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In-Portal CMS - Change Log

In-Portal CMS - 5.1.3 (Released 2011-09-19) View Issues ]
0000700OptimizationtaskCode Cleanup in 5.1.x branchclosed
0001094Optimizationfeature requestOptimizing storage of help phrasesclosed (alex)
0001097Front Endbug reportWrong sub-menu is displayed on a disabled pagesclosed (alex)
0000708Admin Interfacesfeature requestAbility to disable debugger permanently based on cookieclosed (alex)
0001096Admin Interfacesbug reportTwo hardcoded spaces on configuration pageclosed (alex)
0001098Data Managementbug reportParameters "editing_mode" and "admin" are passed to page editing form by mistakeclosed (alex)
0001099Front Endbug reportRedirect to "my_account" page isn't performed when "Remember Login" checkbox is checked on login formclosed (alex)
0001100Template Systembug reportFirst char of HTML isn't displayed, when "html:<some_html_here>" is passed instead of block name to any tagclosed (alex)
0001101Front Endbug reportPage/category item search results are not being sorted by relevanceclosed (alex)
0001103Data Managementbug reportDebugger isn't auto turned off, when ajax redirect is performed resulting broken redirectclosed (alex)
0001104Data Managementbug reportImpossible to use OnAfterConfigRead event, when there is a system preset for a given unit configclosed (alex)
0001114Install / Upgragesbug reportInstallation fails after "Select Modules" stepclosed (alex)
0001115Admin Interfacesbug reportError in "alert" during catalog loadingclosed (alex)
0000991Data Managementfeature requestUsability improvement to kCurlHelper classclosed (alex)
0001088Data Managementbug reportUnable to copy/paste a links, that is added to favoritesclosed (alex)
0001089Front Endbug reportLong text is clipped in the middle of the wordclosed (alex)
0001090Data Managementfeature requestAdd hostname resolve abilities in debug.php fileclosed (alex)
0001091Front Endbug reportIncorrect Favorite Icon formatclosed (alex)
0001093Admin Interfacesbug reportLong text are cut in the middle in page content blocksclosed (alex)
0001111Localizationbug reportPhrase type isn't updated on language pack import with overwriteclosed (alex)
0001112Data Managementbug reportField options are changed by accident during image (from field) displayclosed (alex)
0001119Admin Interfacesbug reportSections "Site Domains" & "Countries & States" are not visibleclosed (alex)
0001087Data Managementbug reportWarning message, when simple search function is used in Admin Console gridsclosed (alex)
0001109Data Managementbug reportField Modified (modification date/time) of PortalUser table isn't property updatedclosed (alex)
0001122Data ManagementtaskIgnore phpStorm configuration files in SVN repositoryclosed (alex)
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