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859 [In-Portal CMS] Front End bug report always 2010-09-12 13:11 2010-11-30 12:48
closed 5.0.2  
none 5.1.1-B1
0000859: Multilingual field sorting sometimes doesn't work
I have one language installed, e.g. "English" (id = 1). Then I create several products (because their name/description is multilingual). Then in database I could verify, that such products have values in "l1_Name", "l1_Description" fields, but doesn't have values inside "l2_Name", "l2_Description" fields, because I don't have language with ID = 2 yet.

I add new language to the site, e.g. "Russian" (id = 2). Products I've created still have empty values for "l2_*" fields, because kMultiLanguage formatter class will automatically show values from l1_* fields, when requested l2_* field value is missing.

When I try to sort products in category on Front-End, when I'm on Russian language (id = 2), then it doesn't sort, because l2_* fields for products created before "Russian" language was added is empty.

I propose we use same kind of functionality for multilingual field ordering as kMultiLanguage formatter class: sort value on current language, when present, but when not present, then sort value in primary language.
parent of 0000931closed  (5.1.1)alex Category item sorting not displayed in Admin Console 
parent of 0001052closed  (5.1.3)alex Current sorting (in sorting dropdown) not displayed, when sorted by Name field (SortingSelected tag) 
patch ml_field_sorting_problem_v2.patch (2,970) 2010-09-12 13:11
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2010-09-12 13:12   
Only will work on Front-End.

Test use dropdown to sort links in category. Verify, that links are sorted no matter if they have value in "Name" field on current language or not.

2010-09-12 20:20   
Tested and ready for commit.
2010-09-13 02:05   
Fix committed to 5.1.x branch. Commit Message:

Fixes 0000859: Multilingual field sorting sometimes doesn't work
2010-11-30 12:48   
Closing released 5.1.1 task.