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In-Portal CMS - Change Log

In-Portal CMS - 5.1.3-RC1 (Released 2011-07-11) View Issues ]
0001035Admin Interfacesbug reportTag auto-complete functionality not working in AJAXDropdown controlclosed (alex)
0001039Front Endbug reportIncorrect detection of Referrer field in form submissionsclosed (alex)
0001046Data Managementbug reportToo short debugger report waiting timeoutclosed (alex)
0001054Data Managementbug reportThere is php warning on each product updateclosed (alex)
0001058Data Managementbug reportCategory not available during Link/Product (or any category item) creationclosed (alex)
0001060Data Managementbug reportDebugger report not deleted on Logoutclosed (alex)
0001076Install / Upgragesbug reportIncorrect Default Item Templateclosed (alex)
0001078Front Endbug reportUnsubscribing from mailing list doesn't delete all related user dataclosed (alex)
0001079Otherbug reportScript "" is not Deleting Debug filesclosed (!COMMUNITY)
0001080Front Endbug reportUsers can register without password, when automatic passwords are turned offclosed (alex)
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