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In-Portal CMS - Change Log

In-Portal CMS - 5.2.0 (Released 2012-07-24) View Issues ]
0001342Front EndtaskMake UTF-8 the only one supported language encodingclosed (alex)
0001318Caching Systembug reportMore options to category cache rebuilding systemclosed (alex)
0001319Front Endbug reportUnable to use <inp2:st_CachedMenu on large (over 4000) category count (while only 20 in menu)closed (alex)
0001321Install / Upgragesbug reportCategory Template Hash fields are not Populated during Upgradeclosed (alex)
0001322Front Endfeature requestAllow to disable url caching during developmentclosed (alex)
0001323Otherfeature requestChanging Shortcut for In-Portal Debuggerclosed (alex)
0001324Front Endbug reportPerforming login on category item detail page results in redirect to /error_notfound.html pageclosed (alex)
0001325Admin Interfacesbug reportFirebug console detection not always workingclosed (!COMMUNITY)
0001326Data Managementbug reportFatal error when trying to use parser tag caching in 5.2.0 on PHP version below 5.3.1closed (alex)
0001327Template Systembug reportDenying e-mail event produces fatal error (only on PHP < 5.3.0)closed (alex)
0001328Email Templatesbug reportLong plain text e-mail appear broken in e-mail logclosed (alex)
0001329Email Templatesbug reportMulti-recipient e-mail has broken recipient names on 5.xclosed (alex)
0001330Admin Interfacesbug reportAdmin Console progress bar template always displays 0 in Google Chromeclosed (alex)
0001331Front Endbug reportCross-item subsearch not workingclosed (alex)
0001332Caching Systembug reportSpelling suggestion cache not reset on dictionary changeclosed (alex)
0001333Admin Interfacesbug reportIncorrect urls on tabs above the lists in Admin Consoleclosed (alex)
0001334Template Systembug reportComplete template recompilation fails, when not all modules are installedclosed (alex)
0001336Front Endbug reportHighlighting of "Home" element in navigation barclosed (alex)
0001337Admin Interfacesbug reportDon't use Admin-specific list settings on Front-Endclosed (alex)
0001338Data Managementbug reportHeaders are returned along with response, when curl requests with followLocation option sentclosed (alex)
0001339Data Managementbug reportLong running scheduled task delays page loadingclosed (alex)
 0001356Front EndtaskEnable output compression by defaultclosed (alex)
0001340Data Managementbug reportDon't use session in scheduled tasksclosed (alex)
0001341Admin Interfacesfeature requestCreate cron-like interface for scheduled tasksclosed (alex)
 0001353Admin Interfacesfeature requestMore forms to plural phrase functionclosed (alex)
0001343Front Endfeature requestAdd short date/time output formatsclosed (alex)
0001345DatabasetaskShow Server Host name in Debugger Outputclosed (alex)
0001346Admin Interfacesbug reportAdd padding at the right side of top pagination control in lists/gridsclosed (alex)
0001348Email Templatesbug reportEmailLog doesn't store Emails with Very Long Body when sent via Mailing Listclosed (alex)
0001349Admin Interfacesbug reportAdmin Console login form has lost it's rounded corners in Firefox 13closed (alex)
0001350Admin Interfacesbug reportSwitching between interface presetsclosed (alex)
0001352Front Endbug reportIncorrect sorting in search resultsclosed (alex)
0001354Admin Interfacesbug reportMinor fixes to form blocksclosed (alex)
0001354Admin Interfacesbug reportMinor fixes to form blocksclosed (alex)
0001355Databasefeature requestAbility to update only given fields via kDBItem::Update methodclosed (alex)
0001357Data Managementbug reportValidation of system settings is shared across multiple settingsclosed (alex)
0001358Front Endbug reportUnable to upload anything on Front-Endclosed (alex)
0001360Admin Interfacesbug reportLanguages labels & e-mail events of disabled module are visibleclosed (alex)
0000043Admin Interfacesbug reportSWFUploader and "Save" button.closed (alex)
0001313Admin Interfacesfeature requestAdd a page for managing system configurationclosed (alex)
0001366Data Managementbug reportMultilingual field sorting not working in some casesclosed (alex)
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