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In-Portal CMS - Change Log

In-Portal CMS - 5.2.0-RC1 (Released 2012-06-12) View Issues ]
0001259OptimizationtaskReplace "unhtmlentities" with PHP native "htmlspecialchars_decode" methodclosed (alex)
0001262Admin Interfacesbug reportBroken Toolbar buttonsclosed (alex)
0001264Admin Interfacesbug reportContent Revision toolbar in Content Mode goes away during page scrollclosed (alex)
0001265Front Endbug reportNotice, when displaying a content block with internal linksclosed (alex)
0001260Caching Systembug reportBroken URL Caching Mechanisms with Memcache disabledclosed (alex)
0001263Admin Interfacesbug reportUpgrade to CKEditor 3.6.2 & CKFinder 2.2.1closed (alex)
0001266Admin Interfacesbug reportSpecial Characters in Website Name break Admin Menuclosed (alex)
0001267Admin InterfacestaskMaking "Simple Interface Preset" more developers friendlyclosed (alex)
0001268Front Endbug reportEase of editing Content Blocksclosed (alex)
0001269Front Endbug reportEmpty language dropdown on "My Profile" page (in "advanced" theme)closed (alex)
0001271RefactoringtaskSharing code for automatic quantity based phrase label detectionclosed (alex)
0001272Databasebug reportExtra 8 sqls on each page loadclosed (alex)
0001273Localizationbug reportPrimary e-mail event design (former footer) always used instead of design on correct languageclosed (alex)
0001274Admin Interfacesbug reportMultiple issues with Content Revision Trackingclosed (alex)
0001278Data Managementbug reportHTML not escaped in Deployment script outputclosed (alex)
0001281Admin Interfacesbug reportMissing "icon46_site.png" iconclosed (alex)
0001282Admin Interfacesbug reportParent section title not shown above the listclosed (alex)
0001283Data Managementbug reportProblems with using Curl follow location feature in safe_mode or when open_basedir is enabledclosed (alex)
0001284Databasebug reportNotice about incorrect "current" function usage in kDBConnection classclosed (alex)
0001286Admin Interfacesbug reportCKEditor/FCKEditor not loading, when website is deployed on liveclosed (alex)
0001287Front Endbug reportSQL error, when trying to add new sub-item from Browse Modeclosed (alex)
0001288Optimizationfeature requestImprovements to rewrite listenersclosed (alex)
0001289Front Endbug reportIncorrect link are build from cronclosed (alex)
0001291Front Endbug reportUploaded files with "&" in name are showingclosed (alex)
0001292Front Endfeature requestSorting already uploaded filesclosed (alex)
0001270Localizationbug reportMultiple language import failsclosed (alex)
0001275Data Managementbug reportUser can't Subscribe to Newsletterclosed (alex)
0001277Admin Interfacesbug report"TypeError" Javascript error cased by getFrame in Adminclosed (alex)
0001279Front Endfeature requestImprove Mod-Rewrite URL Parser to Support GET paramsclosed (alex)
0001280Mailing SystemtaskRemove Misused <inp2:m_BaseURL/> tag in E-mail Event Translationsclosed (alex)
0001285Localizationbug reportPhrase "la_fld_PageContentTitle" has wrong translationclosed (alex)
0001290Front Endfeature requestMinor Improvements to Promo Blocksclosed (alex)
0001293Front Endbug reportUnable to change sorting in search resultsclosed (alex)
0001295Front EndrefactoringImprovements to FormManager JavaScript classclosed (alex)
0001296Install / Upgragesbug reportWrong Path Saved with Root Domain Installationclosed (alex)
0001298Front Endbug reportUseless "&index_file=index.php" in shortcut links in "Structure & Data"closed (alex)
0001299Front Endbug reportReturn "/index.html" back to homepage url in non-default theme/languageclosed (alex)
0001300Front Endbug reportCross-theme links produce incorrect urlsclosed (alex)
0001301Email Templatesbug reportMissing e-mail event type in E-mail Logclosed (alex)
0001302Template Systembug reportParameters js_escape, html_escape, strip_nl, trim are ignored by <inp2:m_include .../> tagclosed (alex)
0001303Front Endbug reportTag <inp2:m_Base_Ref/> adds // at resulting urlclosed (alex)
0001304Otherbug reportParameters "use_section" and "pass_category" are ignored by m_RequireLogin tag in mod-rewriteclosed (alex)
0001306Front Endfeature requestUsing FirePHP within In-Portalclosed (alex)
0001307Mailing Systembug reportIn-Portal Tags Stripped during HTML-to-Plain text Conversionclosed (alex)
0001308Admin Interfacesbug reportMissing "Display to Public" in Simple Presetclosed (alex)
0001309Data Managementbug reportIncorrect behavior of "has_sub_menu" param in CachedMenuclosed (alex)
0001311Data Managementbug reportWrong domain used in direct access linksclosed (alex)
0001320OptimizationtaskImproving page detection sqlclosed (alex)
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