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In-Portal CMS - Change Log

In-Portal CMS - 5.0.3-B2 (Released 2010-04-06) View Issues ]
0000069Front Endbug reportIssues with "MoreLink" tag and "Data_Exists" paramclosed (alex)
0000624Install / Upgragesbug reportInstall Front-end Language pack from Primary Theme when Module is installed afterwardclosed (alex)
0000625Front Endbug reportFullsize category item (product) image isn't watermarkedclosed (alex)
0000626Front Endbug reportCurrent "Content Mode" is lost during language switching (when mod-rewrite is on)closed (alex)
0000627Front Endbug reportPrimary Image "Alt" is not used on category item detail pageclosed (alex)
0000634Admin Interfacesbug reportRemove "la_EmptyValue" phraseclosed (alex)
0000637Data Managementbug reportBroken language pack, when 2 or more languages are exported at onceclosed (alex)
0000663Permissionsbug reportMissing check for "SYSTEM_ACCESS.READONLY" permission in "OnUpdate" eventclosed (alex)
0000636Data Managementbug reportWarnings on category update (before redirect)closed (alex)
0000640Data Managementbug reportCurrent language is not replaced inside calculated fields, when "%2$s" is usedclosed (alex)
0000641Data Managementbug reportMultiLanguage formatter incorrectly processes translatable virtual fieldsclosed (alex)
0000643Permissionsbug reportAdjust "Category.View" permissions for Home categoryclosed (alex)
0000647Data Managementbug reportCategory permission cache not rebuild in some casesclosed (alex)
0000651Admin Interfacesbug reportContent editing buttons (green, orange) don't have rounded corners in Google Chromeclosed (alex)
0000654Admin Interfacesbug reportIncorrent "radio" type custom field displayclosed (alex)
0000655Admin Interfacesbug report"Sections" tab doesn't work in "Show All" mode with "simple" interface preset onclosed (alex)
0000676Admin Interfacesbug reportIncorrect top pagination for users gridclosed (alex)
0000677Admin Interfacesbug reportCategory tree (via ajax) in administrative console is not complete, when symlinks are setclosed (alex)
0000680Install / Upgragesbug reportSQL error during clean Installation of In-News moduleclosed (alex)
0000692Databasebug reportTranslatable fields are not always created during table scanclosed (alex)
0000590Front Endbug reportRemove deprecated "theme_StylesheetFile" tagclosed (alex)
0000594Admin Interfacesbug reportQuick "Modal Window" opening leads to js errorclosed (alex)
0000595Data Managementbug reportCategory Item variations of ItemLink tag doesn't workclosed (alex)
0000681Admin Interfacesbug reportGot js error on custom editing when <SQL> is usedclosed (alex)
0000694Databasebug reportSQL is partially parsed, when displayed in custom field editing formclosed (alex)
0000705Install / Upgragesbug reportAll toolbar buttons during installation are disabledclosed (alex)
0000711Admin Interfacesbug reportIncorrect Prefix used on Poll Answer editing templateclosed (alex)
0000712Data Managementbug reportPrefixSpecial for ListSortings config option not set in SetSorting method of kDBEventHandler classclosed (alex)
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