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989 [In-Portal CMS] Front End feature request N/A 2011-02-05 07:57 2011-02-05 07:57
active 5.1.2-B1  
Added ability to use favorites for Guest users
0000989: Favorites functionality for unregistered users (guests)
For now only registered and logged-in users can add links (In-Link) to favorites. When not logged-in then this ability is disabled by default.

However by enabling FAVORITES category-based permission for Guest/Everyone user groups non logged-in users can add favorites. The problem is that all non logged-in users share their favorites.

To eliminate such possibility I'm proposing to do the following:

For non logged-in users only:
* generate random cookie (only, when missing) for user computer's web-browser being used
* add UserCookie column to Favorites table (or any interested table, e.g. Link)
* when Favorite (or ant interested data, e.g. Link) is added, then also store UserCookie value with it
* when Favotite is removed, then check, that UserCookie of Favorite matches the one from user computer
* match Guest users with cookie to registered users with same cookie

* when new user is created, then store UserCookie in PortalUser table.
* when favorite list for logged-in users is shown, then select records this way:
- based on user cookie
- based on user id

This way, when user presses Logout button, then he still will see favorites he used to add, while being non logged-in.

Also we need to auto-claim (get user id based on it's UserCookie and set as CreatedById in appropriate tables) favorites added by guests after new user registration and after user login processes.
There should not be more then 1 user registration from one web-browser for all this to work.
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