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895 [In-Portal CMS] Data Management feature request always 2010-10-20 23:05 2010-10-20 23:05
active 5.1.1-B2  
0000895: Improvements to Custom Field Validations
1. Add 2 Validation fields which would hold basic validation options
for Text field:

a. Validation drop-down with basic presets like Email address or Regular Expression
b. Text field which will be shown only when Regular Expression is selected and will hold that actual express which will be used for data entry validation both Admin and Front end.

2. Admin Validation of Custom Field name - when user is defining new custom field - most of them don't know that Spaces are NOT allowed.

Implement sort of validation we are doing with phrase names: only Latin characters and numbers (must start with letter in any case) + "_".
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