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1439 [In-Portal CMS] Install / Upgrages bug report always 2012-11-11 23:35 2012-12-03 02:15
active 5.2.1-B1  
Fixed missing "Category Permission Cache" after Installation
0001439: Missing "Category Permission Cache" after Installation
After clean install category permission cache missing that results in all theme-related sections missing from "Structure & Data" section. That's why I need to use "Rebuild Section Cache" menu in that section to start working with "Structure & Data" section.
child of 0001318closed  (5.2.0)alex More options to category cache rebuilding system 
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2012-11-12 03:30   
I've found a place in "c:OnAfterRebuildThemes" event. Before we did complete category cache rebuild after theme rescan.

When you have many thousands of categories this would surely slow down whole rebuild process. Right now we do this only, when category cache rebuild setting is set to "silent".

Pros: theme file rebuild on each deploy isn't slow on large projects (with lots of categories)
Cons: no automatic category permission rebuild on theme rebuild

Right now user must go to "Structure & Data" and manually trigger category permission cache rebuild with progress bar.
2012-11-12 03:31   
Reminder sent to: Dmitry

Read my previous comment.