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In-Portal CMS - Change Log

In-Portal CMS - 5.2.0-B3 (Released 2012-04-12) View Issues ]
0001207Email Templatesfeature requestAbility to subscribe to any system event from e-mail eventclosed (alex)
0001223Databasebug reportFatal on viewing page in Browse Mode via Catalog with MySQL in Strict modeclosed (!COMMUNITY)
0001225Install / Upgragesbug reportAdditional checks to perform on "System Requirements" step before installation/upgradeclosed (alex)
0001226Databasebug reportStoring function "crc32" results in database problemclosed (alex)
0001227Email Templatesfeature requestAbility to specify both HTML and Plain Text version of e-mail eventclosed (alex)
0001228Mailing Systemfeature requestEmail Log Rotation and New Fieldsclosed (alex)
0001229Permissionsbug reportMissing Permissions for Item Filters and Spam Reports on Clean installclosed (alex)
0001230Data Managementbug reportIssue with Username Validation on User Registration & Editclosed (alex)
0001231Caching Systembug reportBug in parallel cache rebuild protectionclosed (alex)
0001232Data Managementbug reportUnable to set parsed category from custom rewrite parserclosed (alex)
0001233Data Managementbug reportIncorrect error message during field value length validationclosed (alex)
0001234Databasefeature requestImprovements to kDBConnection class (iterator, kDBConnectionDebug class)closed (alex)
0001235Data Managementbug reportGetting Fatal error on link export in catalogclosed (alex)
0001237Admin Interfacesbug reportCursor isn't focused on username field on admin login formclosed (alex)
0001238Email Templatesbug reportGiving empty "to_name" and "to_email" parameters during e-mail sending results in Fatal Errorclosed (alex)
0001240Data Managementfeature requestAbility to detect event implementationclosed (alex)
0001241Data Managementbug reportAutomatic redirect from ?env= urls to their mod-rewrite equivalents results in fatal errorclosed (alex)
0001242Admin Interfacesbug reportHint Translation Not Available When Not in Debug Modeclosed (alex)
0001244Data Managementbug reportContent block changes not saved, when switching language in editing windowclosed (alex)
0001245Admin Interfacesbug reportTemplate aliases (#....#) don't work in "Design Mode"closed (alex)
0001246Data Managementbug reportFix unit config generator to produce column phrase compatible grid declarationclosed (alex)
0001247Databasebug reportSql error on priorities recalculation for list without parent constrainclosed (alex)
0001249Data Managementbug reportUnit config prefixes with dashes ("-") not always work, when used in openSelector JavaScript functionclosed (alex)
0000698RefactoringtaskRefactor all module Toolbar Buttons by Merge into one PNG fileclosed (alex)
0001222Data Managementbug reportIncorrect PageInfo Mapping and Navbarclosed (alex)
0001243Admin Interfacesfeature requestAdd new "User Subscriptions" sectionclosed (alex)
0001254Admin Interfacesbug reportIncorrect Values List in Session Management Method settingclosed (alex)
0001255Front Endbug reportMod-rewrite url caching problemclosed (!COMMUNITY)
0001256Front Endbug reportTag "m_IsActive" not working when physical template is accessed via mod-rewrite urlclosed (alex)
0001257Data Managementbug reportFatal Error on editing CMS blockclosed (alex)
0001258Caching Systembug reportCross theme item detail template cacheclosed (alex)
0001224Email TemplatesrefactoringEmail event usage refactoringclosed (alex)
0001236Admin Interfacesfeature requestDirect Editing of Catalog Items and Prefixes in Content Modeclosed (alex)
0000485Front Endfeature requestCreate more control over sent emailsclosed (alex)
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