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778 [In-Portal CMS] Admin Interfaces feature request always 2010-06-14 14:38 2012-07-25 05:33
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Improvements to Create User & Admin form in Admin
0000778: Improvements to Create User & Admin form in Admin
Several improvements needs to be done on Create User & Admin forms to better accommodate needs of the system:

1. Make "Login" field as read-only when "Use Emails As Login" is enabled. However, we still need to display the actual data that user inputs (as he types) in the Email field in Login field as well.

It would be great if we can make the field grayed out (ie. disabled) so it's clear that fields is read-only.

Because of related task.

2. Create new "generate" button next to Password field which will generate and populate both "Password" and "Re-enter Password" with the password.

However we still need to show the new password in both fields - "Password" and "Re-enter Password" so it's better to make them regular text fields so it's visible.

3. Add new "Email Password to User" check-box field right after "Re-enter Password" field.

By default new field should HIDDEN since we can't restore user password once it's encoded.

This field will be:

a. VISIBLE when adding NEW User or Admin + "Assign password automatically" setting is Off.

b. VISIBLE + CHECKED by default when adding NEW User or Admin + "Assign password automatically" setting is On

c. User Admin wants to change the passwords either by clicking on "Generate" or start typing in

In result if new "Email Password to User" field was On AND user/password was CREATED or CHANGED we should send out new email event with new user details.
New Email Events:

1. USER.NEW.PASSWORD (only triggered in ADMIN and send when password has been modified/changed)

Subject: New password generated


Dear [Firstname],

A new password has been generated for your user.

Now you can login using the following credentials:

Username: [username]
Password: [password]

2. USER.ADD.BYADMIN (only triggered in ADMIN and send when new User is created and "Email Password to User" is CHECKED)

Subject: New user has been created


Dear [Firstname],

A new user has been created and assigned to you

Now you can login using the following credentials:

Username: [username]
Password: [password]

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has duplicate 0000395closed  (5.2.0) User registration logic not always work, during user creation 
related to 0001107closed  (5.2.0)alex Logical changes on user registration/my profile/forgot password forms 
patch user_create_improvements.patch (22,407) 2011-07-12 07:42
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2011-07-11 23:33   
Reminder sent to: alex

Please see Additional Info for more details on new Email Events. Feel free to adjust as necessary.
2011-07-12 07:43   
Will test later, but commit right now to ease merge process from 5.1.x branch.
2011-07-12 07:43   
Fix committed to 5.2.x branch. Commit Message:

Fixes 0000778: Improvements to Create User & Admin form in Admin
2012-07-25 05:33   
Since 5.2.0 version was released.