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In-Portal CMS - Change Log

In-Portal CMS - 5.1.1-B1 (Released 2010-09-25) View Issues ]
0000849Data Managementbug reportLink, created from cron always use "localhost" instead of site urlclosed (alex)
0000809Data Managementfeature requestAbility to temporarily turn off individual site configclosed (alex)
0000785Front Endbug reportUser isn't automatically logged-in, when "Email Activation" user registration is usedclosed (alex)
0000674Template Systembug reportAdd "block_no_data" parameter for m_IfDataExists tagclosed (alex)
0000818Data Managementbug reportIssues with kCurlHelper classclosed (alex)
0000819Admin Interfacesbug report404 Not Found in top frame, when "Logo Bottom" isn't specified in the skinclosed (alex)
0000820Data Managementbug reportCSV Export always assumes, that column names are phrasesclosed (alex)
0000821Template Systembug reportCustom "IdField" parameter of "grid" block produces notices during template parsingclosed (alex)
0000825Data Managementbug reportMethod "kEvent::CallSubEvent" doesn't pass event parameters to sub-eventclosed (alex)
0000826Data Managementbug reportUser object isn't properly set when "UserHelper::loginUser" method is used in dry run modeclosed (alex)
0000828Front Endbug reportAuto-redirect from non-mod-rewrite url becomes very unstableclosed (alex)
0000830Data Managementfeature requestAbility to login user without knowing their passwordclosed (alex)
0000832Admin Interfacesbug reportMouse scrolling in lists (grids) don't workclosed (alex)
0000833Data Managementbug reportNumbers with comma aren't search in gridsclosed (alex)
0000834Front Endbug reportUser avatar upload doesn't workclosed (alex)
0000759Admin Interfacesfeature requestDisplay error message text in SimpleGrid controlclosed (alex)
0000771Data Managementbug reportScript eats up all memory during sub-item list printingclosed (alex)
0000786Admin Interfacesbug reportColumn totals block customization issuesclosed (alex)
0000799Admin InterfacestaskMove basic group permissions to "General" tabclosed (alex)
0000811Data ManagementtaskMove grid total function definition to gridclosed (alex)
0000813Admin Interfacesbug reportSupport of "currency" parameter for "FieldTotal" tagclosed (alex)
0000824Admin Interfacesfeature requestImprovements to simple grid controlclosed (alex)
0000827Data Managementbug reportDebugger eats up all memory on index pageclosed (alex)
0000829Front Endbug reportMethod RemovePersistentVar doesn't work for Guestsclosed (alex)
0000831Localizationbug reportEmail event type filter doesn't work during language pack exportclosed (alex)
0000427OptimizationtaskRefactor "Display To Public" functionalityclosed (alex)
0000725Admin Interfacesbug reportonAfterShow callback isn't called i ThickBoxclosed (alex)
0000764Data Managementfeature requestAbility to get changed virtual fieldsclosed (alex)
0000797Admin Interfacesbug reportIncorrect section content is displayed for symlinked sectionsclosed (alex)
0000798Localizationbug reportImpossible To Select Email Event in Language Pack Exportclosed (alex)
0000801Admin Interfacesbug reportAll javascript down, when attempting to close more windows, then openedclosed (alex)
0000803Data Managementbug reportGot fatal sql error, when adding paid listing typeclosed (alex)
0000806Admin Interfacesbug reportTree container functionality doesn't work for ajax-based tree nodesclosed (alex)
0000808Localizationbug reportInaccurate label "la_fld_Comments" translationclosed (alex)
0000810Template Systembug reportJSMin compressor fails in some casesclosed (alex)
0000814Admin Interfacesbug reportMissing groups on section "Permissions" tabclosed (alex)
0000591Admin Interfacesbug reportDouble border under toolbar on editing/config templatesclosed (alex)
0000745Admin Interfacesbug reportOutdated left tree after group permission changeclosed (alex)
0000787Admin InterfacestaskDesign for block with error messageclosed (alex)
0000805Admin Interfacesbug reportGrid filter block "grid_like_combo_filter" doesn't suggest anythingclosed (alex)
0000812Caching Systembug reportSticky cache, when Memcached is not usedclosed (alex)
0000815Admin Interfacesbug reportUnwanted Item Validationclosed (alex)
0000841Admin InterfacestaskMassive refactoring of "form_blocks.tpl" templateclosed (alex)
0000804Data Managementfeature requestAbility to generate PDF document from raw templateclosed (alex)
0000807Data Managementbug reportCurl POST doesn't support multidimensional arraysclosed (alex)
0000656Front Endbug reportMissing template error reporting broken in non-mod-rewrite modeclosed (alex)
0000701Data Managementbug reportAdd "Run Now" toolbar button to Agents gridclosed (alex)
0000702Admin Interfacesbug reportAdd ability to specify Admin System Preset directory in config.phpclosed (alex)
0000707Databasebug reportSQL Error during usage of "Re-build Multilanguage Fields" functionalityclosed (alex)
0000746Admin InterfacestaskRemove useless filters from "View Menu"closed (alex)
0000839Admin Interfacesbug reportReset grid sorting icon doesn't workclosed (alex)
0000855Install / Upgragesbug reportDuring installation after "Database Configuration" step, the page goes blankclosed (alex)
0000858Admin Interfacesbug reportBlank screen, when visiting "Topics" and "Products" list in "Show All" modeclosed (alex)
0000859Front Endbug reportMultilingual field sorting sometimes doesn't workclosed (alex)
0000683Data Managementbug reportPreventing the Deletion of specific Sections in the Catalogclosed (alex)
0000695Optimizationbug reportRemove endless "!" inside admin templatesclosed (alex)
0000722Localizationbug reportAdding more defaults to language adding formclosed (alex)
0000853OptimizationtaskEven smaller form block declarationsclosed (alex)
0000857Admin Interfacesbug reportCustomized form blocks were not using "form_row" design resulting fatal errorclosed (alex)
0000865Admin Interfacestask"System Tools" section redesign to be more intuitiveclosed (alex)
0000866Databasebug reportUnable to create database record with given id in temp tableclosed (alex)
0000869OptimizationtaskFirst opening of Admin Console takes 5 seconds with Memory Caching enabledclosed (alex)
0000845OptimizationtaskRevising usage of NULL columnsclosed (Dmitry)
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