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    P (EP)ID # CategoryTarget VersionTypeStatusUpdatedSummaryFixed in Version
    (0)0000072    [In-Portal CMS]
Admin Interfaces
Iceboxfeature requestactive2010-08-31Functionality of "Insert Image" and "Insert Link" buttons in FCKEditor
    (0)0000842    [In-Portal CMS]
Data Management
Iceboxbug reportactive2010-08-30Change Log records the changes in Temporarily tables
    (0)0000082  A [In-Portal CMS]
Admin Interfaces
Iceboxbug reportactive2010-06-10ID column is sometimes at 2nd position, (but declared in 1st position) in grids
    (0)00007443 A [In-Portal CMS]
Front End
Iceboxfeature requestneeds work (alex)2010-05-24Add inverted navigation bar feature
    (0)00005621   [In-Bulletin]
Front End
Iceboxfeature requestactive2010-05-10Ability to change Category Status when New Posts/Topics added
    (0)0000609    [In-Commerce]
Iceboxtaskactive2010-05-10Shipping cost (on shipping editing) wasting of auto-increment problem
    (0)0000605    [In-Portal CMS]
Admin Interfaces
Iceboxbug reportactive2010-05-10Category selector on product import screen resets all import settings
    (0)00001494   [In-Portal CMS]
Data Management
Iceboxfeature requestneeds work (alex)2010-04-28Add Ability to Exclude Section from Sitemap
    (0)0000706  A [In-Portal CMS]
Front End
Iceboxfeature requestactive2010-04-25Enhance "Meta Keywords" fields with "Tag Cloud" functionality
    (0)0000682    [In-Portal CMS]
Iceboxbug reportactive2010-04-08Refactor "Item Open for Editing" mechanisms
    (0)0000670    [In-Portal CMS]
Data Management
Iceboxfeature requestactive2010-03-27Replace kMultiLanguage formatter with 'multilang' field option
    (0)0000669    [In-Portal CMS]
Iceboxtaskactive2010-03-27ResourceId field refactoring
    (0)0000652    [In-Commerce]
Data Management
Iceboxfeature requestactive2010-03-27Payment types based on order billing country
    (0)0000648    [In-Portal CMS]
Data Management
Iceboxtaskactive2010-03-27Use SimpleXMLElelement (PHP5 only) for XML document inside kXMLHelper class
    (0)0000632    [In-Portal CMS]
Admin Interfaces
Iceboxbug reportactive2010-03-26Auto-refresh in Grids closes all Modal Edit windows
    (0)0000621    [In-Portal CMS]
Data Management
Iceboxfeature requestactive2010-03-15Create SOAP Server
    (0)0000620    [In-Portal CMS]
Admin Interfaces
Iceboxfeature requestactive2010-03-15Export language packs to other site
    (0)0000606    [In-Portal CMS]
Admin Interfaces
Iceboxfeature requestactive2010-03-14Implement import/export field present manager
    (0)0000550    [In-Portal CMS]
Iceboxtaskactive2010-01-21Optimize EditPickerHelper::LoadValues and MInputHelper::LoadValues methods
    (0)0000216    [In-Commerce]
Admin Interfaces
Iceboxfeature requestactive2010-01-12Review and Complete functionality for Orders with "Returned Items"
    (0)0000151    [In-Portal CMS]
Admin Interfaces
Iceboxfeature requestactive2010-01-12Ability to control load order of javascript code
    (0)0000487    [In-Portal CMS]
Install / Upgrages
Iceboxfeature requestactive2010-01-05Add "SkinCRC" column to Skins table for easing skin upgrade process
    (0)0000505    [In-Commerce]
Data Management
Iceboxbug reportactive2009-12-25Shipping zone problems, when editing two or more shipping types at once
    (0)0000495    [In-Portal CMS]
Data Management
Iceboxbug reportactive2009-12-23New product custom field editing error
    (0)0000491    [In-Portal CMS]
Data Management
Iceboxfeature requestactive2009-12-23Ability to see all event hooks from "System Tools" section
    (0)0000489    [In-Portal CMS]
Data Management
Iceboxfeature requestactive2009-12-23Protection against related record deletion in grids
    (0)0000488    [In-Portal CMS]
Data Management
Iceboxfeature requestactive2009-12-23Show all possible replacement tags during email event editing
    (0)0000477    [In-Portal CMS]
Admin Interfaces
Iceboxbug reportactive2009-12-23Required field mark (*) is displayed for read-only fields
    (0)00000397 A [In-Portal CMS]
Admin Interfaces
Iceboxbug reportneeds feedback (Dmitry)2009-12-20nlsMenu items are incorrectly aligned in IE8
    (0)0000438    [In-Portal CMS]
Admin Interfaces
Iceboxfeature requestactive2009-12-11Converting Admin Grids to Ajax
    (0)00004181   [In-Portal CMS]
Iceboxfeature requestneeds feedback (Dmitry)2009-11-25Adjusting "Default" Permissions for In-Portal
    (0)0000428    [In-Portal CMS]
Iceboxtaskneeds work (alex)2009-11-22Remove deprecated "KeepSessionOnBrowserClose" variable and code
    (0)0000426    [In-Portal CMS]
Admin Interfaces
Iceboxtaskactive2009-11-18Re-factor "Toolbar buttons" Admin to use CSS
    (0)0000422    [In-Portal CMS]
Admin Interfaces
Iceboxfeature requestactive2009-11-06Add Option how "External URL" for Sections will open
    (0)0000378    [In-Portal CMS]
Iceboxtaskactive2009-11-03Hit countring improvements
    (0)00003773   [In-Portal CMS]
Iceboxtaskneeds feedback (!COMMUNITY)2009-10-26Decrement database query count on category item lists, when mod-rewrite is used
    (0)0000114    [In-Portal CMS]
Iceboxtaskactive2009-10-06Make kPDFHelper class error message more informative
    (0)0000341    [In-Portal CMS]
Iceboxtaskactive2009-10-06Unify "c" and "st" unit config prefixes
    (0)0000361    [In-Portal CMS]
Iceboxtaskactive2009-10-06Partially replace "LEFT JOIN" to "JOIN" in database queries
    (0)00002973   [In-Portal CMS]
Admin Interfaces
Iceboxbug reportactive (Dmitry)2009-10-03Random "NO SUCH FIELD" in grid rows when selecting relationship for link
    (0)0000340    [In-News]
Data Management
Iceboxfeature requestactive2009-09-30Using actual article publication date during rss import
    (0)00003312   [In-Portal CMS]
Front End
Iceboxbug reportactive2009-09-29Session expiration happens just after logout, got redirected two times to same location
    (0)00003161   [In-Portal CMS]
Front End
Iceboxbug reportactive2009-09-23MySQL error "Got a packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet'" during st_CachedMenu call with 3000 categories
    (0)00000472   [In-Portal CMS]
Admin Interfaces
Iceboxbug reportactive2009-06-07Changes in Download method for Language pack Export
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