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0001439Install / Upgragesbug reportMissing "Category Permission Cache" after Installationactive
0001253LocalizationtaskEnglish Language pack for 5.2.0active
0000268OptimizationtaskCode Cleanup in 5.2.x branchactive
 0001387Data Managementbug reportDebugger report is opened at wrong scroll positionresolved (alex)
0001125Install / UpgragestaskPrepare 5.2.0 releaseactive
0001448Front Endbug reportUser object not available right after loginresolved (alex)
0001446Data Managementbug reportUnable to upload CSV file on Grid import pageresolved (alex)
0001445Install / Upgragesfeature requestAutomate language pack export for deployment scriptresolved (alex)
0001441Optimizationbug reportSeparate Module Installation with Class Constants in Unit Configresolved (alex)
0001438Admin Interfacesbug reportWrong Window Title when Adding "Administrator" user in Adminresolved (alex)
0001444Admin Interfacesbug reportOnly one of multiple user selectors workresolved (alex)
0001443Data Managementbug reportUnable to create link to e-mail in CKEditorresolved (alex)
0001432Front Endbug reportChange first visit detection with language negotiation enabledresolved (alex)
0001374Admin Interfacesbug reportJavaScript error in Change Logs sectionresolved (Dmitry)
0001427Install / Upgragesbug reportMod-rewrite detection doesn't work when PHP is installed as CGIresolved (alex)
0001417Databasebug reportData not escaped in "Query Database" sectionresolved (alex)
0001431Data Managementbug reportChange timezone changing code (PHP 5.4 compatibility)resolved (alex)
0001429Template Systembug reportIncorrectly included templates via <inp2:m_ModuleInclude tagresolved (alex)
0001434Admin InterfacestaskDisable html editor for "inp_edit_textarea" block by defaultresolved (alex)
0001425Admin Interfacesbug reportIncorrect queued e-mail count in "Mailing List" sectionresolved (alex)
0001424Admin InterfacestaskInconsistent naming in "E-mail Templates" sectionresolved (alex)
0001423Data Managementbug reportFunction "htmlspecialchars" breaks down UTF-8 encodingresolved (alex)
0001421Data ManagementrefactoringDon't use $_REQUEST in Debuggerresolved (alex)
0001419Install / Upgragesbug reportIncorrect check for "variables_order" setting during installationresolved (alex)
0001409Install / Upgragesbug reportIncorrect output buffering check on system requirements installation stepresolved (alex)
0001418Databasebug reportUnable to load category item in some casesresolved (alex)
0001401Front Endfeature requestUsing Typekit font libraryresolved (alex)
0001362Securityfeature requestUse even more secure password hashing algorithmresolved (alex)
0001414Data ManagementrefactoringCentralize code for resource limit settingresolved (alex)
0001364Front Endbug reportForgot password improvements (part 2)resolved (alex)
0001317Front Endbug reportAllow to specify what IP address source to useresolved (alex)
0001361Admin InterfacestaskScheduled task run time calculation changeresolved (alex)
0001344Front Endbug reportDeleting of temporary files during uploadresolved (alex)
0001363Data Managementbug reportUser selector not workingresolved (alex)
0001396Data ManagementtaskAdd "jpeg" and "bmp" to allowed image file extensionsresolved (alex)
0001412Data Managementbug reportParent event not available in Temp Handler triggered eventsresolved (alex)
0001003Databasefeature requestLogging engineresolved (alex)
 0001395Email Templatesbug reportToo aggressive line ending normalization in plain text e-mailsresolved (alex)
 0001376Data ManagementrefactoringSingle place for random code generationresolved (alex)
 0001440Admin Interfacesbug reportHide "System Log" section for "Simple" presetresolved (alex)
0001411Admin Interfacesbug reportExcessive escaping of error messages on configuration sectionresolved (alex)
0001410Email Templatesbug reportMissing e-mail events after upgraderesolved (alex)
0001408Data Managementbug reportUsage of mktime() function with no argumentsresolved (alex)
0001407Front Endbug reportAdditional parameters lost during FormManager redirectresolved (alex)
0001406Front Endbug reportViolation of one url = one resource seo rule on login/logoutresolved (alex)
0001405Front Endbug reportUrls with "&" are incorrectly parsedresolved (alex)
0001404Front Endbug reportMethod for getting section templateresolved (alex)
0001394Data Managementbug reportMultiple notices discovered while developing System Logresolved (alex)
0001386Data Managementbug reportIncorrect section/category physical template detectionresolved (alex)
0001393Admin Interfacesbug reportRandom "Requested ID for prefix <prefix> not passed" noticesresolved (alex)
0001392Front Endbug reportResizing non-uploaded image caused fatal errorresolved (alex)
0001391Data Managementbug reportExcessive file name change on file uploadresolved (alex)
0001390Data Managementbug reportUndefined $_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING'] when from "run_event.php"resolved (alex)
0001389Front Endbug reportTag c_ContentPageLink builds broken linkresolved (alex)
0001388Admin Interfacesbug reportBroken content mode when large z-index used in themeresolved (alex)
0001385Admin Interfacesbug reportWrong grid filter for user's IP addressresolved (alex)
0001383Admin Interfacesbug reportIncorrect setting page saving detectionresolved (alex)
0001382Admin Interfacesbug reportError On Advanced Configuration Saveresolved (alex)
0001381DatabasetaskAdding more info to item validation error messageresolved (alex)
0001380Data Managementbug reportNotice on every page with debuggerresolved (alex)
0001378Front Endbug reportSequential user login attempts result in a noticeresolved (alex)
0001377Front Endbug reportNotice after user completes a login procedureresolved (alex)
0001375Data Managementbug reportSession cookies are sent out from PHP CLIresolved (alex)
0001372Data Managementbug reportAdd function for creating DateTime class from timestamp in PHP 5.2.xresolved (alex)
0001373Data Managementbug reportClass kCurlHelper ignores GET parametersresolved (alex)
0001367Admin Interfacesbug reportIncorrect disabled toolbar button images in spritesresolved (alex)
0001370Front Endbug reportImage resize not working in some casesresolved (alex)

63 of 67 issue(s) resolved. Progress (94%).

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