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In-Portal CMS - Change Log

In-Portal CMS - 5.0.1 (Released 2009-09-26) View Issues ]

Bug fixes and some visual features.

0000027Front Endfeature requestEmail validation during user registrationclosed (alex)
0000227Front Endfeature requestPassword required mark logic changeclosed (alex)
0000223Otherbug reportMissing License info in Skins_helper.phpclosed (Dmitry)
0000237Front Endfeature requestMake session creation optional on Front-Endclosed (alex)
0000221Admin Interfacesfeature requestFinal Changes in "Browse Modes"closed (alex)
0000203Front Endbug reportMinor changes in Names for Section templates in Default2009closed (Dmitry)
0000162Front Endbug reportBroken template layout on "Subscription Confirmation" page in Internet Explorerclosed (Dmitry)
0000238Admin Interfacesbug reportCosmetic + Minor Changesclosed (alex)
0000311Front Endbug reportTemplate "redirect" is missing in "advanced" themeclosed (alex)
0000204Front Endbug reportCreate new "Simple" theme and add to distributionclosed (Dmitry)
0000256Otherbug reportRename Themes in SVN to more meaningfulclosed (alex)
0000286OptimizationtaskCaching Results of TemplatesBase methodclosed (alex)
0000230OptimizationtaskRearrange Helpers and Remove Deprecated Parsersclosed (Dmitry)
0000214OptimizationtaskFix inconsistencies between database field declaration in unit configsclosed (alex)
0000188OptimizationtaskFind and remove all places where reffered to "/kernel" folderclosed (Dmitry)
0000168OptimizationtaskRemove "update_memory_check_script" functionclosed (alex)
0000158Admin Interfacesbug reportIncorrect field name in error message during image upload on "Images" tab for category itemsclosed (alex)
0000164Data Managementbug reportProblems when giving ids directly "kDBEventHandler::StoreSelectedIDs" method (using second parameter)closed (alex)
0000174Data Managementbug reportTag PredefinedSearchOptions should use GetList instead of GetObjectclosed (alex)
0000073Admin Interfacesbug reportIn-Portal CMS No Color in Headerclosed (Dmitry)
0000179Front Endbug reportMove "designs/detail" templates into Item foldersclosed (Dmitry)
0000181Install / Upgragesbug reportReview all Installation Steps to adjust Instructionsclosed (Dmitry)
0000183Mailing Systembug reportRemove "Additional Headers" from all Email Eventsclosed (Dmitry)
0000189Admin Interfacesbug reportChanges in Options for "Section Template" field for Sectionsclosed (alex)
0000190Install / Upgragesbug reportNot all Email Events are created during Installationclosed (Dmitry)
0000191Admin Interfacesbug reportTemporarily Hide "Spelling Dictionary" section in Adminclosed (Dmitry)
0000193Install / Upgragesbug reportMake Navigation Frame Resizable with default Installationclosed (Dmitry)
0000202Admin Interfacesbug reportCosmetic and Minor issues in Admin Interfaceclosed (alex)
0000210Admin Interfacesbug report"Browse Site" modes buttons are not working in Admin SSL modeclosed (alex)
0000206Localizationbug reportChange "Output Time" format in English Language packclosed (Dmitry)
0000207Admin Interfacesbug reportHide Sections tab in "Structure & Data" section if there other tabsclosed (alex)
0000213Front Endbug reportFlash uploader not shown on Front-Endclosed (alex)
0000169Front Endbug reportTemplate markup error message in Internet Explorer 8closed (alex)
0000200Data Managementfeature requestImprovements to Email Events - Functionality and Interfacesclosed (alex)
0000205Admin Interfacesfeature requestAbility to Hide any of "Browse Modes" from loaded Site Configsclosed (alex)
0000208Admin Interfacesbug reportMove "Time-zones" and "Session Expiration" settings to Website->Generalclosed (alex)
0000196Admin Interfacesbug reportChange Location of Website Title in Headerclosed (alex)
0000198Admin Interfacesbug reportAdjust Positioning for "Section Properties" and "Save Layout" buttonsclosed (Dmitry)
0000199Admin Interfacesfeature requestCreate a Switch between "Site Configs"closed (alex)
0000201Admin Interfacesfeature requestAbility to set default width for each grid column after clean installationclosed (alex)
0000212Admin Interfacesbug reportAdditional SELECT SQL when loading Tab Counter in Admin Catalogclosed (alex)
0000217Admin Interfacesfeature requestMerge UsePopups and UseModalWindows configuration variablesclosed (alex)
0000224Front Endbug reportPassword validation logic changeclosed (alex)
0000226Front Endbug reportDuplicate category items shown, when it's located in multiple categoriesclosed (alex)
0000195Admin Interfacesbug reportUpdate In-Portal logo in the Headerclosed (Dmitry)
0000218Admin Interfacesbug reportError reporting in configuration sections is brokenclosed (alex)
0000222Data Managementbug reportImage Priority wasn't set when Upload from Front-endclosed (Dmitry)
0000228Otherbug reportAuto-Resize for GIF images removes Transparencyclosed (alex)
0000242Admin Interfacesfeature requestAdd ability to specify default editing mode in site config presetclosed (alex)
0000243Install / Upgragesbug reportQuick fix for Email Subject Importclosed (alex)
0000248Admin Interfacesbug reportCreating New Formclosed (alex)
0000249Admin Interfacesbug reportProblem when 2 or more uploaders are on same form in IEclosed (alex)
0000254Front Endbug reportArrays are incorrectly passed between NON-SSL -> SSL redirects and via versaclosed (alex)
0000257Install / Upgragesfeature request"Meta Information" file for Modulesclosed (alex)
0000258Install / Upgragesbug reportMinor Cosmetic Changes in Installation Stepsclosed (alex)
0000262Admin Interfacesbug reportExtra "/" in Section Navigation Barclosed (alex)
0000263Admin Interfacesbug reportIssues HTML Escaping in HTML Title in Adminclosed (alex)
0000272Front Endfeature requestAbility to strip first N levels from category pathclosed (alex)
0000255Mailing Systembug reportFind and list Missing Email Eventsclosed (alex)
0000264Admin Interfacesbug reportFix "Show All" and "Show Structure" on Items Selector pop-up pageclosed (alex)
0000275Install / Upgragesbug reportIssue on Security Step of Installationclosed (alex)
0000276Admin Interfacesbug reportWhen in "popup window" mode, then grid is not refreshed after adding new items in IE8closed (alex)
0000280Admin Interfacesbug reportNavigation Tree Refresh after Config Data is Resetclosed (alex)
0000282Admin Interfacesbug reportUse PNG format for Top Header imageclosed (Dmitry)
0000283Front Endbug reportIncorrect user_id on IIS web server during logout processclosed (alex)
0000232Admin Interfacesbug reportAdjust default "Width" and "Order" for Columns in Gridsclosed (Dmitry)
0000281Admin Interfacesbug reportMove "Root Password" and "Remember Last Template" Configuration Settingsclosed (alex)
0000291Securityfeature requestAdmin HTTP Authentication using PHPclosed (alex)
0000295Admin Interfacesbug reportCan't Create a New Relation in Adminclosed (alex)
0000302Otherbug reportCheck and Adjust CONSTANTS in Debuggerclosed (alex)
0000300Front Endbug reportRedirect loop (on front-end) while using "View in Browse Mode" linkclosed (alex)
0000301Admin Interfacesbug reportUnable to view/change category owner in administrative consoleclosed (alex)
0000304Install / Upgragesbug reportIncorrect value of "Smtp_AdminMailFrom" variable during clean installationclosed (alex)
0000098Optimizationfeature requestRedo Mod-Rewrite for Better Flexibilityclosed (alex)
0000186Data Managementfeature requestAdd Config variable to control "Visitor Tracking"closed (alex)
0000277Admin Interfacesfeature requestShow "Root" user on Email Configuration sectionsclosed (alex)
0000305Template Systemfeature requestAbility to delete compiled templates from file systemclosed (alex)
0000180Install / Upgragesfeature requestAdd "Security Check" Step to Installation processclosed (alex)
0000233Admin Interfacesfeature requestAbility to Specify Recipient UserId in EmailEventAdminclosed (Dmitry)
0000307Securitybug reportMake "Configuration -> System Tools" section available for admins (permission based)closed (alex)
0000308Admin Interfacesbug reportCurrent Theme is not used when opening Catalog Items in "Browse Mode"closed (alex)
0000313Front Endbug reportMod-rewrite listeners defined via OnAfterConfigRead event don't workclosed (alex)
0000323Admin Interfacesbug reportWhen Uploader::moveOutside js method is called twice for one uploader control, then js error happensclosed (alex)
0000265Admin Interfacesfeature requestUpdate Icons in Adminclosed (alex)
0000290Otherbug reportFinal Review and Fixes for Release 5.0.1closed (alex)
0000314Admin Interfacesbug reportAdd Case-Insensitive Field to Phrases table for storing Labelsclosed (alex)
 0000324Localizationbug reportLanguage synchronizer gives fatal errorclosed (alex)
0000034Localizationbug reportUpdate English lang. Packclosed (Dmitry)
0000274Admin Interfacesbug reportMissing "Section Template" and "Section Properties" buttons in Content & Design Modesclosed (alex)
0000318Admin Interfacesbug reportColumn "LastRunOn" for Agents grid has 2145 pixels height, is this correct?closed (Dmitry)
0000319Admin Interfacesbug reportUnable to view form submission details - blank screenclosed (alex)
0000321Admin Interfacesbug reportToo many fields are hidden in simple mode in site config for sections (former categories)closed (Dmitry)
0000159Securitybug reportPrevent of Execution of System Files of files other, then "index.php" and "admin/index.php"closed (Dmitry)
0000260Admin Interfacesbug reportSystem Sections from different Themes are listed under Structure & Dataclosed (Dmitry)
0000267Admin Interfacesbug reportCategory toolbar buttons are missing on "Related Searches" tab during category editingclosed (Dmitry)
0000101Data Managementbug reportPreventing Category "Copy/Paste" from Recursionclosed (alex)
0000140Admin Interfacesbug reportPrecautions when processing "SectionAdjustments" unit config optionclosed (alex)
0000185Install / Upgragesbug reportCan't install In-Portal without modulesclosed (alex)
0000259Admin Interfacesbug reportFatal Error on Import when Installed Module was Disabledclosed (Dmitry)
0000315Install / Upgragesbug reportDatabase query error after upgrade when rss feeds are used in adminclosed (alex)
0000309Install / Upgragesbug reportStrange things in modules list (only In-Portal module installed)closed (alex)
0000161Front Endbug reportProblems in case, when E-Mail is not required during user registrationclosed (Dmitry)
0000171Data Managementfeature requestAutomatic Images Folder Cleaningclosed (alex)
0000176Admin Interfacesbug reportPhrase "la_ImageFiles" used in Flash Uploader is not translatedclosed (alex)
0000143Securitybug reportUpdate after Installation Message about Permissionsclosed (Dmitry)
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