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In-Portal CMS - Change Log

In-Portal CMS - 5.0.0 (Released 2009-07-25) View Issues ]

First Open Source release

0000031Data Managementbug reportConvert FCK "Internal Link Pointers" to Real URLsclosed (alex)
0000092Front Endbug reportMissing top menu when JavaScript is disabled.closed (alex)
0000090Front Endbug reportSitemap Template is Brokenclosed (alex)
0000015Admin Interfacesfeature requestSaving "Movable Blocks" in Layout Modeclosed (alex)
0000053Front Endbug reportMod-rewrite partially brokenclosed (Dmitry)
0000124OptimizationtaskImprove database interaction codeclosed (alex)
0000037OptimizationtaskSimplify code of kSearchHelper::getSearchClause methodclosed (alex)
0000062OptimizationtaskRemove depricated mod-rewrite partsclosed (alex)
0000007Admin Interfacesbug reportSwitching between Catalog / Show All gridsclosed (alex)
0000008Admin Interfacesfeature requestLimiting "Form Creator" to DBG Modeclosed (alex)
0000033Admin Interfacesbug report"Loading..." element while Edit Item form is loadingclosed (alex)
0000035Admin Interfacesfeature requestMinor Adjustments to Catalog Gridsclosed (alex)
0000038Admin Interfacesbug reportFCK Editor and Internal Stylesclosed (Dmitry)
0000041Databasebug reportUser IP in UserSession table have value "" sometimesclosed (alex)
0000060Admin Interfacesbug reportFolder ".svn" is added as new theme, but it should not.closed (alex)
0000070Admin Interfacesbug reportFCKEditor integration fixesclosed (alex)
0000078Front Endfeature requestMake Custom Fields Searchableclosed (alex)
0000042Front Endbug reportVertical scrollbar, when content block edit window is opened on Front-Endclosed (alex)
0000079Front Endfeature requestImprovements to Image uploads on Add / Edit Itemclosed (alex)
0000080Front Endfeature requestImprovements to Multi-lingual text fields on Add/Edit formsclosed (alex)
0000083Admin Interfacesfeature requestAbility to enter sql queries and phrases as custom field optionsclosed (alex)
0000085Front Endbug reportSuggest Category adds it to menuclosed (Dmitry)
0000089Securitybug reportSession expiration doesn't happen in adminclosed (alex)
0000093Front Endbug reportTag <inp2:c_Field ../> returns incorrect info.closed (alex)
0000102Localizationbug reportUpgrades in English Language Packclosed (alex)
0000050Admin Interfacesbug reportImprovements of CheckSimultaneousEdit functionalityclosed (alex)
0000051Admin Interfacesbug reportImprovements to Duplicate Submit checksclosed (alex)
0000099Admin Interfacesbug reportCategory Name not shown in List and Other pagesclosed (alex)
0000108Front Endfeature requestAdd "multiple" option to possible field options, when kOptionsFormatter is used (helps in search queries)closed (alex)
0000111Front Endbug reportDefault link/product image is not resizedclosed (alex)
0000112Admin Interfacesfeature requestAbility to remove swfuploader objectclosed (alex)
0000117Databasebug reportExtra SQLs for Locale Selectionclosed (alex)
0000120Admin Interfacesfeature requestAbility to change current language from templateclosed (alex)
0000122Admin Interfacesbug reportJavaScript warning related to "related.parentNode", when selecting data in date pickerclosed (alex)
0000123Data Managementbug reportUpload formatter option "direct_links" is ignored in "inp_edit_swf_upload" blockclosed (alex)
0000126Admin Interfacesfeature requestAdd ability to hook to all events of given prefix in javascriptclosed (alex)
0000127Data Managementfeature requestAdd jQuery-style "each" function Grid and Array classesclosed (alex)
0000028Front Endfeature requestAdd crop ability to ImageHelper classclosed (alex)
0000052Data Managementbug reportPreventing Data loss from Temporarily tablesclosed (alex)
0000091Front Endbug reportAll top module categories have same icon in menu.closed (Dmitry)
0000096Admin Interfacesfeature requestModal Windows and Pop-ups Editing Interfacesclosed (alex)
0000125Optimizationbug reportJavascript cycle "for (index in array)" is used for arrays - replace with normal "for (index = 0; i < array.length; i++)"closed (alex)
0000128Admin Interfacesfeature requestAdd event, that is called when grid page is changedclosed (alex)
0000129Template Systemfeature requestMisc NParser additionsclosed (alex)
0000130Front Endfeature requestAbility to work with BMP image filesclosed (alex)
0000131Front Endfeature requestAbility to fill margins left after image resize with given colorclosed (alex)
0000024Admin Interfacesfeature requestAdvanced Site Configurator: Create Unit Configsclosed (alex)
0000105Localizationbug reportLanguage pack cleanup - get rid of "la_fld_*Id" phrasesclosed (Dmitry)
0000134Localizationfeature requestAdd "Wiki" Url to Language pack Export/Import parametersclosed (alex)
0000135Otherfeature requestCreate LICENSE, README, CREDITS files for all modulesclosed (alex)
0000136Front Endfeature requestAdd basic "robots.txt" file to exclude system/php folders from Spidering/Indexingclosed (Dmitry)
0000145Documentationbug reportRemove Deprecated "module_help/" folders from all Modulesclosed (Dmitry)
0000147Install / Upgragesfeature requestDefault "config.php-dist" under Toolsclosed (Dmitry)
0000148Front Endbug reportRemove "default2007" theme, because it's not compatible with this releaseclosed (alex)
0000017Securitybug reportSession Expiration check for Ajax requestsclosed (alex)
0000022Admin InterfacestaskCheck and Consolidate "Config Settings"closed (alex)
0000119Front Endbug reportIn mod-rewrite mode __default__ template not replaced for item with 0 idclosed (alex)
0000121Front Endbug reportTag "st_ContentBlock" doesn't set DataExists markclosed (alex)
0000137Admin Interfacesbug reportSection Title in Catalog and HTML Title contain HTMLclosed (alex)
0000067Admin Interfacesbug reportLast visited section lost, when language is changedclosed (alex)
0000084Data Managementbug reportDuplicate records in SearchConfig table for custom fieldsclosed (alex)
0000110Admin Interfacesbug reportRequest variable "skip_last_template" has no affect, when placed after tags, that can perform redirectclosed (alex)
0000113Admin Interfacesfeature requestFCKEditor behavior, when ENTER is pressedclosed (alex)
0000118Data Managementbug reportStrict errors are written to silent log (doesn't respect DBG_IGNORE_STRICT_ERRORS setting)closed (alex)
0000005Admin Interfacesbug reportIssue with Copy/Paste into FCK in Edit Blocksclosed (alex)
0000006Admin Interfacesbug reportLeft Tree with Sections Fails to Updateclosed (alex)
0000025Securitybug reportNon-root user can't use copy/cut/paste buttons in catalog.closed (alex)
0000032Data Managementbug reportSQL Error when using FCKEditor to edit textarea dataclosed (alex)
0000036Admin Interfacesbug reportDuplicate category shown at the bottom in tree frame.closed (alex)
0000059Front Endbug reportIn mod-rewrite mode "undefined" page is always queried from somewhereclosed (alex)
0000144Otherbug reportFatal on Step 3 for CSV Import for Links, Articles, Productsclosed (alex)
0000109Data Managementbug reportError in database query syntax, when table aliases are used in "option_key_field" or "option_title_field" field optionsclosed (alex)
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