex)
0000637Data Managementbug reportBroken language pack, when 2 or more languages are exported at onceclosed (alex)
0000663Permissionsbug reportMissing check for "SYSTEM_ACCESS.READONLY" permission in "OnUpdate" eventclosed (alex)
0000636Data Managementbug reportWarnings on category update (before redirect)closed (alex)
0000640Data Managementbug reportCurrent language is not replaced inside calculated fields, when "%2$s" is usedclosed (alex)
0000641Data Managementbug reportMultiLanguage formatter incorrectly processes translatable virtual fieldsclosed (alex)
0000643Permissionsbug reportAdjust "Category.View" permissions for Home categoryclosed (alex)
0000647Data Managementbug reportCategory permission cache not rebuild in some casesclosed (alex)
0000651Admin Interfacesbug reportContent editing buttons (green, orange) don't have rounded corners in Google Chromeclosed (alex)
0000654Admin Interfacesbug reportIncorrent "radio" type custom field displayclosed (alex)
0000655Admin Interfacesbug report"Sections" tab doesn't work in "Show All" mode with "simple" interface preset onclosed (alex)
0000676Admin Interfacesbug reportIncorrect top pagination for users gridclosed (alex)
0000677Admin Interfacesbug reportCategory tree (via ajax) in administrative console is not complete, when symlinks are setclosed (alex)
0000680Install / Upgragesbug reportSQL error during clean Installation of In-News moduleclosed (alex)
0000692Databasebug reportTranslatable fields are not always created during table scanclosed (alex)
0000590Front Endbug reportRemove deprecated "theme_StylesheetFile" tagclosed (alex)
0000594Admin Interfacesbug reportQuick "Modal Window" opening leads to js errorclosed (alex)
0000595Data Managementbug reportCategory Item variations of ItemLink tag doesn't workclosed (alex)
0000681Admin Interfacesbug reportGot js error on custom editing when <SQL> is usedclosed (alex)
0000694Databasebug reportSQL is partially parsed, when displayed in custom field editing formclosed (alex)
0000705Install / Upgragesbug reportAll toolbar buttons during installation are disabledclosed (alex)
0000711Admin Interfacesbug reportIncorrect Prefix used on Poll Answer editing templateclosed (alex)
0000712Data Managementbug reportPrefixSpecial for ListSortings config option not set in SetSorting method of kDBEventHandler classclosed (alex)
[28 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.0.4 (Released 2010-06-09) View Issues ]
0000726Install / UpgragestaskPrepare 5.0.4 releaseclosed
0000675Admin Interfacesbug reportShow all toolbar buttons, when "toolbar_buttons" option is not defined in title presetclosed
[2 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.0.4-B1 (Released 2010-05-23) View Issues ]
0000599Otherbug reportRevise error types (warning or notice) raised by systemclosed (alex)
0000600Otherbug reportConstant DBG_IMAGE_RECOVERY doesn't work in some casesclosed (alex)
0000601Otherbug reportPNG image transparency lost during crop/fill operationsclosed (alex)
0000611Data Managementbug reportShow only first N characters of database query output in debuggerclosed (alex)
0000612Data Managementbug reportEvent "OnAfterItemUpdate" is called even, when nothing was changed in databaseclosed (alex)
0000616Front Endbug reportDefault value has no effect in dropdowns on contact us formclosed (alex)
0000699Front Endbug reportReferring to In-Link in ItemCount method of CategoriesEventHandler classclosed (alex)
0000608Data Managementbug reportFolder "Media" is missing in FCKEditor file browserclosed (alex)
0000633Install / Upgragesbug reportDrop all Custom and Session tables during the Reinstallation processclosed (alex)
0000649OptimizationtaskMethod "kMultilanguageHelper::getLanguageCount" always executes sql queries, however could use cached valueclosed (alex)
0000650OptimizationtaskDon't rebuild translatable columns on each language saveclosed (alex)
0000667Data Managementbug reportPhrase labels are not validated leading to errorsclosed (alex)
0000697Admin Interfacesbug reportMethod "kSectionsHelper::getFirstChild" returns even in-accessible tree nodesclosed (alex)
0000724Data Managementbug reportOriginal field values are not set after kDBItem::Create method callclosed (alex)
0000727Front Endbug reportButton "Section Template" (Design Mode) doesn't workclosed (alex)
0000730Front Endbug reportBrowse mode is lost after changing label translationclosed (alex)
0000737Data Managementbug reportHardcoded group ids in group selectorclosed (alex)
0000739Admin Interfacesbug reportCan't see "Select User" button on "Users" tab during group editingclosed (alex)
0000617Data ManagementtaskAutomate record creation in temp tablesclosed (alex)
0000619Admin Interfacesbug reportReplace group selector from grid to dropdown on combined forms like category permissionsclosed (alex)
0000628Data Managementbug reportFlash uploader doesn't work for Virtual Fieldsclosed (alex)
0000740Data Managementbug reportOriginal fields are not reset after kDBItem::Update method callclosed (alex)
[22 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.0.4-B2 (Released 2010-06-09) View Issues ]
0000753Data Managementbug reportApproving not yet installed module gives SQL fatal errorclosed (alex)
0000762Template Systembug reportIssues with "TemplatesBase" tag and SSLclosed (alex)
0000763Data Managementbug reportIncorrect join result during product editing in administrative consoleclosed (alex)
[3 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.1.0-B2 (Released 2010-06-01) View Issues ]
0000456Admin Interfacesfeature requestMajor Flash Uploader Redesignclosed (alex)
0000703Admin Interfacesfeature requestImprove Flash Uploader to generate random names during initial upload to filesystemclosed (alex)
0000747Data Managementbug reportFatal error on user approve/declineclosed (alex)
0000752Caching Systembug reportUploader javascript is not compressedclosed (alex)
0000756Data Managementbug reportFatal error on Link Approve/Declineclosed (alex)
0000757Admin Interfacesbug reportThere are some JS errors on Administrative Console Login Pageclosed (alex)
0000662Data Managementbug reportFilenames of uploaded files are not escaped, when used in urlclosed (alex)
[7 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.1.0-RC1 (Released 2010-06-15) View Issues ]
0000760Install / Upgragesbug reportUpgrade to 5.1.0-B2 fails because of sql errorclosed (alex)
0000761Data Managementbug reportBug related to SSL in JS/CSS compress featureclosed (alex)
0000765Data Managementbug reportUnable to upload file into category item subitem unitclosed (alex)
0000768Install / Upgragesbug reportInstallation on WAMP server failsclosed (alex)
0000772Localizationbug reportPhrases are incorrectly splitted between Front-End and Admin language packsclosed (alex)
0000773Admin InterfacestaskNew Icons for "Site Domains" and "Countries & States" configuration sectionsclosed (Dmitry)
0000774Admin InterfacestaskSection icons in Left Tree are not reflecting actual Section statusclosed (Dmitry)
0000775Admin Interfacesbug reportMissing Simple site presets for "Site Domains" and "Countries & States" sectionsclosed (alex)
0000776Localizationbug reportChange usage of "lu_rootcategory_name" Language labelclosed (alex)
0000777Admin Interfacesbug reportAdd Persistent Sorting in Grids for Usersclosed (alex)
0000779Install / Upgragesbug reportUpgrade from 4.3.9 to 5.1.0-RC1 of In-Portal failsclosed (alex)
0000780Localizationbug reportLanguage pack upgrade fails, when it contains translations to non-existing email eventsclosed (alex)
[13 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.1.1-B1 (Released 2010-09-25) View Issues ]
0000849Data Managementbug reportLink, created from cron always use "localhost" instead of site urlclosed (alex)
0000809Data Managementfeature requestAbility to temporarily turn off individual site configclosed (alex)
0000785Front Endbug reportUser isn't automatically logged-in, when "Email Activation" user registration is usedclosed (alex)
0000674Template Systembug reportAdd "block_no_data" parameter for m_IfDataExists tagclosed (alex)
0000818Data Managementbug reportIssues with kCurlHelper classclosed (alex)
0000819Admin Interfacesbug report404 Not Found in top frame, when "Logo Bottom" isn't specified in the skinclosed (alex)
0000820Data Managementbug reportCSV Export always assumes, that column names are phrasesclosed (alex)
0000821Template Systembug reportCustom "IdField" parameter of "grid" block produces notices during template parsingclosed (alex)
0000825Data Managementbug reportMethod "kEvent::CallSubEvent" doesn't pass event parameters to sub-eventclosed (alex)
0000826Data Managementbug reportUser object isn't properly set when "UserHelper::loginUser" method is used in dry run modeclosed (alex)
0000828Front Endbug reportAuto-redirect from non-mod-rewrite url becomes very unstableclosed (alex)
0000830Data Managementfeature requestAbility to login user without knowing their passwordclosed (alex)
0000832Admin Interfacesbug reportMouse scrolling in lists (grids) don't workclosed (alex)
0000833Data Managementbug reportNumbers with comma aren't search in gridsclosed (alex)
0000834Front Endbug reportUser avatar upload doesn't workclosed (alex)
0000759Admin Interfacesfeature requestDisplay error message text in SimpleGrid controlclosed (alex)
0000771Data Managementbug reportScript eats up all memory during sub-item list printingclosed (alex)
0000786Admin Interfacesbug reportColumn totals block customization issuesclosed (alex)
0000799Admin InterfacestaskMove basic group permissions to "General" tabclosed (alex)
0000811Data ManagementtaskMove grid total function definition to gridclosed (alex)
0000813Admin Interfacesbug reportSupport of "currency" parameter for "FieldTotal" tagclosed (alex)
0000824Admin Interfacesfeature requestImprovements to simple grid controlclosed (alex)
0000827Data Managementbug reportDebugger eats up all memory on index pageclosed (alex)
0000829Front Endbug reportMethod RemovePersistentVar doesn't work for Guestsclosed (alex)
0000831Localizationbug reportEmail event type filter doesn't work during language pack exportclosed (alex)
0000427OptimizationtaskRefactor "Display To Public" functionalityclosed (alex)
0000725Admin Interfacesbug reportonAfterShow callback isn't called i ThickBoxclosed (alex)
0000764Data Managementfeature requestAbility to get changed virtual fieldsclosed (alex)
0000797Admin Interfacesbug reportIncorrect section content is displayed for symlinked sectionsclosed (alex)
0000798Localizationbug reportImpossible To Select Email Event in Language Pack Exportclosed (alex)
0000801Admin Interfacesbug reportAll javascript down, when attempting to close more windows, then openedclosed (alex)
0000803Data Managementbug reportGot fatal sql error, when adding paid listing typeclosed (alex)
0000806Admin Interfacesbug reportTree container functionality doesn't work for ajax-based tree nodesclosed (alex)
0000808Localizationbug reportInaccurate label "la_fld_Comments" translationclosed (alex)
0000810Template Systembug reportJSMin compressor fails in some casesclosed (alex)
0000814Admin Interfacesbug reportMissing groups on section "Permissions" tabclosed (alex)
0000591Admin Interfacesbug reportDouble border under toolbar on editing/config templatesclosed (alex)
0000745Admin Interfacesbug reportOutdated left tree after group permission changeclosed (alex)
0000787Admin InterfacestaskDesign for block with error messageclosed (alex)
0000805Admin Interfacesbug reportGrid filter block "grid_like_combo_filter" doesn't suggest anythingclosed (alex)
0000812Caching Systembug reportSticky cache, when Memcached is not usedclosed (alex)
0000815Admin Interfacesbug reportUnwanted Item Validationclosed (alex)
0000841Admin InterfacestaskMassive refactoring of "form_blocks.tpl" templateclosed (alex)
0000804Data Managementfeature requestAbility to generate PDF document from raw templateclosed (alex)
0000807Data Managementbug reportCurl POST doesn't support multidimensional arraysclosed (alex)
0000656Front Endbug reportMissing template error reporting broken in non-mod-rewrite modeclosed (alex)
0000701Data Managementbug reportAdd "Run Now" toolbar button to Agents gridclosed (alex)
0000702Admin Interfacesbug reportAdd ability to specify Admin System Preset directory in config.phpclosed (alex)
0000707Databasebug reportSQL Error during usage of "Re-build Multilanguage Fields" functionalityclosed (alex)
0000746Admin InterfacestaskRemove useless filters from "View Menu"closed (alex)
0000839Admin Interfacesbug reportReset grid sorting icon doesn't workclosed (alex)
0000855Install / Upgragesbug reportDuring installation after "Database Configuration" step, the page goes blankclosed (alex)
0000858Admin Interfacesbug reportBlank screen, when visiting "Topics" and "Products" list in "Show All" modeclosed (alex)
0000859Front Endbug reportMultilingual field sorting sometimes doesn't workclosed (alex)
0000683Data Managementbug reportPreventing the Deletion of specific Sections in the Catalogclosed (alex)
0000695Optimizationbug reportRemove endless "!" inside admin templatesclosed (alex)
0000722Localizationbug reportAdding more defaults to language adding formclosed (alex)
0000853OptimizationtaskEven smaller form block declarationsclosed (alex)
0000857Admin Interfacesbug reportCustomized form blocks were not using "form_row" design resulting fatal errorclosed (alex)
0000865Admin Interfacestask"System Tools" section redesign to be more intuitiveclosed (alex)
0000866Databasebug reportUnable to create database record with given id in temp tableclosed (alex)
0000869OptimizationtaskFirst opening of Admin Console takes 5 seconds with Memory Caching enabledclosed (alex)
0000845OptimizationtaskRevising usage of NULL columnsclosed (Dmitry)
[63 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.2.0-B1 (Released 2012-01-18) View Issues ]
0001031Data ManagementrefactoringUser management internals refactoringclosed (alex)
0001107OptimizationtaskLogical changes on user registration/my profile/forgot password formsclosed (alex)
0000392Data Managementbug reportSection renaming using "Section Properties" button causes one more section to be createdclosed (alex)
0000658OptimizationtaskExtremely Long Priority numbers stored in Cache for "Parsed Sections"closed (alex)
0000709Data ManagementtaskMake "kUploadFormatter::_ensureUniqueFilename" more accessibleclosed (alex)
0000950DatabasetaskLog CURL requests to database table instead of fileclosed (alex)
0001077Data Managementbug reportProblems with category item importclosed (alex)
0001140Data Managementfeature requestAbility to specify Timeout for Agentsclosed (alex)
0001141Admin Interfacesbug reportDrop-Down with Themes in Catalog doesn't List more than 10 Themesclosed (alex)
0001149Front Endbug reportTag FieldModifier doesn't work with multilingual fieldsclosed (alex)
0001105Admin Interfacesfeature requestAdd "Login as User" button to user list in Adminclosed (alex)
0000055OptimizationtaskGet rid of safeDefine function usage when possibleclosed (alex)
0000397Data ManagementtaskAbility to work with main event from OnBefore/OnAfter type events called from kDBItem classclosed (alex)
0000645Permissionsfeature requestUser / Group Access restriction by IPclosed (alex)
0000751Data Managementfeature requestAllow to set phrase initial translation from templateclosed (alex)
0000769Admin Interfacesfeature requestDisplay notice on change log list, when change log feature is disabledclosed (alex)
0000898Admin Interfacesfeature requestAdmin Interface for managing "Permission Types"closed (alex)
0000939Optimizationfeature requestNew Agent to perform System Cleanup and Optimize Performanceclosed (alex)
0001045Admin Interfacesbug reportSorting by ID is broken in Form Submissions gridclosed (alex)
0001118Admin Interfacesfeature requestShow "saved message" on Saving Configuration Settings in Adminclosed (alex)
0000576Databasefeature requestSeparating Database Master/Slave Requestsclosed (alex)
0000668Admin Interfacesfeature requestAdd ability to hide site name from top frame in administrative consoleclosed (alex)
0000742Data Managementfeature requestCreate universal file mime type detection functionclosed (alex)
0000856Data Managementfeature requestAdd PriorityEventHandler to Coreclosed (alex)
0000861Admin Interfacesfeature requestMake first empty option optional in AjaxDropdownPreloaderclosed (alex)
0000897Data Managementfeature requestImprovement to "Languages Synchronization"closed (alex)
0000899Template Systemfeature requestCreate new "m_CurrentPageLink" tag to return current Page URLclosed (alex)
0000944Front Endfeature requestAbility for Users to subscribe to mailing during Registrationclosed (alex)
0000979Data Managementfeature requestImprovements to form submissions (upload field, custom notification email)closed (alex)
0000980Data Managementfeature requestAbility to perform file extension-based check during single file uploadclosed (alex)
0001124Admin Interfacesfeature requestAbility to enter date & time in a single fieldclosed (alex)
0000475OptimizationtaskInappropriate "eval" usage in kBase::makeClass methodclosed (!COMMUNITY)
0000644Optimizationbug reportCompatibility Issues with PHP 5.3.xclosed (!COMMUNITY)
0000816Admin Interfacesfeature requestNew grid multioptions filterclosed (alex)
0000836OptimizationtaskFree space preserving capability during image uploadsclosed (alex)
0000862Admin Interfacesfeature requestSupport for odd/even rows in SimpleGrid controlclosed (alex)
0000883Data Managementfeature requestSite domain-based agentsclosed (alex)
0000940Admin Interfacesfeature requestMinor improvements to Grids usabilityclosed (alex)
0000975OptimizationtaskAutomatically remove unused LEFT JOIN from list count database queriesclosed (alex)
0001001Data Managementfeature requestNew method for XML parsing error checkingclosed (alex)
0001043Front Endfeature requestAbility to Exclude Template based Sections from Search Resultsclosed (alex)
0001050Data Managementfeature requestAbility to access Disabled Section with Direct Linkclosed (!COMMUNITY)
0001071Front Endfeature requestAdd m_LinkVar and m_GetLinedVar tagsclosed (alex)
0001123Caching Systembug reportParallel cache rebuild problem could cause high server loadclosed (alex)
0000077OptimizationtaskRemove "grid_float_range_filter" blockclosed (alex)
0000653Data Managementfeature requestMake "kDateFormatter" support date format constants in "format" parameterclosed (alex)
0000778Admin Interfacesfeature requestImprovements to Create User & Admin form in Adminclosed (alex)
0000948Front Endfeature requestChange in "Forgot Password" logicclosed (alex)
0000964Data Managementfeature requestImprovements to user Login fieldclosed (alex)
0001005Refactoringbug reportIncorrectly Detected BASE_PATH in Cronclosed (alex)
0001027Front Endfeature requestTag, to display given option titleclosed (alex)
0001106OptimizationrefactoringSorting setting storage improvement ideasclosed (alex)
0001143Data Managementbug reportAbility to cut trailing zeros from field value being displayedclosed (alex)
0001145Template Systembug reportParameter "as_preg" doesn't work in SearchInputName tagclosed (alex)
0001150Template SystemrefactoringTheme file scanning too slowclosed (alex)
0001152Admin Interfacesbug reportI'm unable to open toolbar submenu twiceclosed (alex)
0000483Front Endfeature requestAdd option for searching all typed keyword inside single category item recordclosed (alex)
0000075Securityfeature requestDenial permissions for "root" userclosed (alex)
0001024Admin Interfacesfeature requestPhrase type detection based on it's nameclosed (alex)
0001129Front Endbug reportReport Reviewclosed (alex)
0001131Admin Interfacesbug reportUseful Product Reviewclosed (alex)
0001132Admin Interfacesbug reportPrev / Next Product Linksclosed (alex)
0001151Caching Systembug reportCaching Issue with 404 Page Not Found URLsclosed (alex)
0001154DatabaserefactoringOptimization of TableFound functionclosed (alex)
0001158Admin Interfacesbug reportMenu frame resize causes too much ajax requestsclosed (alex)
0001161Front Endbug reportResizing GIF images with white background gives "Color index 255 out of range" errorclosed (alex)
0001162Front Endfeature requestAbility to specify module in theme.xml fileclosed (alex)
0001163Front Endbug reportDebugger report is affected by "reset.css" stylesheetclosed (alex)
0001164Front Endbug reportAdding "empty_label" parameter to PredefinedOptions tagclosed (alex)
0001165Install / Upgragesbug reportDoing separate module install doesn't insert language packclosed (alex)
0001169Install / Upgragesbug reportIssue with DBConnection during a Separate Install of Modulesclosed (alex)
0001170Front Endbug reportAnti-Spam protection check fails first timeclosed (alex)
0001171Admin Interfacesbug reportFatal when trying to Relate Catalog Itemsclosed (alex)
0001172Databasebug reportIncorrect SQL when item load clause contains NULLclosed (alex)
0001173Template Systemfeature requestWrong template on templates loaded via AJAX requestsclosed (alex)
0000447Mailing Systembug reportUpdate EmailLog table only when Email has been physically sentclosed (alex)
0000852Front Endfeature requestImprovements to m_GetConfig tagclosed (alex)
0000969Install / Upgragesfeature requestNew "System Configuration" installation stepclosed (alex)
0001147Databasefeature requestMethods for processing large data amounts from databaseclosed (alex)
0001160Template Systemfeature requestAbility to Load "index.tpl" by default within any Template Folderclosed (alex)
0001176OthertaskImplement usage of Variables added on "System Configuration" stepclosed (alex)
0001177Front Endbug reportDebug version of CSS/JS files (decompressed) loaded even after Debug is Disabled via Cookiesclosed (alex)
0001178Data Managementbug reportDBItem loading problem, when multiple keys are usedclosed (alex)
0001179Otherbug reportCookie Path not Set when Debugger is Disabled based on Cookieclosed (alex)
0000511Install / Upgragesfeature requestAuto-Logout Admin Session after Installationclosed (alex)
0000657Admin Interfacesfeature requestAbility to Reset ROOT password to access Admin Consoleclosed (alex)
0001022Data Managementfeature requestUploaded file distribution within /system/ folderclosed (alex)
0001142Data Managementbug reportImages are deleted during link approval processclosed (alex)
0001180Databasefeature requestImprovement of "qstr" functionclosed (alex)
0001181Data Managementbug reportMain product list is displayed in all sideboxes on a pageclosed (alex)
0000493Admin InterfacestaskRedirect template (kEvent::redirect attribute) has no effect, when popups are usedclosed (alex)
0001108Admin Interfacesbug reportSelecting "Symlink Category" resets all category adding form fieldsclosed (alex)
0001146Front Endbug reportTag "st_CachedMenu" sets incorrect "template" parameter to menu elements (v 5.1.0)closed (alex)
0000065Front Endfeature requestAdd "Maintenance Mode" option for Websiteclosed (alex)
0000271Data Managementfeature requestRedesign "Data Validation" Engineclosed (alex)
0000398OptimizationtaskPartially move kCatDBItem and CreategoryItem class contents to OnBefore/OnAfter eventsclosed (alex)
0000896Admin Interfacesfeature requestUser Address Management in Adminclosed (alex)
0000921Template SystemtaskAdd "Name" parameter to st_ContentBlock tagclosed (alex)
0000990Data ManagementtaskCheck that all configuration variables being usedclosed (alex)
0000994Admin InterfacestaskCreate "3rd Party API Settings" Configuration sub-section in Adminclosed (alex)
0001183Mailing Systemfeature requestSeparate setting for default Email Sender / Recipientsclosed (alex)
0001188Front Endfeature requestUsage of current page title in navigation barclosed (alex)
0000058Data Managementfeature requestAdd Timezone Field to User recordclosed (alex)
0000068Front Endbug reportPreventing "Infinite" Redirects on Front-Endclosed (alex)
0000399Front Endfeature requestSSL + Login Required options for Sectionsclosed (alex)
0000413Install / Upgragesfeature requestSystem Requirements Check before In-Portal Installationclosed (alex)
0000929Localizationfeature requestAbility to have Preferred Language for Front-end Usersclosed (alex)
0000949Securityfeature requestChange in user Email Validation processclosed (alex)
0001189Front Endbug reportSite domain with empty "SSL Url" field is always matched as current on secure connectionclosed (alex)
0001190Install / Upgragesbug reportTheme language pack not upgraded on module upgradeclosed (alex)
0001011Databasebug reportReview and Rename Table Names in COREclosed (alex)
0001117Admin Interfacesfeature requestVersion Control for Sectionsclosed (alex)
0001184Front Endbug reportSticky parent object in PrintList tagclosed (alex)
0001186Admin Interfacesbug reportUnable to change configuration on "Configuration -> Website -> Advanced" settings in Google Chromeclosed (alex)
0001191OtherrefactoringRemove RunMode from Scheduled Tasksclosed (alex)
0001192OptimizationtaskUse FilesMatch instead of Files in .htaccessclosed (Dmitry)
0001159Template Systembug reportLanguage and Theme Links don't work without Templateclosed (alex)
0001128Front Endfeature requestImplement "Promo Blocks" functionality as on Intechnic.comclosed (alex)
0001167OptimizationtaskImprovements in Compressed CSS/JS File Namingclosed (alex)
0000981LocalizationtaskRename Agents section to "Scheduled Tasks"closed (Dmitry)
0001185Admin Interfacesbug reportAjax Dropdown suggestion list is displayed at incorrect locationclosed (alex)
[121 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.1.1 (Released 2010-11-23) View Issues ]
0000840Install / UpgragestaskPrepare 5.1.1 releaseclosed (alex)
0000931Admin Interfacesbug reportCategory item sorting not displayed in Admin Consoleclosed (alex)
[2 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.2.0 (Released 2012-07-24) View Issues ]
0001342Front EndtaskMake UTF-8 the only one supported language encodingclosed (alex)
0001318Caching Systembug reportMore options to category cache rebuilding systemclosed (alex)
0001319Front Endbug reportUnable to use <inp2:st_CachedMenu on large (over 4000) category count (while only 20 in menu)closed (alex)
0001321Install / Upgragesbug reportCategory Template Hash fields are not Populated during Upgradeclosed (alex)
0001322Front Endfeature requestAllow to disable url caching during developmentclosed (alex)
0001323Otherfeature requestChanging Shortcut for In-Portal Debuggerclosed (alex)
0001324Front Endbug reportPerforming login on category item detail page results in redirect to /error_notfound.html pageclosed (alex)
0001325Admin Interfacesbug reportFirebug console detection not always workingclosed (!COMMUNITY)
0001326Data Managementbug reportFatal error when trying to use parser tag caching in 5.2.0 on PHP version below 5.3.1closed (alex)
0001327Template Systembug reportDenying e-mail event produces fatal error (only on PHP < 5.3.0)closed (alex)
0001328Email Templatesbug reportLong plain text e-mail appear broken in e-mail logclosed (alex)
0001329Email Templatesbug reportMulti-recipient e-mail has broken recipient names on 5.xclosed (alex)
0001330Admin Interfacesbug reportAdmin Console progress bar template always displays 0 in Google Chromeclosed (alex)
0001331Front Endbug reportCross-item subsearch not workingclosed (alex)
0001332Caching Systembug reportSpelling suggestion cache not reset on dictionary changeclosed (alex)
0001333Admin Interfacesbug reportIncorrect urls on tabs above the lists in Admin Consoleclosed (alex)
0001334Template Systembug reportComplete template recompilation fails, when not all modules are installedclosed (alex)
0001336Front Endbug reportHighlighting of "Home" element in navigation barclosed (alex)
0001337Admin Interfacesbug reportDon't use Admin-specific list settings on Front-Endclosed (alex)
0001338Data Managementbug reportHeaders are returned along with response, when curl requests with followLocation option sentclosed (alex)
0001339Data Managementbug reportLong running scheduled task delays page loadingclosed (alex)
 0001356Front EndtaskEnable output compression by defaultclosed (alex)
0001340Data Managementbug reportDon't use session in scheduled tasksclosed (alex)
0001341Admin Interfacesfeature requestCreate cron-like interface for scheduled tasksclosed (alex)
 0001353Admin Interfacesfeature requestMore forms to plural phrase functionclosed (alex)
0001343Front Endfeature requestAdd short date/time output formatsclosed (alex)
0001345DatabasetaskShow Server Host name in Debugger Outputclosed (alex)
0001346Admin Interfacesbug reportAdd padding at the right side of top pagination control in lists/gridsclosed (alex)
0001348Email Templatesbug reportEmailLog doesn't store Emails with Very Long Body when sent via Mailing Listclosed (alex)
0001349Admin Interfacesbug reportAdmin Console login form has lost it's rounded corners in Firefox 13closed (alex)
0001350Admin Interfacesbug reportSwitching between interface presetsclosed (alex)
0001352Front Endbug reportIncorrect sorting in search resultsclosed (alex)
0001354Admin Interfacesbug reportMinor fixes to form blocksclosed (alex)
0001354Admin Interfacesbug reportMinor fixes to form blocksclosed (alex)
0001355Databasefeature requestAbility to update only given fields via kDBItem::Update methodclosed (alex)
0001357Data Managementbug reportValidation of system settings is shared across multiple settingsclosed (alex)
0001358Front Endbug reportUnable to upload anything on Front-Endclosed (alex)
0001360Admin Interfacesbug reportLanguages labels & e-mail events of disabled module are visibleclosed (alex)
0000043Admin Interfacesbug reportSWFUploader and "Save" button.closed (alex)
0001313Admin Interfacesfeature requestAdd a page for managing system configurationclosed (alex)
0001366Data Managementbug reportMultilingual field sorting not working in some casesclosed (alex)
[41 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.1.1-B2 (Released 2010-10-19) View Issues ]
0000873Data Managementbug reportSection Virtual and Protected modes can't be set during Theme scanclosed (alex)
0000874Admin Interfacesbug reportFrame in Frame issue in Admin Consoleclosed (alex)
0000876Front Endbug reportTag "HasPermission" can result in sql fatal error in some casesclosed (alex)
0000877Caching Systemfeature requestSingle Cache Serial-key for Developers on the same Serverclosed (alex)
0000878Template Systembug reportTemplate compression on PHP4 produces a lot of warning messagesclosed (alex)
0000880Front Endbug reportCategory-based permission check not working on Home Pageclosed (alex)
0000882Caching Systembug reportMemcache issuesclosed (alex)
0000884Caching Systembug reportFatal error "Method name must be a string" on home page after Memcached server restartclosed (alex)
0000885Front Endbug reportAdditional images of category items are not displayed (with memory caching enabled)closed (alex)
0000886Data Managementbug reportInfinite loop during category permission cache updateclosed (alex)
0000889Data Managementbug reportAlways getting "invalid certificate" error, when using kCurlHelper on https urlsclosed (alex)
0000890Data Managementbug reportEvent "OnAfterItemDelete" isn't called, when cateogry item is delted to "Recycle Bin"closed (alex)
0000891Caching Systembug reportPrice of "Downloadable Product" is never saved, while Memcache is enabledclosed (alex)
0000892Data Managementbug reportMethod "kXMLHelper::GetXML" produces broken XMLclosed (alex)
0000893Front Endbug reportUnable to suggest any item (link, article, topic)closed (alex)
[16 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.1.2 (Released 2011-03-30) View Issues ]
0000963Install / Upgragesbug reportPrepare 5.1.2 releaseclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

In-Portal CMS - 5.1.1-RC1 (Released 2010-11-05) View Issues ]
0000900Front Endbug reportSome of BMP files are not resizedclosed (alex)
0000901Data Managementbug reportCron script raises several warnings, when invoked from command lineclosed (alex)
0000902Data Managementbug reportImage Upload with spaces in filename breaks Admin gridclosed (alex)
0000909Data Managementbug reportCorrections in PortalUser table fieldsclosed (alex)
0000911Databasebug reportInvalid Database in "config.php" results to infinite Redirect in Adminclosed (alex)
0000912Install / Upgragesbug reportWhite screen on Module Install stepclosed (alex)
0000913Data Managementbug reportWarning, when unit doesn't have ListSortings optionclosed (alex)
0000914Localizationbug reportRename "Regular Events" to "Agents"closed (alex)
0000915Data Managementbug reportLink Comments are not Showing up in Adminclosed (alex)
0000916Data Managementbug reportCan't set Per page for Category Item Reviews listclosed (alex)
0000920Data Managementbug reportCan't override Prefixes from Cloned Sub-Itemsclosed (alex)
[11 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.1.2-B1 (Released 2011-01-11) View Issues ]
0000823Permissionsbug reportUser primary group isn't correctly set in session after it's loginclosed (alex)
0000941Admin Interfacesbug reportImpossible to Subscribe to Newsletterclosed (alex)
0000870Admin Interfacesbug reportQueuing events to uploader fails, when flash object isn't yet loadedclosed (alex)
0000284Securitybug reportOnly 1 of 5 ban rule types is implementedclosed (alex)
0000450Admin Interfacesbug reportNo Vertical scrolling in File Browser in FCKEditorclosed (alex)
0000822Template Systembug reportEmail event translation not being validated before savingclosed (alex)
0000946Data Managementbug reportMissing Temp mode indicator in "form_submissions_config.php"closed (alex)
0000345Databasebug reportTable "IgnoreKeywords" is unusedclosed (alex)
0000731Admin Interfacesbug reportIssue with opening Import Data section in Adminclosed (alex)
0000872Databasebug reportRemove deprecated "EmailSubscribers" tableclosed (alex)
0000924Otherbug reportGPL License is missing in some PHP filesclosed (alex)
0000723Install / Upgragesbug reportSkip Domain name Validation for GPL licenseclosed (alex)
0000945Install / Upgragesbug reportRemove "Use existing In-Portal installation in this Database" option during Re-installclosed (alex)
0000687Front Endbug reportAll Sub-menu Items appear as "current" when expanded Site Menu is printedclosed (alex)
0000848Databasebug reportCopying missing translatable data when Primary language is changedclosed (alex)
0000937Data Managementbug reportIssues with Exporting Category Itemsclosed (alex)
0000938Databasebug reportGeneration of COUNT SQL Fails with DISTINCT in sub-queryclosed (alex)
0000943Otherbug reportMinor Issue with generating JS/CSS compressed filesclosed (alex)
0000629Data Managementbug reportCan't use custom Input Date/Time format for fieldsclosed (alex)
0000741Admin Interfacesbug reportCreate some toolbar button initially as disabledclosed (alex)
0000881Front Endbug reportDate custom field also shows timeclosed (alex)
0000922Front Endbug reportRedirects during AJAX requests in debug mode are not processedclosed (alex)
0000927Admin Interfacesbug reportIncorrect record numbering in SimpleGrid classclosed (alex)
0000928Admin Interfacesbug reportRemove forced sorting for Catalog Items in Adminclosed (alex)
0000930Data ManagementtaskDon't create session in admin console, until admin has logged-inclosed (alex)
0000936Front Endbug reportUser avatar isn't preloaded on public profile templateclosed (alex)
0000958Admin Interfacesbug reportEditing language on section edit form don't change on primary language changeclosed (alex)
0000959Admin Interfacesbug reportMinor 404 errors in Admin in web-server log due to List Arrow imagesclosed (alex)
0000710Admin Interfacesbug reportCheck all Sub-Item Edit templates and place Prev/Next buttons on themclosed (alex)
0000843Admin Interfacesbug reportUser login isn't escaped in user selectorclosed (alex)
0000844Admin Interfacesbug reportLarge numbers (over 1 million) are not properly parsed in javascriptclosed (alex)
0000846Install / Upgragesbug reportSeveral notices about undefined constants during installationclosed (alex)
0000860Admin Interfacesbug reportBlock "inp_edit_filler" is missing on language editing formclosed (alex)
0000933Otherbug reportPhrases & Code Clean-up in 5.1.2closed (alex)
[34 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.1.2-B2 (Released 2011-02-15) View Issues ]
0000967Data Managementfeature requestAbility to Copy folders recursivelyclosed (alex)
0000968Install / Upgragesfeature requestAbility to install Theme Demo images closed (alex)
0000982Data Managementbug reportField Formatters are not applied when method kDBItem::LoadFromHash is usedclosed (alex)
0000987Otherbug reportIncorrect location of "favicon.ico" fileclosed (alex)
0000995Data Managementbug reportIncorrect Catalog Item Detail Url is build in Emails when triggered from Adminclosed (alex)
0000604Front Endbug reportExtra output Sent by during Script execution which leads to Cookie headers not being sendclosed (alex)
0000965Admin Interfacesbug reportAdd relation form doesn't show up, when popup mode is selectedclosed (alex)
0000966Front Endbug reportRedirect loop after user registration with email activation option enabledclosed (alex)
0000972Data Managementbug reportWildcard "%1$s" isn't processed during total calculation in calculated fieldsclosed (alex)
0000974Data Managementbug reportSeveral warnings from adodb time library, while used on PHP 5.3closed (alex)
0000976Admin Interfacesbug reportBlock "grid_picker_filter" incorrectly defines filter type resulting warning, when in useclosed (alex)
0000977Data Managementbug reportConstant OS_WINDOWS is undefined, when SMTP is used for email event sendingclosed (alex)
0000978Admin Interfacesbug reportJavascript error on form submission view pageclosed (alex)
0001000Data Managementbug reportWarning about undefined variable in FCK file browserclosed (alex)
[14 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.1.2-RC1 (Released 2011-03-22) View Issues ]
0000932Data ManagementtaskShow "pseudo" in unknown class errorclosed (alex)
0000953Databasebug reportIncorrect database query error reportingclosed (alex)
0001002Databasebug reportProcess critical database errors even when debug mode is offclosed (alex)
0001025OthertaskAutomatically set "svn:keywords" property to PHP filesclosed (alex)
0000955Data Managementbug reportStrange error, while using flash uploaderclosed (alex)
0000985LocalizationtaskEnglish Language pack for 5.1.2closed (alex)
0001006OptimizationtaskDelete Deprecated Code and Tablesclosed (Dmitry)
0001009Mailing Systembug reportIssue in kMainTagProcessor::AttachFile method related to attaching filesclosed (alex)
[8 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.1.3-B1 (Released 2011-06-20) View Issues ]
0001036Admin Interfacesbug reportApproving/Declining a category produces notice, when In-News isn't installedclosed (alex)
0001037OptimizationtaskDon't create image/file virtual fields for category items, while in Admin Consoleclosed (alex)
0001051Admin Interfacesbug reportProblems with using TAB on editing forms in Admin Consoleclosed (alex)
0000962Data Managementbug reportI've got some warnings, when CURL requests are made from CRONclosed (alex)
0000992Front Endbug reportParameter "debug" in url is ignored during <inp2:m_XMLTemplate .../> tag usageclosed (alex)
0000993Data Managementbug reportUnable to login to Admin Console, when web-server is installed on non-default portclosed (alex)
0001014Databasebug reportUnable to select user, that has ' in it's usernameclosed (alex)
0000044Data Managementbug report"Files" are NOT Deleted when Editing Sub-Itemsclosed (alex)
0000952Permissionsbug reportIncorrect permission checked by "adm_ListTabs" tagclosed (alex)
0000954Data Managementbug reportWarning about missing $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], while working from PHP CLIclosed (alex)
0000957Data Managementbug reportWarning about missing "show_mode" array key, while printing admin left menuclosed (alex)
0000960Install / Upgragesbug reportUpgrade to 4.3.9 gives SQL error, when no modules were installedclosed (alex)
0000961Data Managementbug reportWarnings on CSV export/import on PHP5closed (alex)
0001028Caching Systembug reportMissing "Database Name" in Memory Cache Keyclosed (alex)
0001032Refactoringbug reportMinor Typo in Variable name in UserHelper::loginUser methodclosed (alex)
0001041Data Managementbug reportChange ReferrerUrl column type to Text to support longer Referrers in Form Submissionsclosed (alex)
0001042Admin Interfacesbug reportBroken Pagination for Sub-Items Gridsclosed (alex)
0000879Admin Interfacesbug reportResult of "SearchField" tag isn't formatted, when formatter is defined to that fieldclosed (alex)
0000926Data Managementbug reportFilename Replacements are NOT taken from Primary languageclosed (alex)
0000951Front Endbug reportUser isn't automatically logged-in, when "Immediate" user registration mode is usedclosed (alex)
0000984Data Managementbug reportUser Login field is not checked for minimum charactersclosed (alex)
0001015Front Endbug reportTemplate "login pending or disabled" is not usedclosed (alex)
0001018Data Managementbug reportColumn filter "grid_like_combo_filter" is giving notice on every callclosed (alex)
0001019Databasebug report2 records are inserted instead of 1 on sql errorclosed (alex)
0001021Data Managementbug reportUsage of non-existent configuration variable "DomainDetect"closed (alex)
0001026Front Endbug reportImpossible to get "404 Not Found" page with Rewrite Listenersclosed (alex)
0001029Data Managementbug reportUnable to create a link with required multilingual custom fieldclosed (alex)
0001052Front Endbug reportCurrent sorting (in sorting dropdown) not displayed, when sorted by Name field (SortingSelected tag)closed (alex)
0000947Securitybug reportCreate new folder with restricted access from Webclosed (alex)
0001016Data Managementfeature requestMethod for setting configuration values (auto resets cache too)closed (alex)
0001017Data Managementbug reportUndefined index notice during grid column resizeclosed (alex)
0001049Permissionsbug reportAuto login after registration email activation doesn't load permissionsclosed (alex)
0001059Front Endbug reportLinks to external page are not processed in <inp2:c_CategoryLink/> tagclosed (alex)
0001062Admin Interfacesbug reportDon't perform page design check, when there are no themes in the siteclosed (alex)
0001063Permissionsbug reportIncorrect permission is check to recalculate category/section prioritiesclosed (alex)
0001064Data Managementbug reportParent methods not called in UsersEventHandler classclosed (alex)
0001065Data Managementbug reportSome non-existing configuration variables are usedclosed (alex)
0001070Data Managementbug reportSelf-signed SSL certificates are not accepted by Curl in PHP4closed (alex)
0001072Admin Interfacesbug reportWrong Sorting for Sections under "Structure & Data" in Adminclosed (alex)
0001069Admin Interfacesbug reportTree sections with ampersand in url can't be reloaded via ajax requestclosed (!COMMUNITY)
0001073Data Managementbug reportMenu cache isn't reset during category item importclosed (alex)
0001044Data Managementbug reportExpiration of registration with "Email Activation" can't be changedclosed (alex)
0001056Front Endbug reportNo way to open disabled page from Admin Consoleclosed (alex)
[43 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.1.3 (Released 2011-09-19) View Issues ]
0000700OptimizationtaskCode Cleanup in 5.1.x branchclosed
0001094Optimizationfeature requestOptimizing storage of help phrasesclosed (alex)
0001097Front Endbug reportWrong sub-menu is displayed on a disabled pagesclosed (alex)
0000708Admin Interfacesfeature requestAbility to disable debugger permanently based on cookieclosed (alex)
0001096Admin Interfacesbug reportTwo hardcoded spaces on configuration pageclosed (alex)
0001098Data Managementbug reportParameters "editing_mode" and "admin" are passed to page editing form by mistakeclosed (alex)
0001099Front Endbug reportRedirect to "my_account" page isn't performed when "Remember Login" checkbox is checked on login formclosed (alex)
0001100Template Systembug reportFirst char of HTML isn't displayed, when "html:<some_html_here>" is passed instead of block name to any tagclosed (alex)
0001101Front Endbug reportPage/category item search results are not being sorted by relevanceclosed (alex)
0001103Data Managementbug reportDebugger isn't auto turned off, when ajax redirect is performed resulting broken redirectclosed (alex)
0001104Data Managementbug reportImpossible to use OnAfterConfigRead event, when there is a system preset for a given unit configclosed (alex)
0001114Install / Upgragesbug reportInstallation fails after "Select Modules" stepclosed (alex)
0001115Admin Interfacesbug reportError in "alert" during catalog loadingclosed (alex)
0000991Data Managementfeature requestUsability improvement to kCurlHelper classclosed (alex)
0001088Data Managementbug reportUnable to copy/paste a links, that is added to favoritesclosed (alex)
0001089Front Endbug reportLong text is clipped in the middle of the wordclosed (alex)
0001090Data Managementfeature requestAdd hostname resolve abilities in debug.php fileclosed (alex)
0001091Front Endbug reportIncorrect Favorite Icon formatclosed (alex)
0001093Admin Interfacesbug reportLong text are cut in the middle in page content blocksclosed (alex)
0001111Localizationbug reportPhrase type isn't updated on language pack import with overwriteclosed (alex)
0001112Data Managementbug reportField options are changed by accident during image (from field) displayclosed (alex)
0001119Admin Interfacesbug reportSections "Site Domains" & "Countries & States" are not visibleclosed (alex)
0001087Data Managementbug reportWarning message, when simple search function is used in Admin Console gridsclosed (alex)
0001109Data Managementbug reportField Modified (modification date/time) of PortalUser table isn't property updatedclosed (alex)
0001122Data ManagementtaskIgnore phpStorm configuration files in SVN repositoryclosed (alex)
[25 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.1.3-B2 (Released 2011-06-29) View Issues ]
0000385Data Managementbug reportCopy/paste doesn't make category item filename uniqueclosed (alex)
0001034Install / UpgragestaskImproving Project Deployment Processes to DEV or LIVE serversclosed (alex)
0001053Install / Upgragesbug reportWrong sql length measurement in Upgrade Scriptclosed (alex)
0001055Admin Interfacesbug report"Up" toolbar button in Catalog can go beyond "Home" categoryclosed (alex)
0001057Front Endbug reportTranslating missing phrases in debug modeclosed (alex)
0001067Admin Interfacesbug reportInfinite loop, when attempting to create a category item without images entityclosed (alex)
0001068Admin Interfacesbug reportInability to use non-latin characters in flash uploader "Browse" buttonclosed (alex)
0001075Template SystemtaskHomepage URL should be a Domain nameclosed (alex)
0001030Front Endbug reportMultilingual custom fields not recorded on "Suggest Link" formclosed (alex)
[9 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.1.3-RC1 (Released 2011-07-11) View Issues ]
0001035Admin Interfacesbug reportTag auto-complete functionality not working in AJAXDropdown controlclosed (alex)
0001039Front Endbug reportIncorrect detection of Referrer field in form submissionsclosed (alex)
0001046Data Managementbug reportToo short debugger report waiting timeoutclosed (alex)
0001054Data Managementbug reportThere is php warning on each product updateclosed (alex)
0001058Data Managementbug reportCategory not available during Link/Product (or any category item) creationclosed (alex)
0001060Data Managementbug reportDebugger report not deleted on Logoutclosed (alex)
0001076Install / Upgragesbug reportIncorrect Default Item Templateclosed (alex)
0001078Front Endbug reportUnsubscribing from mailing list doesn't delete all related user dataclosed (alex)
0001079Otherbug reportScript "" is not Deleting Debug filesclosed (!COMMUNITY)
0001080Front Endbug reportUsers can register without password, when automatic passwords are turned offclosed (alex)
[11 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.1.3-RC2 (Released 2011-08-13) View Issues ]
0001081Front Endbug reportLogout link brokenclosed (alex)
0001082Data Managementbug reportNumeric installation folder name causes image display problem on Windows installationclosed (alex)
0001083Admin Interfacesbug reportButtons "Home" and "Go Up" are not disabled when used from non-Sections tabclosed (alex)
0001084Admin Interfacesbug reportDuplicate categories are being added under "Tools" tree node in Admin Consoleclosed (alex)
0001085Email Templatesbug reportMissing Tag with User Login name in Subject of USER.ADD.PENDING email templateclosed (alex)
0001086Front Endfeature requestAbility to limit maximal username length on registration formclosed (alex)
0001092Front Endbug reportRestricting Access to .svn and CVS folders from Webclosed (alex)
0001095Front Endbug reportError messages are displayed on unrelated formsclosed (alex)
[8 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.2.0-B2 (Released 2012-03-12) View Issues ]
0001194Data Managementbug reportVirtual multilingual fields don't work sometimesclosed (alex)
0001197Template Systemfeature requestArray support in m_Get tagclosed (alex)
0001198Template Systemfeature requestAbility to check element definition in tagclosed (alex)
0001199RefactoringtaskRename DBG_EMAIL option and Add it to debug_sample.phpclosed (alex)
0001200Data Managementbug reportSome Fields in Categories table aren't updated on Category deleteclosed (alex)
0001201Install / Upgragesbug reportFatal error during Installation on States import with MySQL in Strict Modeclosed (alex)
0001202Data Managementbug reportRegular users are created instead of Adminsclosed (alex)
0001203Install / Upgragesbug reportFormer "before" Agents still run during installationclosed (alex)
0001204Data Managementbug reportFormatter class kOptionsFormatter doesn't always correctly parse dataclosed (alex)
0001205Admin Interfacesfeature requestAbility to set Default "Per Page" for Admin Grids via Website Configurationclosed (alex)
0001206Databasebug reportMultilingual columns not created on separate module installclosed (alex)
0001209Databasebug reportIncorrect MultiOptions grid filter value escapingclosed (alex)
0001208Data Managementfeature requestImprovements to automatic deployment scriptclosed (alex)
0001210Optimizationbug reportParameter "storage_format" is ignored during regular uploadsclosed (alex)
0001212Data Managementbug reportCategory item reviews counter sometimes isn't updatedclosed (alex)
0001213Databasebug reportWhen table in database contains "from" word in it's name then it will produce sql errorclosed (alex)
0001214Admin Interfacesbug reportIncorrect configuration setting grouping on configuration display pageclosed (alex)
0001215Front Endfeature requestSpeed up page loadingclosed (alex)
0001216Data Managementbug reportMissing column title on CSV exportclosed (alex)
0001217Admin Interfacesbug reportWhite Border around CKEditor Editing areaclosed (alex)
0001218Admin Interfacesbug reportMissing Approve/Decline buttons for Administratorsclosed (alex)
0001196Admin Interfacesfeature requestImprovements to Languages and Phrases Export capabilitiesclosed (alex)
0001219Otherbug reportUsage of undefined kDBtagProcessor classclosed (alex)
0001220Install / Upgragesbug reportIncomplete /system/config.php file after upgradeclosed (alex)
0001221Install / Upgragesbug reportFailed upgrade from 5.1.2closed (alex)
[25 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.2.0-B3 (Released 2012-04-12) View Issues ]
0001207Email Templatesfeature requestAbility to subscribe to any system event from e-mail eventclosed (alex)
0001223Databasebug reportFatal on viewing page in Browse Mode via Catalog with MySQL in Strict modeclosed (!COMMUNITY)
0001225Install / Upgragesbug reportAdditional checks to perform on "System Requirements" step before installation/upgradeclosed (alex)
0001226Databasebug reportStoring function "crc32" results in database problemclosed (alex)
0001227Email Templatesfeature requestAbility to specify both HTML and Plain Text version of e-mail eventclosed (alex)
0001228Mailing Systemfeature requestEmail Log Rotation and New Fieldsclosed (alex)
0001229Permissionsbug reportMissing Permissions for Item Filters and Spam Reports on Clean installclosed (alex)
0001230Data Managementbug reportIssue with Username Validation on User Registration & Editclosed (alex)
0001231Caching Systembug reportBug in parallel cache rebuild protectionclosed (alex)
0001232Data Managementbug reportUnable to set parsed category from custom rewrite parserclosed (alex)
0001233Data Managementbug reportIncorrect error message during field value length validationclosed (alex)
0001234Databasefeature requestImprovements to kDBConnection class (iterator, kDBConnectionDebug class)closed (alex)
0001235Data Managementbug reportGetting Fatal error on link export in catalogclosed (alex)
0001237Admin Interfacesbug reportCursor isn't focused on username field on admin login formclosed (alex)
0001238Email Templatesbug reportGiving empty "to_name" and "to_email" parameters during e-mail sending results in Fatal Errorclosed (alex)
0001240Data Managementfeature requestAbility to detect event implementationclosed (alex)
0001241Data Managementbug reportAutomatic redirect from ?env= urls to their mod-rewrite equivalents results in fatal errorclosed (alex)
0001242Admin Interfacesbug reportHint Translation Not Available When Not in Debug Modeclosed (alex)
0001244Data Managementbug reportContent block changes not saved, when switching language in editing windowclosed (alex)
0001245Admin Interfacesbug reportTemplate aliases (#....#) don't work in "Design Mode"closed (alex)
0001246Data Managementbug reportFix unit config generator to produce column phrase compatible grid declarationclosed (alex)
0001247Databasebug reportSql error on priorities recalculation for list without parent constrainclosed (alex)
0001249Data Managementbug reportUnit config prefixes with dashes ("-") not always work, when used in openSelector JavaScript functionclosed (alex)
0000698RefactoringtaskRefactor all module Toolbar Buttons by Merge into one PNG fileclosed (alex)
0001222Data Managementbug reportIncorrect PageInfo Mapping and Navbarclosed (alex)
0001243Admin Interfacesfeature requestAdd new "User Subscriptions" sectionclosed (alex)
0001254Admin Interfacesbug reportIncorrect Values List in Session Management Method settingclosed (alex)
0001255Front Endbug reportMod-rewrite url caching problemclosed (!COMMUNITY)
0001256Front Endbug reportTag "m_IsActive" not working when physical template is accessed via mod-rewrite urlclosed (alex)
0001257Data Managementbug reportFatal Error on editing CMS blockclosed (alex)
0001258Caching Systembug reportCross theme item detail template cacheclosed (alex)
0001224Email TemplatesrefactoringEmail event usage refactoringclosed (alex)
0001236Admin Interfacesfeature requestDirect Editing of Catalog Items and Prefixes in Content Modeclosed (alex)
0000485Front Endfeature requestCreate more control over sent emailsclosed (alex)
[36 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.2.0-RC1 (Released 2012-06-12) View Issues ]
0001259OptimizationtaskReplace "unhtmlentities" with PHP native "htmlspecialchars_decode" methodclosed (alex)
0001262Admin Interfacesbug reportBroken Toolbar buttonsclosed (alex)
0001264Admin Interfacesbug reportContent Revision toolbar in Content Mode goes away during page scrollclosed (alex)
0001265Front Endbug reportNotice, when displaying a content block with internal linksclosed (alex)
0001260Caching Systembug reportBroken URL Caching Mechanisms with Memcache disabledclosed (alex)
0001263Admin Interfacesbug reportUpgrade to CKEditor 3.6.2 & CKFinder 2.2.1closed (alex)
0001266Admin Interfacesbug reportSpecial Characters in Website Name break Admin Menuclosed (alex)
0001267Admin InterfacestaskMaking "Simple Interface Preset" more developers friendlyclosed (alex)
0001268Front Endbug reportEase of editing Content Blocksclosed (alex)
0001269Front Endbug reportEmpty language dropdown on "My Profile" page (in "advanced" theme)closed (alex)
0001271RefactoringtaskSharing code for automatic quantity based phrase label detectionclosed (alex)
0001272Databasebug reportExtra 8 sqls on each page loadclosed (alex)
0001273Localizationbug reportPrimary e-mail event design (former footer) always used instead of design on correct languageclosed (alex)
0001274Admin Interfacesbug reportMultiple issues with Content Revision Trackingclosed (alex)
0001278Data Managementbug reportHTML not escaped in Deployment script outputclosed (alex)
0001281Admin Interfacesbug reportMissing "icon46_site.png" iconclosed (alex)
0001282Admin Interfacesbug reportParent section title not shown above the listclosed (alex)
0001283Data Managementbug reportProblems with using Curl follow location feature in safe_mode or when open_basedir is enabledclosed (alex)
0001284Databasebug reportNotice about incorrect "current" function usage in kDBConnection classclosed (alex)
0001286Admin Interfacesbug reportCKEditor/FCKEditor not loading, when website is deployed on liveclosed (alex)
0001287Front Endbug reportSQL error, when trying to add new sub-item from Browse Modeclosed (alex)
0001288Optimizationfeature requestImprovements to rewrite listenersclosed (alex)
0001289Front Endbug reportIncorrect link are build from cronclosed (alex)
0001291Front Endbug reportUploaded files with "&" in name are showingclosed (alex)
0001292Front Endfeature requestSorting already uploaded filesclosed (alex)
0001270Localizationbug reportMultiple language import failsclosed (alex)
0001275Data Managementbug reportUser can't Subscribe to Newsletterclosed (alex)
0001277Admin Interfacesbug report"TypeError" Javascript error cased by getFrame in Adminclosed (alex)
0001279Front Endfeature requestImprove Mod-Rewrite URL Parser to Support GET paramsclosed (alex)
0001280Mailing SystemtaskRemove Misused <inp2:m_BaseURL/> tag in E-mail Event Translationsclosed (alex)
0001285Localizationbug reportPhrase "la_fld_PageContentTitle" has wrong translationclosed (alex)
0001290Front Endfeature requestMinor Improvements to Promo Blocksclosed (alex)
0001293Front Endbug reportUnable to change sorting in search resultsclosed (alex)
0001295Front EndrefactoringImprovements to FormManager JavaScript classclosed (alex)
0001296Install / Upgragesbug reportWrong Path Saved with Root Domain Installationclosed (alex)
0001298Front Endbug reportUseless "&index_file=index.php" in shortcut links in "Structure & Data"closed (alex)
0001299Front Endbug reportReturn "/index.html" back to homepage url in non-default theme/languageclosed (alex)
0001300Front Endbug reportCross-theme links produce incorrect urlsclosed (alex)
0001301Email Templatesbug reportMissing e-mail event type in E-mail Logclosed (alex)
0001302Template Systembug reportParameters js_escape, html_escape, strip_nl, trim are ignored by <inp2:m_include .../> tagclosed (alex)
0001303Front Endbug reportTag <inp2:m_Base_Ref/> adds // at resulting urlclosed (alex)
0001304Otherbug reportParameters "use_section" and "pass_category" are ignored by m_RequireLogin tag in mod-rewriteclosed (alex)
0001306Front Endfeature requestUsing FirePHP within In-Portalclosed (alex)
0001307Mailing Systembug reportIn-Portal Tags Stripped during HTML-to-Plain text Conversionclosed (alex)
0001308Admin Interfacesbug reportMissing "Display to Public" in Simple Presetclosed (alex)
0001309Data Managementbug reportIncorrect behavior of "has_sub_menu" param in CachedMenuclosed (alex)
0001311Data Managementbug reportWrong domain used in direct access linksclosed (alex)
0001320OptimizationtaskImproving page detection sqlclosed (alex)
[48 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.2.1-B1 (Released 2012-11-08) View Issues ]
0001432Front Endbug reportChange first visit detection with language negotiation enabledresolved (alex)
0001374Admin Interfacesbug reportJavaScript error in Change Logs sectionresolved (Dmitry)
0001427Install / Upgragesbug reportMod-rewrite detection doesn't work when PHP is installed as CGIresolved (alex)
0001417Databasebug reportData not escaped in "Query Database" sectionresolved (alex)
0001431Data Managementbug reportChange timezone changing code (PHP 5.4 compatibility)resolved (alex)
0001429Template Systembug reportIncorrectly included templates via <inp2:m_ModuleInclude tagresolved (alex)
0001434Admin InterfacestaskDisable html editor for "inp_edit_textarea" block by defaultresolved (alex)
0001425Admin Interfacesbug reportIncorrect queued e-mail count in "Mailing List" sectionresolved (alex)
0001424Admin InterfacestaskInconsistent naming in "E-mail Templates" sectionresolved (alex)
0001423Data Managementbug reportFunction "htmlspecialchars" breaks down UTF-8 encodingresolved (alex)
0001421Data ManagementrefactoringDon't use $_REQUEST in Debuggerresolved (alex)
0001419Install / Upgragesbug reportIncorrect check for "variables_order" setting during installationresolved (alex)
0001409Install / Upgragesbug reportIncorrect output buffering check on system requirements installation stepresolved (alex)
0001418Databasebug reportUnable to load category item in some casesresolved (alex)
0001401Front Endfeature requestUsing Typekit font libraryresolved (alex)
0001362Securityfeature requestUse even more secure password hashing algorithmresolved (alex)
0001414Data ManagementrefactoringCentralize code for resource limit settingresolved (alex)
0001364Front Endbug reportForgot password improvements (part 2)resolved (alex)
0001413Admin Interfacesbug reportSimultaneous editing message not shownresolved (alex)
0001317Front Endbug reportAllow to specify what IP address source to useresolved (alex)
0001361Admin InterfacestaskScheduled task run time calculation changeresolved (alex)
0001344Front Endbug reportDeleting of temporary files during uploadresolved (alex)
0001363Data Managementbug reportUser selector not workingresolved (alex)
0001396Data ManagementtaskAdd "jpeg" and "bmp" to allowed image file extensionsresolved (alex)
0001412Data Managementbug reportParent event not available in Temp Handler triggered eventsresolved (alex)
0001003Databasefeature requestLogging engineresolved (alex)
0001411Admin Interfacesbug reportExcessive escaping of error messages on configuration sectionresolved (alex)
0001410Email Templatesbug reportMissing e-mail events after upgraderesolved (alex)
0001408Data Managementbug reportUsage of mktime() function with no argumentsresolved (alex)
0001407Front Endbug reportAdditional parameters lost during FormManager redirectresolved (alex)
0001406Front Endbug reportViolation of one url = one resource seo rule on login/logoutresolved (alex)
0001405Front Endbug reportUrls with "&" are incorrectly parsedresolved (alex)
0001404Front Endbug reportMethod for getting section templateresolved (alex)
0001395Email Templatesbug reportToo aggressive line ending normalization in plain text e-mailsresolved (alex)
0001394Data Managementbug reportMultiple notices discovered while developing System Logresolved (alex)
0001386Data Managementbug reportIncorrect section/category physical template detectionresolved (alex)
0001393Admin Interfacesbug reportRandom "Requested ID for prefix <prefix> not passed" noticesresolved (alex)
0001392Front Endbug reportResizing non-uploaded image caused fatal errorresolved (alex)
0001391Data Managementbug reportExcessive file name change on file uploadresolved (alex)
0001390Data Managementbug reportUndefined $_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING'] when from "run_event.php"resolved (alex)
0001389Front Endbug reportTag c_ContentPageLink builds broken linkresolved (alex)
0001388Admin Interfacesbug reportBroken content mode when large z-index used in themeresolved (alex)
0001387Data Managementbug reportDebugger report is opened at wrong scroll positionresolved (alex)
0001385Admin Interfacesbug reportWrong grid filter for user's IP addressresolved (alex)
0001383Admin Interfacesbug reportIncorrect setting page saving detectionresolved (alex)
0001382Admin Interfacesbug reportError On Advanced Configuration Saveresolved (alex)
0001381DatabasetaskAdding more info to item validation error messageresolved (alex)
0001380Data Managementbug reportNotice on every page with debuggerresolved (alex)
0001378Front Endbug reportSequential user login attempts result in a noticeresolved (alex)
0001377Front Endbug reportNotice after user completes a login procedureresolved (alex)
0001376Data ManagementrefactoringSingle place for random code generationresolved (alex)
0001375Data Managementbug reportSession cookies are sent out from PHP CLIresolved (alex)
0001372Data Managementbug reportAdd function for creating DateTime class from timestamp in PHP 5.2.xresolved (alex)
0001373Data Managementbug reportClass kCurlHelper ignores GET parametersresolved (alex)
0001367Admin Interfacesbug reportIncorrect disabled toolbar button images in spritesresolved (alex)
0001370Front Endbug reportImage resize not working in some casesresolved (alex)
[56 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.3.0-B1 (Not Yet Released) View Issues ]
0001399Data Managementbug reportRemove "ItemSQLs" from unit configsresolved (alex)
0001433Front EndtaskPossibility of having 2 urls to a single pageresolved (alex)
0001436Securityfeature requestEncrypt cookie stored at clientresolved (alex)
0001435Securitybug reportGenerate random string at installresolved (alex)
0001442OptimizationtaskRemove "Compress Compiled PHP Templates" functionalityresolved (alex)
0001351Front Endfeature requestPre-resize image to speed up page loadingresolved (alex)
[6 issues]

In-Portal CMS - 5.2.1-B2 (Not Yet Released) View Issues ]
0001448Front Endbug reportUser object not available right after loginresolved (alex)
0001440Admin Interfacesbug reportHide "System Log" section for "Simple" presetresolved (alex)
0001446Data Managementbug reportUnable to upload CSV file on Grid import pageresolved (alex)
0001445Install / Upgragesfeature requestAutomate language pack export for deployment scriptresolved (alex)
0001441Optimizationbug reportSeparate Module Installation with Class Constants in Unit Configresolved (alex)
0001438Admin Interfacesbug reportWrong Window Title when Adding "Administrator" user in Adminresolved (alex)
0001444Admin Interfacesbug reportOnly one of multiple user selectors workresolved (alex)
0001443Data Managementbug reportUnable to create link to e-mail in CKEditorresolved (alex)
[8 issues]

Custom (Dev. Kit) - Change Log

Custom (Dev. Kit) - 1.0.0 (Released 2009-07-25) View Issues ]
0000138Otherbug reportCreate basic Development Kit classesclosed (Dmitry)
[1 issue]

Custom (Dev. Kit) - 1.0.1 (Released 2009-09-26) View Issues ]
0000153Install / Upgragesbug reportRemove Deprecated Elements from Repository and Distributionclosed (alex)
0000194Admin Interfacesbug reportMinor changes Site Configs for Projects setupclosed (Dmitry)
[2 issues]

Custom (Dev. Kit) - 1.0.2 (Released 2010-01-08) View Issues ]
0000355Front Endbug reportEmpty TemplatePath in Modules table (for this module)closed (Dmitry)
[1 issue]

Custom (Dev. Kit) - 1.0.2-B1 (Released 2009-10-20) View Issues ]
0000462Otherbug reportUpdate "Dummy" methods in Dev. Kitclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

Custom (Dev. Kit) - 1.0.2-RC1 (Released 2010-01-04) View Issues ]
0000527Otherbug reportMics. fixes to Clean up Dev. Kit before 1.0.2 releaseclosed (Dmitry)
[1 issue]

Custom (Dev. Kit) - 1.0.3-B1 (Released 2010-03-22) View Issues ]
0000542Admin Interfacesbug reportSet formatters for all checkbox type fieldsclosed (Dmitry)
[1 issue]

Custom (Dev. Kit) - 1.1.2-RC1 (Released 2011-03-22) View Issues ]
0001007OptimizationrefactoringMinimize number of Extended Units in Sections folderclosed (Dmitry)
0001008Admin InterfacesrefactoringUse Default Template parameters in Admin templatesclosed (alex)
[2 issues]

Custom (Dev. Kit) - 1.2.1-B1 (Released 2012-11-08) View Issues ]
0001403Admin Interfacesfeature requestInclude configuration section in default installationresolved (!COMMUNITY)
[1 issue]

In-Bulletin - Change Log

In-Bulletin - 5.1.0 (Released 2010-07-11) View Issues ]

Features + latest bug fixes

0000157Front Endfeature requestAbility to Preview Post before Submittingclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

In-Bulletin - 5.0.1 (Released 2009-09-26) View Issues ]

Bug fixes only

0000165Front Endbug reportPoll Voting won't work until one of Options is Clicked Onclosed (Dmitry)
0000177Data Managementbug reportMove Poll Images into separate sub-folder under "images/polls"closed (Dmitry)
0000155Front Endbug reportCan't modify/reply topic, always got redirected to topic details pageclosed (alex)
0000156Front Endbug reportCan't rate topicclosed (Dmitry)
[4 issues]

In-Bulletin - 5.0.0 (Released 2009-07-25) View Issues ]

First Open Source release

0000061Front Endbug reportCan't open topic details page.closed (alex)
0000132Data Managementbug reportPOST.ADD Email Event send on New Topic Creationclosed (Dmitry)
0000133Permissionsbug reportPermissions Check Failed on POST.REPLY and DELETE for Ownersclosed (Dmitry)
0000064Data Managementbug reportSQL Error, when pasting topics in catalogclosed (alex)
[4 issues]

In-Bulletin - 5.0.3-B1 (Released 2010-03-23) View Issues ]
0000544Admin Interfacesbug reportSet formatters for all checkbox type fieldsclosed (Dmitry)
[1 issue]

In-Bulletin - 5.0.4-B1 (Released 2010-05-11) View Issues ]
0000585Data Managementbug reportCalculated field "CategoryFilename" is missing for topics resulting additional database queries on topic listclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

In-Bulletin - 5.1.0-B2 (Released 2010-06-01) View Issues ]
0000755Front Endbug reportFatal error on "Has Voted" check for Pollsclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

In-Bulletin - 5.1.1-B1 (Released 2010-09-25) View Issues ]
0000837Admin Interfacesbug reportTitle field problem in poll answers unit configclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

In-Bulletin - 5.1.1-RC1 (Released 2010-11-05) View Issues ]
0000918Data Managementbug reportIssue with Atom RSS Importclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

In-Bulletin - 5.1.3-B1 (Released 2011-06-20) View Issues ]
0000907Front Endbug reportTag "bb-post_PosterField" doesn't work with custom fieldsclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

In-Bulletin - 5.1.3-RC1 (Released 2011-07-11) View Issues ]
0001066Front Endbug reportNon working poll comment anti-spam protectionclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

In-Bulletin - 5.2.0-B3 (Released 2012-04-11) View Issues ]
0001239Databasebug reportDeleting topic gives an sql errorclosed (alex)
0001248Data Managementfeature requestEmail Notifications about New Topic and New Postclosed (alex)
[2 issues]

In-Commerce - Change Log

In-Commerce - 5.1.0 (Released 2010-07-07) View Issues ]

Features + latest bug fixes

0000788Shipping Enginebug reportShipping quote engine small refactoringclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

In-Commerce - 5.0.1 (Released 2009-09-26) View Issues ]

Bug fixes only

0000029Data Managementbug reportFor each pending order one more incomplete order is created.closed (alex)
0000154Front Endbug reportAll fields on user registration form after placing order are emptyclosed (alex)
0000172Admin Interfacesbug reportHide "Points" field on Pricing tab until it's not usedclosed (Dmitry)
0000173Admin Interfacesbug reportSave button won't work on Add Product Optionsclosed (alex)
0000175Data Managementbug reportCan't Add New Coupons due to type validation failure in LastUsedById fieldclosed (Dmitry)
0000231Front Endbug reportCan't upload product image on Front-Endclosed (alex)
0000187Install / Upgragesfeature requestUpgrade script for 5.0.1 to clean up all "Incomplete Orders"closed (Dmitry)
0000293Admin Interfacesbug reportIncorrect date on new order creation results in database query errorclosed (alex)
0000298Admin Interfacesbug reportFatal error (in database query) on "Custom" tab during product editingclosed (alex)
0000299Admin Interfacesbug reportProduct editing tabs disappear, when I enter "Pricing" tab in product editingclosed (alex)
0000030Data Managementbug reportIncorrect order number formatting in order, when viewing in administrative console.closed (alex)
0000289Data Managementbug reportCan't Add Order in Admin Console via "Incomplete Orders"closed (alex)
[12 issues]

In-Commerce - 5.0.0 (Released 2009-07-25) View Issues ]

First Open Source release

0000023Front Endbug reportCoupon Code Error does NOT Clearclosed (Dmitry)
0000088Admin Interfacesbug reportBracket list header style is lost in all sectionsclosed (alex)
0000115Admin Interfacesbug reportMissing Products icon in Left-navigation Treeclosed (Dmitry)
0000142Data Managementbug reportOrder Temporarily table Dropped when doing Print Order in Adminclosed (alex)
[4 issues]

In-Commerce - 5.0.2 (Released 2010-01-08) View Issues ]

Bug fixes only

0000266Data Managementbug reportProduct name not shown on "Discount Items" tab during discount editingclosed (alex)
0000334Admin Interfacesbug reportChange discount group selection during discount adding/editingclosed (alex)
0000104OptimizationtaskUnify "Price" virtual field processingclosed (alex)
[3 issues]

In-Commerce - 5.0.2-B1 (Released 2009-10-20) View Issues ]
0000338Front Endbug reportAdditional products categories not savedclosed (alex)
0000346Data Managementbug reportWhen ID of missing product is passed, then warning is raised during permission checkingclosed (alex)
0000384Data Managementbug reportProduct copy/paste with options+option combination fail on incorrect database queryclosed (alex)
0000389Front Endbug reportLink "more ..." doesn't work in product categories sideboxclosed (alex)
0000328Admin Interfacesbug reportCan't add file to downloadable productclosed (alex)
[5 issues]

In-Commerce - 5.0.2-RC1 (Released 2010-01-05) View Issues ]
0000517Admin Interfacesbug reportOn Shipping Types grid Status field options are shown as numbersclosed (Dmitry)
0000533Admin Interfacesbug reportProblems during shipping zone editing in modal window modeclosed (alex)
[2 issues]

In-Commerce - 5.0.3-B1 (Released 2010-03-23) View Issues ]
0000557Data Managementbug reportWarning on shopping cart recalculationsclosed (alex)
0000532Data Managementbug reportDeprecated "OrdersItem::Load" method prevents order loading by non-id fieldclosed (alex)
0000552Data Managementbug reportTotal Order Amount (calculated field TotalAmount) is Rounded Twiceclosed (alex)
0000575Admin Interfacesbug reportPHP Warnings on Shipping Zone and Tax edit screensclosed (alex)
0000501Admin Interfacesbug reportTrailing toolbar separator, when editing multiple payment typesclosed (alex)
0000545Admin Interfacesbug reportSet formatters for all checkbox type fieldsclosed (alex)
0000531Payment Gatewaysfeature requestDefine additional constant to be able to identify how exactly processIdentification of payment gateway is calledclosed (alex)
0000613Front Endbug reportPayment type sorting is ignoredclosed (alex)
0000623Otherbug reportOpen access to Gateways Notification scripts by adding .HTACCESSclosed (Dmitry)
[9 issues]

In-Commerce - 5.0.3-B2 (Released 2010-04-06) View Issues ]
0000646Front Endbug reportDiscount info popup on shopping cart gives no permission errorclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

In-Commerce - 5.0.4-B1 (Released 2010-05-23) View Issues ]
0000659Front Endbug reportOrder thank you screen and session expiration problemclosed (alex)
0000582Data Managementbug reportWarning about missing "Type" field, when adding product to cartclosed (alex)
0000583Data Managementbug reportTags ord_ItemsInCart and ord_CartNotEmpty produce sql, even with no items in cartclosed (alex)
0000586Data Managementbug reportCalculated field "CategoryFilename" is missing for products resulting additional database queries on product listclosed (alex)
0000693Admin Interfacesbug reportOrder number not formatter in administrative consoleclosed (alex)
0000642Data Managementbug reportNotice about undefined field "File5" on product updateclosed (alex)
0000581Data Managementbug reportWrong calculation of HasRequiredOptions field resulting additional change log recordclosed (alex)
[7 issues]

In-Commerce - 5.0.4-B2 (Released 2010-06-09) View Issues ]
0000748Admin Interfacesbug reportMissing toolbar icons on "Edit Affiliate Plan -> Brackets" gridclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

In-Commerce - 5.1.0-RC1 (Released 2010-06-15) View Issues ]
0000766Payment Gatewaysbug reportIncorrect paths for In-Commerce & In-Auction gateway scriptsclosed (alex)
0000767Payment Gatewaysbug reportIssue with enabled "UseContentLanguageNegotiation" and Gateway notification scriptsclosed (alex)
[2 issues]

In-Commerce - 5.1.1-B1 (Released 2010-09-25) View Issues ]
0000789Shipping Enginebug reportSeveral warnings on order edit shipping tab, when shipping quote engines are usedclosed (alex)
0000790Shipping Enginebug reportFatal error, when changing shipping mode setting of orderclosed (alex)
0000610Admin Interfacesbug reportTitle preset missing on shipping zone edit screenclosed (alex)
0000660Front Endbug reportOrder's user could reset to Guest during payment gateway processingclosed (alex)
0000661Front Endbug reportPossible no permission error, while accessing shipping type details on Front-Endclosed (alex)
[5 issues]

In-Commerce - 5.2.0-B1 (Released 2012-01-18) View Issues ]
0001136Front Endbug reportProducts Comparisonclosed (alex)
0001127Payment Gatewaysbug reportChange error reporting in shopping cartclosed (alex)
0001144Install / Upgragesbug reportChecking Affiliate during installation cause sql errorclosed (alex)
0001166Email Templatesbug reportDon't send ORDER.DENY E-mail for Incomplete Ordersclosed (alex)
0001168Data Managementbug reportAffiliate user gets paid for non-affiliate orders from same payout periodclosed (alex)
0001174Front Endbug reportOrder shipping e-mail validation not workingclosed (alex)
0001175Shipping Enginebug reportInsurance Free not included into Shipping Cost on "Shipping" stepclosed (alex)
0000572Otherbug reportRefactor Currency Converter Classclosed (alex)
0001133Payment Gatewaysbug reportOne-step Checkoutclosed (Dmitry)
0001156Data Managementfeature requestKeeping Shopping Cart between Visitsclosed (alex)
0001033Data Managementfeature requestVAT Calculation and Invoicingclosed (alex)
0001137Payment Gatewaysbug reportAdd/Remove Product from Comparison Listclosed (alex)
0001195Front Endbug reportFatal error, when accessing order item on Front-endclosed (alex)
[13 issues]

In-Commerce - 5.2.0 (Released 2012-07-23) View Issues ]
0001335Email Templatesbug reportGift Certificate Sender Email Sent to Recepientclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

In-Commerce - 5.1.1-B2 (Released 2010-10-19) View Issues ]
0000871Shipping Enginetask3rd refactoring of Shipping Quote Engines related to USPSclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

In-Commerce - 5.1.1-RC1 (Released 2010-11-05) View Issues ]
0000908Data Managementbug reportFatal Error on Creating Couponclosed (alex)
0000917Data Managementbug reportFatal Error on Creating Discount and Affiliate Plan Itemsclosed (alex)
[2 issues]

In-Commerce - 5.1.2-B1 (Released 2011-01-11) View Issues ]
0000904Admin Interfacesbug reportUnable to remove added pricingclosed (alex)
0000905Data Managementbug reportCoupon cloning brokenclosed (alex)
[2 issues]

In-Commerce - 5.1.2-B2 (Released 2011-02-15) View Issues ]
0000970LocalizationtaskRename "Coupons & Discount" section in Adminclosed (alex)
0000986Data Managementbug reportJavascript Error on "Items" tab during order editing in Internet Explorerclosed (alex)
0000988Shipping Enginebug reportShipping Cost won't apply to Order Totals for International orderclosed (alex)
[3 issues]

In-Commerce - 5.1.3-B1 (Released 2011-06-20) View Issues ]
0001010Databasebug reportCheck all DECIMAL Database Fields for Correct Definitionsclosed (alex)
0001020Shipping Enginebug reportShipping type cloning fails when non "root" user is trying thatclosed (alex)
0001013Data Managementbug reportNew order number generator returns duplicate numbersclosed (alex)
[3 issues]

In-Commerce - 5.1.3 (Released 2011-09-18) View Issues ]
0001102Shipping Enginebug reportFatal error, when shipping is calculated for order with backorder productsclosed (alex)
0001110Data Managementbug reportAffiliate link preview is broken on both Front-End and Admin Consoleclosed (alex)
[2 issues]

In-Commerce - 5.1.3-B2 (Released 2011-06-29) View Issues ]
0000817Admin Interfacesbug reportOrder Tracking field unavailable on "To Ship" ordersclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

In-Commerce - 5.2.0-B2 (Released 2012-03-15) View Issues ]
0001126Front Endbug reportImplement Smart Filtersclosed (Dmitry)
0001130Payment Gatewaysbug reportPrice Filterclosed (alex)
0001193Front Endbug reportProduct option price is displayed as 0closed (alex)
[3 issues]

In-Commerce - 5.2.0-RC1 (Released 2012-06-11) View Issues ]
0001276Data ManagementtaskMake Payment Type fields Multilingualclosed (alex)
0001297Data Managementbug reportDuplicate NZD currencyclosed (alex)
0001305Front Endfeature requestSupport for alternative currency on per-record basisclosed (alex)
0001310Data Managementbug reportProduct isn't Saving on Updateclosed (alex)
[4 issues]

In-Commerce - 5.2.1-B1 (Released 2012-11-07) View Issues ]
0001422Data Managementbug reportCart Quantity Change Prevent Checkoutresolved (alex)
0001398Email Templatesbug reportEmail Sent Twice When Orderingresolved (alex)
[2 issues]

In-Commerce - 5.2.1-B2 (Not Yet Released) View Issues ]
0001447Payment Gatewaysbug reportProduct price change in Catalog breaks down all associated Reoccurring Ordersresolved (alex)
[1 issue]

In-Link - Change Log

In-Link - 5.0.0 (Released 2009-07-25) View Issues ]

First Open Source release

0000009Data Managementfeature requestAdmin: Duplicate Link Checkerclosed (alex)
0000146Data Managementbug reportGot database query error when visiting "Link Validation" sectionclosed (alex)
[2 issues]

In-Link - 5.0.2 (Released 2010-01-08) View Issues ]

Bug fixes only

0000356Front Endbug report"Request Information" form is broken on link detail pageclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

In-Link - 5.0.2-RC1 (Released 2010-01-04) View Issues ]
0000516Localizationbug reportFatal Error after New Link Suggestionclosed (Dmitry)
[1 issue]

In-Link - 5.0.3-B1 (Released 2010-03-23) View Issues ]
0000546Admin Interfacesbug reportSet formatters for all checkbox type fieldsclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

In-Link - 5.0.4-B1 (Released 2010-05-25) View Issues ]
0000728Admin Interfacesbug reportUnable to upload "*.txt" files on "Files" tab during Link editingclosed (alex)
0000603Data Managementbug reportSearch settings for link custom fields are missing after installingclosed (alex)
[2 issues]

In-Link - 5.2.0-B1 (Released 2012-01-17) View Issues ]
0001157Front Endbug reportParameter "Field" is ignored in <inp2:l_FollowLocation field="Url"/> tagclosed (alex)
0001182Data Managementbug reportAutomatic Link Approval/Denial based on Reciprocal Link statusclosed (alex)
[2 issues]

In-Link - 5.2.0 (Released 2012-07-23) View Issues ]
0001359Databasebug reportSql error, when filtering by validation status in link validation listclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

In-Link - 5.1.1-RC1 (Released 2010-11-05) View Issues ]
0000910Data Managementbug reportFatal error when Modifying Pending Link on Front-endclosed (alex)
0000919Localizationbug reportMissing "la_tab_ValidatingLinks" labelclosed (alex)
[2 issues]

In-News - Change Log

In-News - 5.0.0 (Released 2009-07-25) View Issues ]

First Open Source release

0000086Front Endbug reportRSS Feed template is brokenclosed (Dmitry)
[1 issue]

In-News - 5.0.2-B1 (Released 2009-10-20) View Issues ]
0000339Data Managementbug reportRSS Import Don't workclosed (alex)
0000414Data Managementbug reportRSS feeds from google groups are not importedclosed (alex)
[2 issues]

In-News - 5.0.3-B1 (Released 2010-03-23) View Issues ]
0000547Admin Interfacesbug reportSet formatters for all checkbox type fieldsclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

In-News - 5.2.0-B1 (Released 2012-01-17) View Issues ]
0001148Data Managementbug reportGenerating article excerpt from article body not workingclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

Advanced - Change Log

Advanced - 1.0.0-B1 (Released 2009-12-22) View Issues ]
0000460Generalbug reportRemove Debug output "Nothing found" on My Account pageclosed (alex)
0000468Generalbug reportEmpty Sidebar element with Polls is displayedclosed (Dmitry)
[2 issues]

Advanced - 1.0.0-RC1 (Released 2010-01-04) View Issues ]
0000521Generalbug reportMinor Fix in Installation Dataclosed (Dmitry)
0000526Generalbug reportMinor changes in English Language packclosed (Dmitry)
[2 issues]

Advanced - 1.0.1-B1 (Released 2010-03-23) View Issues ]
0000474Generalbug reportItem (link, article, poll, etc.) delete links not working in mod-rewrite modeclosed (alex)
0000567Generalbug reportAnalytics Tracking code Tag is Missingclosed (Dmitry)
[2 issues]

Advanced - 1.1.0 (Released 2010-07-07) View Issues ]
0000770Generalbug reportSetting "Require SSL for login & checkout" doesn't work for "login" in advanced themeclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

Advanced - 1.0.1-B2 (Released 2010-03-30) View Issues ]
0000678Generalbug reportJS output in HTML Title when browsing Sections generated from Templates in "Content Mode"closed (Dmitry)
0000688Generalbug reportCheck and Remove "StylesheetFile" tag in all Themesclosed (Dmitry)
[2 issues]

Advanced - 1.0.2-B1 (Released 2010-05-23) View Issues ]
0000431Generalbug reportLink "Edit Options" doesn't work in Shopping Cartclosed (alex)
0000673GeneraltaskDisplaying Full Category Path in Suggestion Formclosed (alex)
0000729Generalbug reportGoogle maps JS doesn't load on Link Details templateclosed (alex)
0000732Generalbug reportDuplicate Tracking Code in "Default_Design"closed (alex)
[4 issues]

Advanced - 1.0.2-B2 (Released 2010-05-31) View Issues ]
0000754Generalbug reportCheck for "Require Login" to Vote in Poll side-box failsclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

Advanced - 1.1.1-B1 (Released 2010-08-29) View Issues ]
0000802Generalbug reportJs Error on link suggest pageclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

Advanced - 1.1.1 (Released 2010-11-14) View Issues ]
0000923Generalbug reportRedirect to Poll Comments List isn't working after submitting a Commentclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

Advanced - 1.1.1-B2 (Released 2010-10-19) View Issues ]
0000094Generalbug reportSuggest Category feature partially brokenclosed (alex)
0000887Localizationbug reportMove "lu_section_Files" label from In-Commerce to In-Portalclosed (alex)
0000888Generalbug reportReferring to Incorrect Template on Topic Details pageclosed (alex)
[3 issues]

Advanced - 1.1.2-B1 (Released 2011-01-11) View Issues ]
0000934Localizationbug reportMissing Phrase for In-Commerce Multicards Gatewayclosed (alex)
0000942Generalbug reportFatal Error on Article Details page due to incorrect Unit Prefixclosed (!COMMUNITY)
[2 issues]

Advanced - 1.1.2-B2 (Released 2011-02-15) View Issues ]
0000997GeneraltaskIncorrect location of "favicon.ico" fileclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

Advanced - 1.2.0-RC1 (Released 2012-06-11) View Issues ]
0001294Generalbug reportPagination not working in category search resultsclosed (alex)
0001121Generalbug reportModify Confirmation Phraseclosed (alex)
0001312Front Endbug reportCATEGORY.VIEW permission is not checked in templatesclosed (alex)
[3 issues]

Advanced - 1.2.1-B1 (Released 2012-11-07) View Issues ]
0001428Generalbug reportDisplaying wrong product name in shopping cartresolved (alex)
0001415Generalbug reportTypo Error in Link Enhancement Templates Navigation Barresolved (alex)
0001384GeneraltaskMake use of FormManagerresolved (alex)
[3 issues]

Default - Change Log

Default - 5.0.0-B1 (Released 2009-12-22) View Issues ]
0000410Front EndtaskNew Default Theme for In-Portal CMSclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

Default - 5.0.0-RC1 (Released 2010-01-06) View Issues ]
0000465Generalbug reportTemplate "Redirect" is missing in "Default" themeclosed (Dmitry)
0000510Generalbug reportIncorrect ParentPath in CMS Menu Elements right after Installationclosed (alex)
0000524Generalbug reportMissing Meta Dataclosed (Dmitry)
0000534Generalbug reportHardcoded design templates are used in "default" theme demo data fileclosed (alex)
[4 issues]

Default - 5.0.1-B1 (Released 2010-03-23) View Issues ]
0000569Generalbug reportDifferent Tag for Analytics Tracking codeclosed (Dmitry)
[1 issue]

Default - 5.0.1 (Released 2010-04-27) View Issues ]
0000718Generalbug reportMinor issue in CSS for Top Menu imageclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

Default - 5.1.1-B1 (Released 2010-09-18) View Issues ]
0000867Install / Upgragesbug reportFatal Error on Installation of Demo dataclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

Default - 5.1.2-B2 (Released 2011-02-15) View Issues ]
0000998Generalbug reportIncorrect location of "favicon.ico" fileclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

Default - 5.2.0-B3 (Released 2012-04-11) View Issues ]
0001251Install / Upgragesbug reportSQL Errors on Demo Content insertion during Installationclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

Electronics - Change Log

Electronics - 1.0.0-B1 (Not Yet Released) View Issues ]
0000639GeneraltaskAdding Files to Repositoryclosed (Dmitry)
[1 issue]

Modern-Store - Change Log

Modern-Store - 1.0.0-B1 (Not Yet Released) View Issues ]
0001139Generalbug reportAjax-based shopping cartresolved (!COMMUNITY)
[1 issue]

Onlinestore - Change Log

Onlinestore - 1.0.0-B1 (Released 2009-12-22) View Issues ]
0000467Generalbug reportMinor Language Pack and Template Correctionsclosed (Dmitry)
[1 issue]

Onlinestore - 1.0.1-B1 (Released 2010-03-23) View Issues ]
0000568Generalbug reportAnalytics Tracking code Tag is Missingclosed (Dmitry)
[1 issue]

Onlinestore - 1.0.2-B1 (Released 2010-04-14) View Issues ]
0000432Generalbug reportLink "Edit Options" doesn't work in Shopping Cartclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

Simple - Change Log

Simple - 1.0.0-B1 (Released 2009-12-22) View Issues ]
0000466Generalbug reportTemplate "Redirect" is missing in "Simple" themeclosed (Dmitry)
[1 issue]

Simple - 1.0.0-RC1 (Released 2010-01-04) View Issues ]
0000522Generalbug reportMinor Fix in Installation Dataclosed (Dmitry)
0000525Generalbug reportMissing default Meta Data tagsclosed (Dmitry)
0000538Generalbug reportAdding Demo pagesclosed (Dmitry)
[3 issues]

Simple - 1.0.1-B1 (Released 2010-03-23) View Issues ]
0000570Generalbug reportDifferent Tag for Analytics Tracking codeclosed (Dmitry)
[1 issue]

Simple - 1.1.1-B1 (Released 2010-09-18) View Issues ]
0000868Install / Upgragesbug reportFatal Error on Installation of Demo dataclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

Simple - 1.1.2-B2 (Released 2011-02-15) View Issues ]
0000999Generalbug reportIncorrect location of "favicon.ico" fileclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

Simple - 1.2.0-B3 (Released 2012-04-11) View Issues ]
0001252Install / Upgragesbug reportSQL Errors on Demo Content insertion during Installationclosed (alex)
[1 issue]

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