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In-Portal CMS - Change Log

In-Portal CMS - 5.1.3-B1 (Released 2011-06-20) View Issues ]
0001036Admin Interfacesbug reportApproving/Declining a category produces notice, when In-News isn't installedclosed (alex)
0001037OptimizationtaskDon't create image/file virtual fields for category items, while in Admin Consoleclosed (alex)
0001051Admin Interfacesbug reportProblems with using TAB on editing forms in Admin Consoleclosed (alex)
0000962Data Managementbug reportI've got some warnings, when CURL requests are made from CRONclosed (alex)
0000992Front Endbug reportParameter "debug" in url is ignored during <inp2:m_XMLTemplate .../> tag usageclosed (alex)
0000993Data Managementbug reportUnable to login to Admin Console, when web-server is installed on non-default portclosed (alex)
0001014Databasebug reportUnable to select user, that has ' in it's usernameclosed (alex)
0000044Data Managementbug report"Files" are NOT Deleted when Editing Sub-Itemsclosed (alex)
0000952Permissionsbug reportIncorrect permission checked by "adm_ListTabs" tagclosed (alex)
0000954Data Managementbug reportWarning about missing $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], while working from PHP CLIclosed (alex)
0000957Data Managementbug reportWarning about missing "show_mode" array key, while printing admin left menuclosed (alex)
0000960Install / Upgragesbug reportUpgrade to 4.3.9 gives SQL error, when no modules were installedclosed (alex)
0000961Data Managementbug reportWarnings on CSV export/import on PHP5closed (alex)
0001028Caching Systembug reportMissing "Database Name" in Memory Cache Keyclosed (alex)
0001032Refactoringbug reportMinor Typo in Variable name in UserHelper::loginUser methodclosed (alex)
0001041Data Managementbug reportChange ReferrerUrl column type to Text to support longer Referrers in Form Submissionsclosed (alex)
0001042Admin Interfacesbug reportBroken Pagination for Sub-Items Gridsclosed (alex)
0000879Admin Interfacesbug reportResult of "SearchField" tag isn't formatted, when formatter is defined to that fieldclosed (alex)
0000926Data Managementbug reportFilename Replacements are NOT taken from Primary languageclosed (alex)
0000951Front Endbug reportUser isn't automatically logged-in, when "Immediate" user registration mode is usedclosed (alex)
0000984Data Managementbug reportUser Login field is not checked for minimum charactersclosed (alex)
0001015Front Endbug reportTemplate "login pending or disabled" is not usedclosed (alex)
0001018Data Managementbug reportColumn filter "grid_like_combo_filter" is giving notice on every callclosed (alex)
0001019Databasebug report2 records are inserted instead of 1 on sql errorclosed (alex)
0001021Data Managementbug reportUsage of non-existent configuration variable "DomainDetect"closed (alex)
0001026Front Endbug reportImpossible to get "404 Not Found" page with Rewrite Listenersclosed (alex)
0001029Data Managementbug reportUnable to create a link with required multilingual custom fieldclosed (alex)
0001052Front Endbug reportCurrent sorting (in sorting dropdown) not displayed, when sorted by Name field (SortingSelected tag)closed (alex)
0000947Securitybug reportCreate new folder with restricted access from Webclosed (alex)
0001016Data Managementfeature requestMethod for setting configuration values (auto resets cache too)closed (alex)
0001017Data Managementbug reportUndefined index notice during grid column resizeclosed (alex)
0001049Permissionsbug reportAuto login after registration email activation doesn't load permissionsclosed (alex)
0001059Front Endbug reportLinks to external page are not processed in <inp2:c_CategoryLink/> tagclosed (alex)
0001062Admin Interfacesbug reportDon't perform page design check, when there are no themes in the siteclosed (alex)
0001063Permissionsbug reportIncorrect permission is check to recalculate category/section prioritiesclosed (alex)
0001064Data Managementbug reportParent methods not called in UsersEventHandler classclosed (alex)
0001065Data Managementbug reportSome non-existing configuration variables are usedclosed (alex)
0001070Data Managementbug reportSelf-signed SSL certificates are not accepted by Curl in PHP4closed (alex)
0001072Admin Interfacesbug reportWrong Sorting for Sections under "Structure & Data" in Adminclosed (alex)
0001069Admin Interfacesbug reportTree sections with ampersand in url can't be reloaded via ajax requestclosed (!COMMUNITY)
0001073Data Managementbug reportMenu cache isn't reset during category item importclosed (alex)
0001044Data Managementbug reportExpiration of registration with "Email Activation" can't be changedclosed (alex)
0001056Front Endbug reportNo way to open disabled page from Admin Consoleclosed (alex)
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