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    P (EP)ID # CategoryTarget VersionTypeStatusUpdatedSummaryFixed in Version
    (2)00010611 A [In-Portal CMS]
Admin Interfaces
Iceboxfeature requestneeds work (!COMMUNITY)2012-01-06Ability to enter inline description for files in Flash Uploader
    (3)00008512   [In-Portal CMS]
Admin Interfaces
Iceboxtaskactive2011-12-29Improvements to translatable field interface
    (0)0000087    [In-Portal CMS]
Admin Interfaces
Iceboxbug reportneeds work (erik)2011-12-28Make scrollable grid in "Tools -> Query Database" section
    (3)0001153    [In-Portal CMS]
Iceboxrefactoringactive2011-12-23Minimizing In-Portal CORE
    (3)00006662 A [In-Portal CMS]
Install / Upgrages
Iceboxfeature requestactive2011-12-18Show latest available version in top frame in administrative console
    (2)00010481   [In-Portal CMS]
Caching System
Iceboxbug reportneeds work (alex)2011-12-18Using "Content Language Negotiation" along with Memcache cold start gives Fatal Error
   00011393 A [Modern-Store]
1.0.0bug reportresolved (!COMMUNITY)2011-12-05Ajax-based shopping cart1.0.0-B1
    (2)00009963 A [In-Portal CMS]
Iceboxfeature requestneeds work (Dmitry)2011-11-06Integrate Google Translation API into Language Translation
    (2)0000665    [In-Portal CMS]
Iceboxtaskactive2011-11-06Get rid of multi-column indexes in database
    (1)0001155    [In-Portal CMS]
Front End
Iceboxfeature requestactive2011-11-02Integrate OpenSearch
    (0)00003791   [In-Portal CMS]
Front End
Iceboxbug reportneeds work (alex)2011-10-05Last component of url is not received by rewrite listeners in case if it's number
    (0)000085410 A [In-Portal CMS]
Admin Interfaces
Iceboxfeature requestreviewed and tested (alex)2011-10-04Possible improvements to grid date range filter
    (0)00009731 A [In-Portal CMS]
Data Management
Iceboxfeature requestneeds work (!COMMUNITY)2011-10-03Daemon mode
    (0)00003512   [In-Portal CMS]
Iceboxtaskactive2011-09-30Remove "kDBEventHandler::RemoveRequiredFields" method
    (0)00009562 A [In-Portal CMS]
Iceboxtaskneeds work (!COMMUNITY)2011-09-30Insufficient database permission handling
    (0)0000139    [In-Portal CMS]
Admin Interfaces
Iceboxfeature requestactive2011-09-30Make possible to control visibility of grid columns via group permissions
   0001138    [Modern-Store]
1.0.0taskactive2011-09-29General Template Work
    (0)00008503   [In-Portal CMS]
Iceboxtaskneeds work (alex)2011-09-26Automatic class name retrieving based on it's filename
    (0)0000270    [In-Portal CMS]
Admin Interfaces
Iceboxfeature requestactive2011-09-26"Form Configuration" for Add/Edit in Admin Console
    (0)0000056    [In-Portal CMS]
Admin Interfaces
Iceboxfeature requestneeds work (!COMMUNITY)2011-07-19Ability to choose from all Grid Columns in Column Picker
    (0)0000360    [In-Portal CMS]
Front End
Iceboxfeature requestactive2011-07-17Section renaming tracking
    (0)0000971    [In-Portal CMS]
Data Management
Iceboxbug reportactive2011-05-18Function "fgetcsv" doesn't work with UTF-8 files from CRON
    (0)0001040    [In-Portal CMS]
Iceboxtaskactive2011-04-19Improve Descriptions for Configuration fields across the System
    (0)0001012    [In-Portal CMS]
Admin Interfaces
Iceboxfeature requestactive2011-03-11Grid "View Presets" functionality
    (0)0000715    [In-Portal CMS]
Front End
Iceboxfeature requestactive2011-02-25Replacement for CAPTCHA functionality
    (0)0000847    [In-Portal CMS]
Admin Interfaces
Iceboxfeature requestactive2011-02-06Domain-specific configuration variables
    (0)0000989    [In-Portal CMS]
Front End
Iceboxfeature requestactive2011-02-05Favorites functionality for unregistered users (guests)
    (0)00001067 A [In-Commerce]
Admin Interfaces
Iceboxfeature requestneeds work (alex)2011-01-31Ability to Change Price on Products "Advanced View" Grid
    (0)00001782   [In-Portal CMS]
Iceboxbug reportneeds work (Dmitry)2010-12-06Replace nlsMenu in Admin and Front with JQuery
    (0)0000671    [In-Commerce]
Data Management
Iceboxbug reportactive2010-12-06Store "Qty Sold" in separate field, not in "Hits" field and update processing code too
    (0)00008753 A [In-Portal CMS]
Data Management
Iceboxfeature requestreviewed and tested (!COMMUNITY)2010-12-06Ability to set custom page size of PDF document
    (0)00008643 A [In-Portal CMS]
Data Management
Iceboxbug reportreviewed and tested (!COMMUNITY)2010-12-06Styles from HEAD tag are ignored by kPDFHelper
    (0)0000935    [In-Portal CMS]
Data Management
Iceboxfeature requestactive2010-11-26File Upload Short Description Field
    (0)0000895    [In-Portal CMS]
Data Management
Iceboxfeature requestactive2010-10-20Improvements to Custom Field Validations
    (0)0000537    [In-Commerce]
Shipping Engine
Iceboxfeature requestneeds work (gleb)2010-09-28FedEx Intergration
    (0)0000863    [In-Portal CMS]
Template System
Iceboxfeature requestactive2010-09-12Add new "less_than" and "greater_than" parameters to IF tag
    (0)00000763   [In-Portal CMS]
Admin Interfaces
Iceboxfeature requestneeds feedback (Dmitry)2010-08-31Ability to export language export to another site
    (0)0000269    [In-Portal CMS]
Admin Interfaces
Iceboxfeature requestactive2010-08-31"Form Layout" Configurator for Add/Edit Templates in Admin
    (0)0000229    [In-Portal CMS]
Front End
Iceboxfeature requestactive2010-08-31Ability to Auto-Validate Form Fields using Ajax
    (0)00001164 A [In-Portal CMS]
Admin Interfaces
Iceboxbug reportactive2010-08-31In-Portal Tags not Visible in FCK Editor Textareas
    (0)0000071    [In-Portal CMS]
Admin Interfaces
Iceboxbug reportneeds work (alex)2010-08-31Impossible to add image and link to it in one screen in FCKEditor
    (0)0000441    [In-Portal CMS]
Iceboxfeature requestactive2010-08-31Converting "Unit Config" files from Arrays to Classes
    (0)00003122   [In-Portal CMS]
Iceboxfeature requestneeds work (Dmitry)2010-08-31Phrases with parameters
    (0)0000020    [In-Portal CMS]
Admin Interfaces
Iceboxfeature requestactive2010-08-31Ability to ADD/EDIT Items via Admin-> Browse Mode
    (0)00002964   [In-Portal CMS]
Iceboxfeature requestneeds work (alex)2010-08-31Research and Create Optimization Plan
    (0)00006383 A [In-Portal CMS]
Data Management
Iceboxfeature requestactive2010-08-31Language specific ModRewrite URLs
    (0)00000211   [In-Portal CMS]
Admin Interfaces
Iceboxfeature requestactive2010-08-31Admin: Modal Windows -> Remember User Sizes
    (0)00006313   [In-Portal CMS]
Iceboxfeature requestneeds feedback (alex)2010-08-31Optimize HasAdditionalImages tag using single SQL for Lists
    (0)0000716  A [In-Portal CMS]
Front End
Iceboxfeature requestactive2010-08-31Google Tools Integration
    (0)00007148 A [In-Portal CMS]
Iceboxfeature requestneeds work (alex)2010-08-31Add ability to generate "Rounded" and "Grayscale" images
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