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463 [In-Portal CMS] Optimization task N/A 2009-12-21 08:31 2011-07-05 15:42
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0000463: Migration to PHP5 (ongoing)
To move forward we need to forget about PHP4 and move on to PHP5. Here is what we should do:
1. rename all class constructors to "__construct"
2. determine what class variables and methods should be private/public/protected (also the way, how that methods/attributes are used by programmers should be taken into account). For example kDBItem::FieldValues is private, but is used as public attribute.
3. Look through out the classes to determine what immediate benefit could be gained by transforming class implementation php PHP5.

related to 0000268active  (5.2.1) Code Cleanup in 5.2.x branch 
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Task is closed due no change required. See task 0000268