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In-Commerce - Change Log

In-Commerce - 5.0.1 (Released 2009-09-26) View Issues ]

Bug fixes only

0000029Data Managementbug reportFor each pending order one more incomplete order is created.closed (alex)
0000154Front Endbug reportAll fields on user registration form after placing order are emptyclosed (alex)
0000172Admin Interfacesbug reportHide "Points" field on Pricing tab until it's not usedclosed (Dmitry)
0000173Admin Interfacesbug reportSave button won't work on Add Product Optionsclosed (alex)
0000175Data Managementbug reportCan't Add New Coupons due to type validation failure in LastUsedById fieldclosed (Dmitry)
0000231Front Endbug reportCan't upload product image on Front-Endclosed (alex)
0000187Install / Upgragesfeature requestUpgrade script for 5.0.1 to clean up all "Incomplete Orders"closed (Dmitry)
0000293Admin Interfacesbug reportIncorrect date on new order creation results in database query errorclosed (alex)
0000298Admin Interfacesbug reportFatal error (in database query) on "Custom" tab during product editingclosed (alex)
0000299Admin Interfacesbug reportProduct editing tabs disappear, when I enter "Pricing" tab in product editingclosed (alex)
0000030Data Managementbug reportIncorrect order number formatting in order, when viewing in administrative console.closed (alex)
0000289Data Managementbug reportCan't Add Order in Admin Console via "Incomplete Orders"closed (alex)
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