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In-Portal CMS - Change Log

In-Portal CMS - 5.2.0-B1 (Released 2012-01-18) View Issues ]
0001031Data ManagementrefactoringUser management internals refactoringclosed (alex)
0001107OptimizationtaskLogical changes on user registration/my profile/forgot password formsclosed (alex)
0000392Data Managementbug reportSection renaming using "Section Properties" button causes one more section to be createdclosed (alex)
0000658OptimizationtaskExtremely Long Priority numbers stored in Cache for "Parsed Sections"closed (alex)
0000709Data ManagementtaskMake "kUploadFormatter::_ensureUniqueFilename" more accessibleclosed (alex)
0000950DatabasetaskLog CURL requests to database table instead of fileclosed (alex)
0001077Data Managementbug reportProblems with category item importclosed (alex)
0001140Data Managementfeature requestAbility to specify Timeout for Agentsclosed (alex)
0001141Admin Interfacesbug reportDrop-Down with Themes in Catalog doesn't List more than 10 Themesclosed (alex)
0001149Front Endbug reportTag FieldModifier doesn't work with multilingual fieldsclosed (alex)
0001105Admin Interfacesfeature requestAdd "Login as User" button to user list in Adminclosed (alex)
0000055OptimizationtaskGet rid of safeDefine function usage when possibleclosed (alex)
0000397Data ManagementtaskAbility to work with main event from OnBefore/OnAfter type events called from kDBItem classclosed (alex)
0000645Permissionsfeature requestUser / Group Access restriction by IPclosed (alex)
0000751Data Managementfeature requestAllow to set phrase initial translation from templateclosed (alex)
0000769Admin Interfacesfeature requestDisplay notice on change log list, when change log feature is disabledclosed (alex)
0000898Admin Interfacesfeature requestAdmin Interface for managing "Permission Types"closed (alex)
0000939Optimizationfeature requestNew Agent to perform System Cleanup and Optimize Performanceclosed (alex)
0001045Admin Interfacesbug reportSorting by ID is broken in Form Submissions gridclosed (alex)
0001118Admin Interfacesfeature requestShow "saved message" on Saving Configuration Settings in Adminclosed (alex)
0000576Databasefeature requestSeparating Database Master/Slave Requestsclosed (alex)
0000668Admin Interfacesfeature requestAdd ability to hide site name from top frame in administrative consoleclosed (alex)
0000742Data Managementfeature requestCreate universal file mime type detection functionclosed (alex)
0000856Data Managementfeature requestAdd PriorityEventHandler to Coreclosed (alex)
0000861Admin Interfacesfeature requestMake first empty option optional in AjaxDropdownPreloaderclosed (alex)
0000897Data Managementfeature requestImprovement to "Languages Synchronization"closed (alex)
0000899Template Systemfeature requestCreate new "m_CurrentPageLink" tag to return current Page URLclosed (alex)
0000944Front Endfeature requestAbility for Users to subscribe to mailing during Registrationclosed (alex)
0000979Data Managementfeature requestImprovements to form submissions (upload field, custom notification email)closed (alex)
0000980Data Managementfeature requestAbility to perform file extension-based check during single file uploadclosed (alex)
0001124Admin Interfacesfeature requestAbility to enter date & time in a single fieldclosed (alex)
0000475OptimizationtaskInappropriate "eval" usage in kBase::makeClass methodclosed (!COMMUNITY)
0000644Optimizationbug reportCompatibility Issues with PHP 5.3.xclosed (!COMMUNITY)
0000816Admin Interfacesfeature requestNew grid multioptions filterclosed (alex)
0000836OptimizationtaskFree space preserving capability during image uploadsclosed (alex)
0000862Admin Interfacesfeature requestSupport for odd/even rows in SimpleGrid controlclosed (alex)
0000883Data Managementfeature requestSite domain-based agentsclosed (alex)
0000940Admin Interfacesfeature requestMinor improvements to Grids usabilityclosed (alex)
0000975OptimizationtaskAutomatically remove unused LEFT JOIN from list count database queriesclosed (alex)
0001001Data Managementfeature requestNew method for XML parsing error checkingclosed (alex)
0001043Front Endfeature requestAbility to Exclude Template based Sections from Search Resultsclosed (alex)
0001050Data Managementfeature requestAbility to access Disabled Section with Direct Linkclosed (!COMMUNITY)
0001071Front Endfeature requestAdd m_LinkVar and m_GetLinedVar tagsclosed (alex)
0001123Caching Systembug reportParallel cache rebuild problem could cause high server loadclosed (alex)
0000077OptimizationtaskRemove "grid_float_range_filter" blockclosed (alex)
0000653Data Managementfeature requestMake "kDateFormatter" support date format constants in "format" parameterclosed (alex)
0000778Admin Interfacesfeature requestImprovements to Create User & Admin form in Adminclosed (alex)
0000948Front Endfeature requestChange in "Forgot Password" logicclosed (alex)
0000964Data Managementfeature requestImprovements to user Login fieldclosed (alex)
0001005Refactoringbug reportIncorrectly Detected BASE_PATH in Cronclosed (alex)
0001027Front Endfeature requestTag, to display given option titleclosed (alex)
0001106OptimizationrefactoringSorting setting storage improvement ideasclosed (alex)
0001143Data Managementbug reportAbility to cut trailing zeros from field value being displayedclosed (alex)
0001145Template Systembug reportParameter "as_preg" doesn't work in SearchInputName tagclosed (alex)
0001150Template SystemrefactoringTheme file scanning too slowclosed (alex)
0001152Admin Interfacesbug reportI'm unable to open toolbar submenu twiceclosed (alex)
0000483Front Endfeature requestAdd option for searching all typed keyword inside single category item recordclosed (alex)
0000075Securityfeature requestDenial permissions for "root" userclosed (alex)
0001024Admin Interfacesfeature requestPhrase type detection based on it's nameclosed (alex)
0001129Front Endbug reportReport Reviewclosed (alex)
0001131Admin Interfacesbug reportUseful Product Reviewclosed (alex)
0001132Admin Interfacesbug reportPrev / Next Product Linksclosed (alex)
0001151Caching Systembug reportCaching Issue with 404 Page Not Found URLsclosed (alex)
0001154DatabaserefactoringOptimization of TableFound functionclosed (alex)
0001158Admin Interfacesbug reportMenu frame resize causes too much ajax requestsclosed (alex)
0001161Front Endbug reportResizing GIF images with white background gives "Color index 255 out of range" errorclosed (alex)
0001162Front Endfeature requestAbility to specify module in theme.xml fileclosed (alex)
0001163Front Endbug reportDebugger report is affected by "reset.css" stylesheetclosed (alex)
0001164Front Endbug reportAdding "empty_label" parameter to PredefinedOptions tagclosed (alex)
0001165Install / Upgragesbug reportDoing separate module install doesn't insert language packclosed (alex)
0001169Install / Upgragesbug reportIssue with DBConnection during a Separate Install of Modulesclosed (alex)
0001170Front Endbug reportAnti-Spam protection check fails first timeclosed (alex)
0001171Admin Interfacesbug reportFatal when trying to Relate Catalog Itemsclosed (alex)
0001172Databasebug reportIncorrect SQL when item load clause contains NULLclosed (alex)
0001173Template Systemfeature requestWrong template on templates loaded via AJAX requestsclosed (alex)
0000447Mailing Systembug reportUpdate EmailLog table only when Email has been physically sentclosed (alex)
0000852Front Endfeature requestImprovements to m_GetConfig tagclosed (alex)
0000969Install / Upgragesfeature requestNew "System Configuration" installation stepclosed (alex)
0001147Databasefeature requestMethods for processing large data amounts from databaseclosed (alex)
0001160Template Systemfeature requestAbility to Load "index.tpl" by default within any Template Folderclosed (alex)
0001176OthertaskImplement usage of Variables added on "System Configuration" stepclosed (alex)
0001177Front Endbug reportDebug version of CSS/JS files (decompressed) loaded even after Debug is Disabled via Cookiesclosed (alex)
0001178Data Managementbug reportDBItem loading problem, when multiple keys are usedclosed (alex)
0001179Otherbug reportCookie Path not Set when Debugger is Disabled based on Cookieclosed (alex)
0000511Install / Upgragesfeature requestAuto-Logout Admin Session after Installationclosed (alex)
0000657Admin Interfacesfeature requestAbility to Reset ROOT password to access Admin Consoleclosed (alex)
0001022Data Managementfeature requestUploaded file distribution within /system/ folderclosed (alex)
0001142Data Managementbug reportImages are deleted during link approval processclosed (alex)
0001180Databasefeature requestImprovement of "qstr" functionclosed (alex)
0001181Data Managementbug reportMain product list is displayed in all sideboxes on a pageclosed (alex)
0000493Admin InterfacestaskRedirect template (kEvent::redirect attribute) has no effect, when popups are usedclosed (alex)
0001108Admin Interfacesbug reportSelecting "Symlink Category" resets all category adding form fieldsclosed (alex)
0001146Front Endbug reportTag "st_CachedMenu" sets incorrect "template" parameter to menu elements (v 5.1.0)closed (alex)
0000065Front Endfeature requestAdd "Maintenance Mode" option for Websiteclosed (alex)
0000271Data Managementfeature requestRedesign "Data Validation" Engineclosed (alex)
0000398OptimizationtaskPartially move kCatDBItem and CreategoryItem class contents to OnBefore/OnAfter eventsclosed (alex)
0000896Admin Interfacesfeature requestUser Address Management in Adminclosed (alex)
0000921Template SystemtaskAdd "Name" parameter to st_ContentBlock tagclosed (alex)
0000990Data ManagementtaskCheck that all configuration variables being usedclosed (alex)
0000994Admin InterfacestaskCreate "3rd Party API Settings" Configuration sub-section in Adminclosed (alex)
0001183Mailing Systemfeature requestSeparate setting for default Email Sender / Recipientsclosed (alex)
0001188Front Endfeature requestUsage of current page title in navigation barclosed (alex)
0000058Data Managementfeature requestAdd Timezone Field to User recordclosed (alex)
0000068Front Endbug reportPreventing "Infinite" Redirects on Front-Endclosed (alex)
0000399Front Endfeature requestSSL + Login Required options for Sectionsclosed (alex)
0000413Install / Upgragesfeature requestSystem Requirements Check before In-Portal Installationclosed (alex)
0000929Localizationfeature requestAbility to have Preferred Language for Front-end Usersclosed (alex)
0000949Securityfeature requestChange in user Email Validation processclosed (alex)
0001189Front Endbug reportSite domain with empty "SSL Url" field is always matched as current on secure connectionclosed (alex)
0001190Install / Upgragesbug reportTheme language pack not upgraded on module upgradeclosed (alex)
0001011Databasebug reportReview and Rename Table Names in COREclosed (alex)
0001117Admin Interfacesfeature requestVersion Control for Sectionsclosed (alex)
0001184Front Endbug reportSticky parent object in PrintList tagclosed (alex)
0001186Admin Interfacesbug reportUnable to change configuration on "Configuration -> Website -> Advanced" settings in Google Chromeclosed (alex)
0001191OtherrefactoringRemove RunMode from Scheduled Tasksclosed (alex)
0001192OptimizationtaskUse FilesMatch instead of Files in .htaccessclosed (Dmitry)
0001159Template Systembug reportLanguage and Theme Links don't work without Templateclosed (alex)
0001128Front Endfeature requestImplement "Promo Blocks" functionality as on Intechnic.comclosed (alex)
0001167OptimizationtaskImprovements in Compressed CSS/JS File Namingclosed (alex)
0000981LocalizationtaskRename Agents section to "Scheduled Tasks"closed (Dmitry)
0001185Admin Interfacesbug reportAjax Dropdown suggestion list is displayed at incorrect locationclosed (alex)
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