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850 [In-Portal CMS] Optimization task N/A 2010-09-01 02:31 2011-09-26 05:08
needs work 5.1.0  
0000850: Automatic class name retrieving based on it's filename
I propose we auto-guess php class name based on filename, where that class is stored.

For example "my_super_helper.php" file will contain "MySuperHelper" class and nothing other.

There are several benefits of this:

    * no need to specify class name in unit config file (only class filename remains);
    * developer will be forced to properly name class file to connect it's class to the system.

We'll make some presumptions, that:

    * "eh" will transform to "EventHandler"
    * "tp" will transform to "TagProcessor"
    * all classes from "core" module, that are not event handler/tag processor should have "k" in front of their name


    * UsersEventHandler, users_event_handler.php
    * UserGroupsEventHandler, user_groups_eh.php
    * kThemesHelper, themes_helper.php
    * CustomFieldsTagProcessor, custom_fields_tag_processor.php


    * UserEventHandler, user_eh.php
    * UserGroupEventHandler, user_group_eh.php
    * kThemeHelper, theme_helper.php
    * CustomFieldTagProcessor, custom_field_tp.php
This large change, since we need to rename most of our classes/files to keep everything working. That's why I propose this change to be made as part of 5.2.0 release.
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2010-09-05 20:54   
I believe there is a type in one of your examples:

* CustomFieldEventHandler, custom_field_tp.php

will be:

* CustomFieldEventHandler, custom_field_eh.php

Also, just to clarify all non-EH/TP and NON-Core module Classes will NOT have "k" infront of it. Let's say Custom module Helper or something else?
2010-09-06 05:38   
Reminder sent to: Dmitry

10x for noticing, but error was on other part:

EventHandler should be replaced with TagProcessor, since most of other examples already have EventHandler in them.

I've fixed that.
2011-09-26 05:07   
We'll wait with this once, since auto-detecting filename could slow down unit config cache rebuild process.