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151 [In-Portal CMS] Admin Interfaces feature request N/A 2009-07-28 04:31 2010-01-12 11:03
active 5.0.0  
0000151: Ability to control load order of javascript code
Currently we have various javascript code for various purposes and it works. Problems start to arise, when new functionality is implemented and this new javascript code should be run in specific exactly before/after kernel's code and no kernel code should changed.

In particular when you need to hide part of form fields based on external criteria, but at the end of the page there is no intelligence about page load results ( $(document).ready is not a criteria here ).

I propose to do one of the following:
1. add javascript hooks to most popular (guess on past customizations/projects) to allow to execute user's code in place where hook is called.
2. somehow create stack of code that should be called and add ability for user to scan that stack and insert his code after/before place he/she desires.

Sound hard to implement, but we should think about mentioned above abilities anyway.
Issue History
2010-01-12 11:03 alex Target Version 5.1.0 => Icebox
2009-07-31 15:34 Dmitry version => 5.0.0
2009-07-31 15:34 Dmitry Target Version => 5.1.0
2009-07-28 04:31 alex New Issue

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