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704 [In-Portal CMS] Admin Interfaces bug report always 2010-04-21 11:38 2010-07-22 15:06
none 5.1.0-B1
Reworked E-mail Template editing
0000704: Improvements to "E-mail Template" editing
Below is a list of things to be addressed:

1. Introduce 2 tabs when Editing an Email Event:

a. General - will list all basic fields/information that we have NOW in 5.0.x branch.
b. Event Settings - will list all other fields (more advanced). The idea is that we can always hide Event Settings tab if needed.


a. For now don't worry about order of fields on Event Settings tab. This will be done by me (Dmitry) and coordinated with Interfaces team.

2. Refactor From/ToUser field (on Settings tab):

- Allow Changing Sender [X] - field is ON by default and VISIBLE in DBG only

====== Always Visible, but Editable if DBG + "Allow Changing Sender" ======
- Send Email From: (X) Default Website address ( ) Custom Sender
- Send From Address: [drop-down with Email, User, Group options] [_ Auto-complete based on drop-down_] - REQUIRED
- Send From Name: [__text__]

- Allow Changing To Recipient [X] - field is ON by default and VISIBLE in DBG only

====== Always Visible, but Editable if DBG + "Allow Changing To Recipient" ======
- Send Email To: (X) Default Website address ( ) Custom Recipients
- Recipient Type: (*) To ( ) Cc ( ) Bcc - To visible when "Custom Recipients" radio is selected
- Recipient Address: [drop-down with Email, User, Group options] [_ Auto-complete based on drop-down_] - REQUIRED
- Recipient Name: [__text__]

- Recipients: [ ....... ] - multi input control (like on custom field editing)


a. Both "Allow Changing Sender" and "Allow Changing To Recipient" should be ON by default for all In-Portal Events. All OnNew Events can have it OFF since both Add and Delete Event button will be available in DBG only.

b. For Information purposes I think we should keep "Send Email From", "Send From Address" and "Send From Name" visible, but READ-ONLY when Allow Changing Sender.

IMPORTANT to note that when DBG is ON Developers will NEVER see READ-ONLY for any fields/screen. In other words, it's in affect ONLY when Root or Administrator is logged-in and mentioned above check-box is OFF. Also, don't need to fancy JS - simpler is better.

c. Always give to edit CC and BCC records for Recipient except that TO is ONLY editable with "Allow Changing To Recipient" check-box ON.

d. We'll work with Interfaces team to get the above look right.

3. Add a way to edit ReplacementTags field

- Tag: [____________________]
- Replacement: [____________________]
- Replacement Tags: [ ....... ] - multi input control (like on custom field editing)

4. Remove "E-mail Settings" section under module Configuration.

After new changes are in affect it will only duplicate "E-mail Templates" section.

5. Adjust Email Message textarea for Developers Mode (DBG)

In developer mode (DBG On) display email message text using simple textarea with "Open In HTML Editor" button (as in Regional section for now), but in administrator mode we will display inline HTML editor as for now in "Email Templates".

6. Check all SQL and upgrades with Events table

Since the structure of Events table will change we need to make sure we properly update all places correctly (Upgrade SQLs/PHP, Installation data SQL)
As part of task "Translation system refactoring" 0000285 we have done major rework for translation system and still needed to fully cover functionality for Email Events. This will be done in this task.
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patch email_event_recipient_core.patch (141,421) 2010-05-18 08:07
patch email_event_recipient_modules.patch (69,313) 2010-05-18 08:07
patch email_event_recipient_core_v2.patch (141,688) 2010-05-22 03:46
jpg Fatal_Improvements_E-mail_Template_editing.jpg (152,090) 2010-05-23 19:01

patch email_event_recipient_core_v3.patch (142,345) 2010-05-25 04:16
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2010-05-18 08:10   
All related tasks, that are scheduled to 5.1.0 release should be tested & applied for given task patches to work.

Please test all sorts of cases where we
* have/have no sender/recipients
* debug mode is on/off
* simple interface preset is on
* upgrade script proverly transfers data from FromUserId column to new columns

There are a lot of scenarios to test, but they aren't so hard to imagine, since all logic was described in task.
2010-05-18 08:12   
(edited on: 2010-05-18 09:49)
We also need to delete "config/config_email" and "config/config_email_edit" templates at the end.

Also this task is huge test case for all it's related tasks, that are scheduled to 5.1.0 release.

2010-05-22 03:47   
Reminder sent to: Dmitry

Patch "email_event_recipient_core_v2.patch" fixes problem reported in 0000734 task.
2010-05-22 11:38   
Thanks for the big task and fixes - tested good, please commit
2010-05-23 19:00   
I have ran another test on clean 5.1.0 install and came across the Fatal Error on the Front end while did User Registration. See attachment.
2010-05-25 04:21   
Patch "email_event_recipient_core_v3.patch" fixes problem found in 0000704:0002299.
2010-05-25 04:27   
Fix seems pretty simple & Dmitry allowed me to commit straight away.
2010-05-25 04:31   
Fix committed to 5.1.x branch. Commit Message:

Fixes 0000704: Improvements to "E-mail Template" editing
2010-07-22 15:06   
Closing, since 5.1.0 release has been released.