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In-Portal CMS - Change Log

In-Portal CMS - 5.1.0-B1 (Released 2010-05-25) View Issues ]
0000107Optimizationfeature requestImplement "MemCached" functionalityclosed (alex)
0000486Admin Interfacesfeature requestAdd "Pending ..." node while ajax content is loaded into treeclosed (alex)
0000459Otherfeature requestImprove Mod-rewrite Listener by separating into Parsing and Building methodsclosed (alex)
0000472Front Endfeature requestDomain-based site auto-configurationclosed (alex)
0000588Caching SystemtaskImplement "APC" Caching Storageclosed (alex)
0000592Caching Systembug reportImplement "xCache" Caching Storageclosed (alex)
0000049OptimizationtaskMerge ConfigurationAdmin and ConfigurationValues tableclosed (alex)
0000630Otherfeature requestMove Config.php and Debug.php from root to system/ folderclosed (alex)
0000235OptimizationtaskRedo "config.php" into PHP formatclosed (alex)
0000435Admin Interfacesfeature requestEnabling "Prev/Next" buttons in sub-Item Gridsclosed (alex)
0000481Admin Interfacesfeature requestAbility to highlight tree sections, that are only visible in debug modeclosed (alex)
0000490Data Managementfeature requestAdd "DBG_REDIRECT_ON_ERROR" option for debuggerclosed (!COMMUNITY)
0000492Admin Interfacesfeature requestAdd ID attribute to each field's row on editing formclosed (alex)
0000502Data Managementbug reportDebugger option "DBG_RAISE_ON_WARNINGS" doesn't work as expectedclosed (alex)
0000530Front Endfeature requestImprovements of "m_Get" and "m_GetConfig" tagsclosed (alex)
0000579OthertaskAbility to use PerPage, SortBy and Page params from URL Queryclosed (alex)
0000046Admin Interfacesfeature requestDisplay Language Phrases instead of Permission Names on Adv. Perm. edit screenclosed (alex)
0000150Optimizationfeature requestExternal url support when building urlsclosed (!COMMUNITY)
0000285Optimizationfeature requestTranslation system refactoringclosed (alex)
0000362Install / UpgragestaskWe should move all module folders to new "modules" subfolderclosed (!COMMUNITY)
0000494Data Managementfeature requestSlight improvement to automatic field array builder (service tools)closed (alex)
0000541Data Managementfeature requestAbility to get formatted output of kDBBase::GetCol methodclosed (alex)
0000584Data Managementbug reportOptimize spam control for user rating indicatorclosed (alex)
0000589OptimizationtaskProcess expired sessions from agentclosed (alex)
0000717Admin Interfacesfeature requestAdd ability to display hint labels for configuration variablesclosed (alex)
0000014Securitybug reportCheck ADD/EDIT Permissions in Section drop-downclosed (alex)
0000152Front Endfeature requestAdd ability to get MenuTitle of CMS page using "st_PageInfo" tagclosed (alex)
0000163Data Managementfeature requestAuto-expire user session, when user becomes pending/disabled/deletedclosed (alex)
0000225OptimizationtaskMove login-related code away from UsersEventHandler classclosed (alex)
0000453Data Managementfeature requestCreate new Tag to display language-specific Date partsclosed (alex)
0000455Localizationfeature requestInterface Improvements to Language pack Exportclosed (alex)
0000484Admin Interfacesfeature requestAbility to customize caption block used on all forms in administrative consoleclosed (alex)
0000614Data Managementfeature requestAbility to load kDBItem class object from hashclosed (alex)
0000685OthertaskMoving .Htaccess and files to more suable locationclosed (alex)
0000686Admin InterfacestaskUpgrade to JQuery 1.4.x for Admin Interfacesclosed (alex)
0000095Otherfeature requestSupport for Multi-Domain Installationclosed (alex)
0000252Front Endfeature requestAdd ability to specify custom HTTP response code along with redirect headerclosed (alex)
0000454Template Systemfeature requestCustomizable URL Endings for Mod-rewriteclosed (alex)
0000471Front Endfeature requestImplement site content language negotiationclosed (alex)
0000482Front Endfeature requestAutomatic folder creation under "/system" folderclosed (alex)
0000548Front Endbug reportAutomatic mod-rewrite redirectingclosed (alex)
0000672Template Systemfeature requestCreate new m_Redirect tagclosed (alex)
0000679Admin Interfacesbug reportIssues with Grids in Chrome & Safariclosed (alex)
0000735OptimizationtaskAddressing (in code) users "root" and "Guest" using named constantsclosed (alex)
0000738Data ManagementtaskRefactoring of unit config field builder engineclosed (alex)
0000279Optimizationfeature requestPhrases of state and country namesclosed (alex)
0000457Front Endfeature requestAutomatic CSS / JS Compressionclosed (!COMMUNITY)
0000704Admin Interfacesbug reportImprovements to "E-mail Template" editingclosed (alex)
0000733Admin Interfacesfeature requestImprovements to ajax auto-complete controlclosed (alex)
0000734Admin InterfacestaskImprovements to multi-input controlclosed (alex)
0000736Permissionsfeature requestNew "debug" event permissionclosed (alex)
0000743Data Managementbug reportIncorrect daylight time saving, when server timezone differs from site timezoneclosed (alex)
0000473Data Managementfeature requestImprovements to Form Submissionsclosed (!COMMUNITY)
0000719LocalizationtaskEnglish Language pack for 5.1.0closed (alex)
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