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In-Portal CMS - 5.1.1-B2 (Released 2010-10-19) View Issues ]
0000873Data Managementbug reportSection Virtual and Protected modes can't be set during Theme scanclosed (alex)
0000874Admin Interfacesbug reportFrame in Frame issue in Admin Consoleclosed (alex)
0000876Front Endbug reportTag "HasPermission" can result in sql fatal error in some casesclosed (alex)
0000877Caching Systemfeature requestSingle Cache Serial-key for Developers on the same Serverclosed (alex)
0000878Template Systembug reportTemplate compression on PHP4 produces a lot of warning messagesclosed (alex)
0000880Front Endbug reportCategory-based permission check not working on Home Pageclosed (alex)
0000882Caching Systembug reportMemcache issuesclosed (alex)
0000884Caching Systembug reportFatal error "Method name must be a string" on home page after Memcached server restartclosed (alex)
0000885Front Endbug reportAdditional images of category items are not displayed (with memory caching enabled)closed (alex)
0000886Data Managementbug reportInfinite loop during category permission cache updateclosed (alex)
0000889Data Managementbug reportAlways getting "invalid certificate" error, when using kCurlHelper on https urlsclosed (alex)
0000890Data Managementbug reportEvent "OnAfterItemDelete" isn't called, when cateogry item is delted to "Recycle Bin"closed (alex)
0000891Caching Systembug reportPrice of "Downloadable Product" is never saved, while Memcache is enabledclosed (alex)
0000892Data Managementbug reportMethod "kXMLHelper::GetXML" produces broken XMLclosed (alex)
0000893Front Endbug reportUnable to suggest any item (link, article, topic)closed (alex)
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