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76 [In-Portal CMS] Admin Interfaces feature request N/A 2009-06-15 07:32 2010-08-31 14:27
needs feedback 5.1.0  
0000076: Ability to export language export to another site
On language export screen add text field, where user can specify another In-Portal-based site to import given language to. This was we can transfer language packs between various in-portal installations in 3 clicks:
1. select language(-s)
2. press Export button
3. enter target site url
4. press export button.
related to 0000047active  (Icebox) Changes in Download method for Language pack Export 
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2009-08-03 07:53   
Can we move this issue a bit closer to releasing, maybe to 5.1.0. This feature could prove very useful, when you have 2 or more sites and want to keep language pack synchronized and up to date.
2009-08-03 11:02   
I still have some questions on this.

Can you describe in a bit more details how do we can specify which new installation to import to?

Sites should reside on the same server so DB access can be gained?
2009-08-09 03:25   
This is how it works:

On language export screen you specify url of any In-Portal installation, that have In-Portal where such functionality is also present, like this: "" (no need to be on the same server). Also I now see, that we should specify admin's login and password for script to be able login remotely on other side. Then when you press "Save/Export" button on that screen and curl request, that logins you is sent to target site. If that works, then exported language pack (that normally you can download after export is done) is sent also via curl to target site. On target site received language pack is imported with no overwrite option.

This way you can populate same language pack, that can even contain multiple languages to other In-Portal based website without leaving your administrative console.

If error will happen during one of curl requests (can't login using given user and password or can't import language pack) then this error will be shown in appropriate field.