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In-Portal CMS - Change Log

In-Portal CMS - 5.1.2-B1 (Released 2011-01-11) View Issues ]
0000823Permissionsbug reportUser primary group isn't correctly set in session after it's loginclosed (alex)
0000941Admin Interfacesbug reportImpossible to Subscribe to Newsletterclosed (alex)
0000870Admin Interfacesbug reportQueuing events to uploader fails, when flash object isn't yet loadedclosed (alex)
0000284Securitybug reportOnly 1 of 5 ban rule types is implementedclosed (alex)
0000450Admin Interfacesbug reportNo Vertical scrolling in File Browser in FCKEditorclosed (alex)
0000822Template Systembug reportEmail event translation not being validated before savingclosed (alex)
0000946Data Managementbug reportMissing Temp mode indicator in "form_submissions_config.php"closed (alex)
0000345Databasebug reportTable "IgnoreKeywords" is unusedclosed (alex)
0000731Admin Interfacesbug reportIssue with opening Import Data section in Adminclosed (alex)
0000872Databasebug reportRemove deprecated "EmailSubscribers" tableclosed (alex)
0000924Otherbug reportGPL License is missing in some PHP filesclosed (alex)
0000723Install / Upgragesbug reportSkip Domain name Validation for GPL licenseclosed (alex)
0000945Install / Upgragesbug reportRemove "Use existing In-Portal installation in this Database" option during Re-installclosed (alex)
0000687Front Endbug reportAll Sub-menu Items appear as "current" when expanded Site Menu is printedclosed (alex)
0000848Databasebug reportCopying missing translatable data when Primary language is changedclosed (alex)
0000937Data Managementbug reportIssues with Exporting Category Itemsclosed (alex)
0000938Databasebug reportGeneration of COUNT SQL Fails with DISTINCT in sub-queryclosed (alex)
0000943Otherbug reportMinor Issue with generating JS/CSS compressed filesclosed (alex)
0000629Data Managementbug reportCan't use custom Input Date/Time format for fieldsclosed (alex)
0000741Admin Interfacesbug reportCreate some toolbar button initially as disabledclosed (alex)
0000881Front Endbug reportDate custom field also shows timeclosed (alex)
0000922Front Endbug reportRedirects during AJAX requests in debug mode are not processedclosed (alex)
0000927Admin Interfacesbug reportIncorrect record numbering in SimpleGrid classclosed (alex)
0000928Admin Interfacesbug reportRemove forced sorting for Catalog Items in Adminclosed (alex)
0000930Data ManagementtaskDon't create session in admin console, until admin has logged-inclosed (alex)
0000936Front Endbug reportUser avatar isn't preloaded on public profile templateclosed (alex)
0000958Admin Interfacesbug reportEditing language on section edit form don't change on primary language changeclosed (alex)
0000959Admin Interfacesbug reportMinor 404 errors in Admin in web-server log due to List Arrow imagesclosed (alex)
0000710Admin Interfacesbug reportCheck all Sub-Item Edit templates and place Prev/Next buttons on themclosed (alex)
0000843Admin Interfacesbug reportUser login isn't escaped in user selectorclosed (alex)
0000844Admin Interfacesbug reportLarge numbers (over 1 million) are not properly parsed in javascriptclosed (alex)
0000846Install / Upgragesbug reportSeveral notices about undefined constants during installationclosed (alex)
0000860Admin Interfacesbug reportBlock "inp_edit_filler" is missing on language editing formclosed (alex)
0000933Otherbug reportPhrases & Code Clean-up in 5.1.2closed (alex)
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