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In-Portal CMS - Change Log

In-Portal CMS - 5.0.2-B1 (Released 2009-10-20) View Issues ]
0000365Front Endbug reportMod-rewrite erases page number given in "env" request parameterclosed (alex)
0000445Otherbug reportEnable Mod-rewrite for Front-end in Adminclosed (alex)
0000239OptimizationtaskReplace "kApplication::IsAdmin" method with "kApplication::isAdmin" class attributeclosed (alex)
0000347Data Managementbug reportCustom field fields are not created, when custom field is created manuallyclosed (alex)
0000352Data Managementbug reportPersistent variables are not available for "root" user just after login was madeclosed (alex)
0000366Front Endbug reportDuplicate image path when image from Images table is resized resulting missing imageclosed (alex)
0000371Data Managementbug reportDebugger won't auto-detect Zend Studio 7closed (alex)
0000388Front Endbug reportNational symbols are incorrectly parsed from url resulting module index page to be shown instead of section templateclosed (alex)
0000393Data Managementbug reportCustom field values from other languages are not copied during copy/paste operationsclosed (alex)
0000401Admin Interfacesbug reportMinor Changes requested by Projectsclosed (alex)
0000402Front Endbug reportForgot password reset code doesn't populate "_plain" fields (as kPasswordFormatter does)closed (alex)
0000167OptimizationtaskRemove closing php tags in all filesclosed (Dmitry)
0000327Otherbug reportCheck Licensing and Installation Steps for External Linksclosed (alex)
0000348Admin Interfacesbug report"Browse" button is always disabled after "Upload" button is pressed (uploader)closed (alex)
0000368Front Endbug reportMisspelled variable name in "kApplication::IncludeTemplate" method resulting in ignored "is_silent" parameterclosed (alex)
0000387OptimizationtaskSitemap optimizationclosed (alex)
0000394Data Managementfeature requestAdd OnBeforeItemValidate eventclosed (alex)
0000396Data Managementbug reportIssues after Editing "Root" of the Catalogclosed (alex)
0000400Otherbug reportCreate In-Portal Release -- 5.0.2-Beta1 closed (alex)
0000403Front Endfeature requestAbility to specify default image, when actual image is missing, but requested on Front-Endclosed (alex)
0000404Data Managementbug reportEvent parameter "temp_id" not set, when OnAfterCopyToLive event is calledclosed (alex)
0000417Admin Interfacesbug reportSome Admin Sections missing it's Header Imagesclosed (Dmitry)
0000016Admin Interfacesbug reportRedo "IsIndexPage" and "SymLink" functionality for Sectionsclosed (alex)
0000097Databasebug reportIssues with "Like" type Grid Filters in Adminclosed (alex)
0000317Front Endfeature requestAbility to customize error messages in u_TestCodeIsValid tagclosed (alex)
0000408Admin Interfacesbug reportIssue with Drag n' Drop functionality in Design Modeclosed (alex)
0000409Front Endbug report"Cached Menu" is not respecting current ThemeId and Section Statusclosed (alex)
0000411Data Managementbug reportAdministrator users are created as pending instead of activeclosed (alex)
0000412Admin Interfacesbug reportSQL Fatal when using Double-quotes in Text Filters in Gridsclosed (alex)
0000420Admin Interfacesbug reportIncorrect "Module" while Adding new Phrases via "Content Mode"closed (alex)
0000421Front Endbug reportSitemap is brokenclosed (alex)
0000423Permissionsbug reportSession expiration doesn't happen at allclosed (alex)
0000359Front Endbug reportTwo different urls will lead to same physical template on Front-Endclosed (alex)
0000374Admin Interfacesbug reportWhen going to "Permissions" tab during section editing, then all tabs disappearclosed (alex)
0000375Admin Interfacesbug reportBrowse mode names can't be translatedclosed (alex)
0000376Front Endbug reportCan't go to front-end, got white screenclosed (alex)
0000381Front Endbug reportRemove deprecated "float" parameter of "st_ContentBlock" tagclosed (alex)
0000367Front Endbug reportTemplates "error_notfound" and "no_permission" are missing in "simple" themeclosed (alex)
0000382Install / Upgragesfeature requestTheme Depended Files and Demo Installationclosed (alex)
0000419Front Endbug reportCan't list Form fields on the Front Endclosed (alex)
0000251Front Endbug reportMinor crop/fill problems in image processingclosed (alex)
0000407Front Endbug reportIssue with Home sectionclosed (alex)
0000424Admin Interfacesbug report"Edit Modes" buttons are not shown for Admin userclosed (alex)
0000436Template SystemtaskChanging behavior of "m_Comments" tag to better support internal commentsclosed (alex)
0000440Admin Interfacesbug reportCatEventHandler fatal error when ItemPropertyMappings not definedclosed (alex)
0000443Data Managementbug reportNew Hidden Columns are added as visible to Gridclosed (alex)
0000444Data Managementbug reportEvent "OnPreSaveSubItem" doesn't set master event status attributeclosed (alex)
0000446Admin Interfacesbug reportColumn Picker doesn't work for Grids with Prefixes containing Dashclosed (alex)
0000349Admin Interfacesbug reportInterface language is not changed, when language is switched from top frameclosed (alex)
0000391Front Endbug reportLink "View in Browse Mode" doesn't respect default browse mode settingclosed (alex)
0000425Databasebug reportCheck and fix issue with "Read-Only" modeclosed (alex)
0000439Data Managementbug reportEnglish Custom Field value is used instead of Primaryclosed (alex)
0000449Permissionsbug reportCategory Permission Cache is calculated incorrectly on PHP5closed (alex)
0000461Admin Interfacesbug reportFatal Error in "Import Data" section for both Links and Articlesclosed (alex)
0000464Otherbug reportChanges in "External Url" processingclosed (alex)
0000470Front Endfeature requestMinor improvements to default .HTACCESS rulesclosed (Dmitry)
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