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In-Portal CMS - Change Log

In-Portal CMS - 5.0.2 (Released 2010-01-08) View Issues ]

Bug fixes only

0000353Front Endbug reportAdding New Pageclosed (!COMMUNITY)
0000326Front Endbug reportReview and Correct phrases/translations in "Redirect" template in Advanced themeclosed (Dmitry)
0000018Data Managementfeature requestRedo Implementation of "OnAfterCopyToLive" methodsclosed
0000310Otherfeature requestTransfer and translate unresolved issues from wikiclosed
0000010Data Managementbug reportCore: Removing "Translated" Functionality + Fieldsclosed (alex)
0000019Localizationbug reportImport Languages Fails on 2nd Import attemptclosed (alex)
0000220Admin Interfacesbug reportDelete all Dynamic CSS files when Cache is Clearedclosed (alex)
0000241Permissionsbug reportFatal error, when trying to get event section (for permission checking) in SetCustomQuery methodclosed (alex)
0000247Admin Interfacesbug reportProblems with LINK.DENY and LINK.APPROVE eventsclosed (alex)
0000322Front Endbug reportMove Up/Down buttons in catalog don't have immediate effect on Front-End menuclosed (alex)
0000330Admin Interfacesbug reportMaybe some phrases under "core/admin_templates/browser" are not translated/escapedclosed (alex)
0000332Securitybug reportSome of new .htaccess protection rules actually gives Forbidden error on Apache 1.3closed (alex)
0000333Data Managementbug reportIssues in URL structure for Sectionsclosed (alex)
0000335Admin Interfacesbug reportAfter adding new language "Parent Section" field is emptyclosed (alex)
0000336Admin Interfacesbug reportParameter "onblur" doesn't have default value in "inp_edit_weight" block raising warning during product editingclosed (alex)
0000026OptimizationtaskRename "kUploadFormatter::ValidateFileName" methodclosed (alex)
0000045Optimizationtask"Session::SaveData" method is called from OnDeleteFile eventclosed (alex)
0000211Data Managementbug reportMake all fields, that contain dates NULL with NULL default valueclosed (alex)
0000292OptimizationtaskColumn "ResourceId" is not used in "PortalGroup" tableclosed (alex)
0000306Template Systembug reportParameter "result_to_var" doesn't work for m_Param tagclosed (alex)
0000325Install / Upgragesbug reportFix up "Core" module icon during the Upgradeclosed (Dmitry)
0000337OptimizationtaskServer information screen redesignclosed (alex)
0000363Front Endbug reportSome links lead to ".html" instead of normal templateclosed (Dmitry)
0000369Admin Interfacesbug reportDirectories "/system/user_files/Flash" and "/system/user_files/Files" created by FCKEditor are not listed in svn:ignore propertyclosed (alex)
0000370Otherbug reportSome non-binary files are marked as binary in svn resulting no patches could be applied/created to themclosed (alex)
0000372Admin Interfacesbug reportMissing "Add Agent" button in Agents gridclosed (alex)
0000373Admin Interfacesbug report"Add Phrase" button on Labels & Phrases available only in Debugclosed (alex)
0000383Admin Interfacesbug reportAdd "Menu Hidden" icon for System Section in Catalogclosed (Dmitry)
0000236OptimizationtaskDon't use preg_replace for removing trailing words in stringsclosed (alex)
0000245Admin Interfacesbug reportFilter in ID column in grid in IE8 sometimes is resized incorrectlyclosed (alex)
0000278Data Managementbug reportInability to load category items by non-id fieldsclosed (alex)
0000320Front Endbug reportSpecial, used in tags has not effect for c/st prefixesclosed (alex)
0000329Install / Upgragesbug reportDuring installation I wasn't asked to select theme, but I have 3 themes availableclosed (alex)
0000386Install / UpgragestaskUpdate install/upgrade system to support beta (B) and release candidate (RC) versionsclosed (alex)
0000011Install / Upgragesbug reportInstallation Fails with MySQL in Strict modeclosed (alex)
0000250OptimizationtaskCheck what "source" parameter of "m_Phrase" tag doesclosed (alex)
0000354Front Endbug reportMissing "Section Search" functionalityclosed (Dmitry)
0000515OthertaskPrepare 5.0.2 Releaseclosed (alex)
0000246Optimizationbug reportDatabase index not used, when quering phrases by nameclosed (alex)
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