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In-Portal CMS - 5.3.0 (Scheduled For Release 2012-07-25) View Issues ]
0001437Front Endbug reportPrevent force-escaping of data on Front-Endactive
0001430Admin Interfacesfeature requestScheduled task execution method detectionactive
0001315Front EndrefactoringRouting Ideasactive
0001023Localizationfeature requestAbility to Keep Language Packs in Syncactive
0001402Data ManagementrefactoringCreate intermediate class to access /system/config.php fileactive
0001400Front Endfeature requestMenuHelper improvementsactive
0001397Front Endfeature requestDelayed execution of JavaScript codeactive
0001379Data Managementbug reportSubmitting system logs to Intechnic serversactive
0001371Data ManagementrefactoringReplace "AdoDb Date Time Library" with PHP build-in DateTime classactive
0001426Admin Interfacesfeature requestTags functionalityneeds feedback (alex)
0001314Install / UpgragesrefactoringChange module upgrade script storage systemneeds work (alex)
0001420Admin Interfacesfeature requestUsing CodeMirror on SQL Query page in Adminneeds testing (alex)
0001399Data Managementbug reportRemove "ItemSQLs" from unit configsresolved (alex)
0001433Front EndtaskPossibility of having 2 urls to a single pageresolved (alex)
0001436Securityfeature requestEncrypt cookie stored at clientresolved (alex)
0001435Securitybug reportGenerate random string at installresolved (alex)
0001442OptimizationtaskRemove "Compress Compiled PHP Templates" functionalityresolved (alex)
0001351Front Endfeature requestPre-resize image to speed up page loadingresolved (alex)

6 of 18 issue(s) resolved. Progress (33%).

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