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Features + latest bug fixes

0000580Data Managementbug reportIssues with change log sectionclosed (Dmitry)
0000758Install / UpgragestaskPrepare 5.1.0 releaseclosed
0000244OptimizationtaskCreate new "Helper" to parse Email Bodyclosed (!COMMUNITY)
0000357Data Managementbug reportForm modification detector (it's php part) works strangeclosed (alex)
0000781Install / Upgragesbug reportUpgrade from 5.1.0-B2 to 5.1.0-RC1 failsclosed (alex)
0000782Data Managementbug reportOriginal fields are set in incorrect place after item creationclosed (alex)
0000783Install / Upgragesbug reportPHP Backwards compatibility issue in Installation scriptclosed (alex)
0000791Admin Interfacesbug reportShow All link isn't functional in Catalog Item Selector in Adminclosed (alex)
0000792Admin Interfacesbug reportColumn Picker isn't returning to Catalog Item Selector after column changesclosed (alex)
0000793Admin Interfacesbug reportBroken user selectorclosed (alex)
0000794Data Managementbug reportMinor tune-up for "Improvements to Form Submissions" functionalityclosed (alex)
0000784Data ManagementtaskAddition to Communication in Form Submission featureclosed (alex)
0000795Admin Interfacesbug reportIssues with Pagination on Form Submissions gridclosed (alex)
0000796Data Managementbug reportCategory permissions sometimes are not savedclosed (alex)
0000240OptimizationtaskSWFUploader in administrative consoleclosed
0000664Install / UpgragestaskDon't ask user to make "themes/" folder writable upon installationclosed
0000048Securitybug reportCookies are Set in non-SSL mode for SSL connectionsclosed (Dmitry)
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