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In-Portal CMS - Change Log

In-Portal CMS - 5.0.4-B1 (Released 2010-05-23) View Issues ]
0000599Otherbug reportRevise error types (warning or notice) raised by systemclosed (alex)
0000600Otherbug reportConstant DBG_IMAGE_RECOVERY doesn't work in some casesclosed (alex)
0000601Otherbug reportPNG image transparency lost during crop/fill operationsclosed (alex)
0000611Data Managementbug reportShow only first N characters of database query output in debuggerclosed (alex)
0000612Data Managementbug reportEvent "OnAfterItemUpdate" is called even, when nothing was changed in databaseclosed (alex)
0000616Front Endbug reportDefault value has no effect in dropdowns on contact us formclosed (alex)
0000699Front Endbug reportReferring to In-Link in ItemCount method of CategoriesEventHandler classclosed (alex)
0000608Data Managementbug reportFolder "Media" is missing in FCKEditor file browserclosed (alex)
0000633Install / Upgragesbug reportDrop all Custom and Session tables during the Reinstallation processclosed (alex)
0000649OptimizationtaskMethod "kMultilanguageHelper::getLanguageCount" always executes sql queries, however could use cached valueclosed (alex)
0000650OptimizationtaskDon't rebuild translatable columns on each language saveclosed (alex)
0000667Data Managementbug reportPhrase labels are not validated leading to errorsclosed (alex)
0000697Admin Interfacesbug reportMethod "kSectionsHelper::getFirstChild" returns even in-accessible tree nodesclosed (alex)
0000724Data Managementbug reportOriginal field values are not set after kDBItem::Create method callclosed (alex)
0000727Front Endbug reportButton "Section Template" (Design Mode) doesn't workclosed (alex)
0000730Front Endbug reportBrowse mode is lost after changing label translationclosed (alex)
0000737Data Managementbug reportHardcoded group ids in group selectorclosed (alex)
0000739Admin Interfacesbug reportCan't see "Select User" button on "Users" tab during group editingclosed (alex)
0000617Data ManagementtaskAutomate record creation in temp tablesclosed (alex)
0000619Admin Interfacesbug reportReplace group selector from grid to dropdown on combined forms like category permissionsclosed (alex)
0000628Data Managementbug reportFlash uploader doesn't work for Virtual Fieldsclosed (alex)
0000740Data Managementbug reportOriginal fields are not reset after kDBItem::Update method callclosed (alex)
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