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377 [In-Portal CMS] Optimization task always 2009-10-12 06:44 2009-10-26 17:16
needs feedback 5.0.1  
0000377: Decrement database query count on category item lists, when mod-rewrite is used
Decrement database query count on category item lists, when mod-rewrite is used. Currently for each item in list additional database query is made to receive it's Filename by given ID. Actually we already have Filename field content, when displaying items. We could improve kCatDBTagProcessor::ItemLink tag to pass additional parameter to mod-rewrite in form "<prefix>_filename" and then it will be used for link building. As for case, when mod-rewrite is not used, then we should remove all url parameters in form "<prefix>_filename" from links, that are built.

Without such optimization we have total page database query count get incremented by item count displayed on page, that required nice mod-rewrite url to their detail page.

Something like that could be applied to categories too (c_CategoryLink tag).
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2009-10-12 11:32   
Do we have anything done with this already or need to implement and test from scratch?
2009-10-26 14:47   
We have some ideas/code from other projects and we need to port it here.
2009-10-26 17:16   
Ok, great - let's start posting -- patches / snippets of code / ideas here.