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In-Portal CMS - Change Log

In-Portal CMS - 5.0.3-B1 (Released 2010-03-23) View Issues ]
0000451Template Systembug reportNew Phrase Translation on the Front end needs adjustmentsclosed (alex)
0000539Front Endbug reportIncorrect rewrite listener processing orderclosed (alex)
0000478Front Endbug reportBMP files are not ignored during url processingclosed (alex)
0000480Front Endbug reportFixes to "first_chars" / "cut_first" parametersclosed (alex)
0000540Data Managementbug reportUsers are NOT shown on User Grid in Admin if Expired from their Primary groupclosed (Dmitry)
0000556Template Systembug reportTag m_SetParam doesn't evaluate it's valuesclosed (alex)
0000565Otherbug reportPort, specified in url is not processed by systemclosed (alex)
0000571Otherbug reportIssue with ModRewrite in PHP4 due to improper Reference to kModRewriteHelper objectclosed (alex)
0000578Data Managementbug reportForeign key update problem in temp handlerclosed (alex)
0000458Data Managementbug reportScale image quality setting is incorrect for PNG imagesclosed (alex)
0000479Admin Interfacesbug reportAll user editing tabs disappear after visiting "Items" tabclosed (Dmitry)
0000496Data Managementbug reportError in number formatting in case if thousands separator not specifiedclosed (alex)
0000497Admin Interfacesbug reportGrid name isn't taken into account, when saving column positions in gridclosed (alex)
0000503Data Managementbug reportUnable to create new language as copy of other languageclosed (Dmitry)
0000504Data Managementbug reportTag st_CachedMenu doesn't work when system has more then 5 languagesclosed (alex)
0000549Admin Interfacesbug reportMultilingual column values in grid are always shown on primary languageclosed (alex)
0000551Template Systembug reportDatabase Connection object missing in TemplatesCache classclosed (Dmitry)
0000559Admin Interfacesbug reportIcon for "Website & Content" in Admin is Wider and pushes the section titleclosed (Dmitry)
0000560Admin Interfacesbug reportIncorrect value in columns in multiple languagesclosed (alex)
0000574Otherbug reportUrl Parameter "pass_events" is not stripped from Url after being Processedclosed (alex)
0000433Template Systembug reportTag MoreLink doesn't work, when pagination is displayed before listclosed (alex)
0000452Otherbug reportCSV Export fails to send prepared File when it's name (without extension) will end with one of this symbols: ".", "c", "s", "v"closed (Dmitry)
0000553Data Managementbug reportEmpty CategoryId in Item object after it's Createdclosed (Dmitry)
0000558Admin Interfacesbug reportSearch buttons Wraps in Grid Toolbarclosed (Dmitry)
0000561Admin Interfacesbug reportParameter "format" is ignored by "inp_edit_fck" blockclosed (alex)
0000563Admin Interfacesbug reportToolbar button phrase translation doesn't workclosed (alex)
0000564Admin Interfacesbug reportParameter "hint_label" isn't processed by "inp_edit_textarea" blockclosed (alex)
0000577Databasebug reportMissing INDEX on ACL field in PermCache tableclosed (Dmitry)
0000615Admin Interfacesbug reportMissing "icon24_help.png" iconclosed (Dmitry)
0000358Front Endbug reportProcessing of "_ses_redirect" template in "u:processLoginRedirect" methodclosed (alex)
0000448Data Managementbug reportCategory item Images are not Resized when Thumbnail and Fullsize are usedclosed (alex)
0000476Data Managementbug reportGot no permission error, when I was trying to delete form submissionclosed (alex)
0000498Admin Interfacesbug reportParameter "grid_filters" is ignored during grid renderingclosed (alex)
0000506Data Managementbug reportkDateFormatter class error reporting problemsclosed (alex)
0000273OptimizationtaskGet rid of ereg* functions usage, because they are slow and are deprecated since PHP 5.3closed (alex)
0000529Data Managementbug reportUnable to login when, when IIS compatibility option is used in non-debug modeclosed (alex)
0000554Admin Interfacesbug reportFCKEditor doesn't show in Firefox 3.6, that was released few days agoclosed (alex)
0000618Front Endbug reportSSL Redirect without eventsclosed (alex)
0000057Admin Interfacesbug reportSet formatters for all checkbox type fieldsclosed (alex)
0000500Data Managementbug reportOnAfterConfigRead event is executed several times for one prefixclosed (alex)
0000507Data Managementbug reportTime without date won't get validated, when kDateFormatter is usedclosed (alex)
0000566Front Endbug reportDon't include tracking code during site content editing in browse modesclosed (alex)
0000635Localizationbug reportChanges in English language pack in 5.0.3closed (alex)
0000442Otherbug reportOnAfterConfigRead doesn't execute for dynamically Cloned Configsclosed (alex)
0000555Admin Interfacesbug reportColumn selector (picker) doesn't remember multilingual column positionclosed (alex)
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