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1426 [In-Portal CMS] Admin Interfaces feature request N/A 2012-11-05 09:45 2013-01-18 14:35
needs feedback 5.1.0  
Adds tags functionality to all units
0001426: Tags functionality
Tags are useful way to organize data besides categories. We @intechnic implemented tag solution is a different ways in a different projects.
Here are sets of ideas, that might be common to all tag solution and can be a nice module at the end:

1. any unit can have tags (no need to be a category or category item for that)
2. tags can be managed (add/edit/delete) in central place
3. tag name always lowercase (as a setting)
4. tag validations:
 - minimal/maximal tag count per item
 - minimal/maximal length of a tag
5. setting: deleting a tag (from tag list) cause
 - tag being deleted in all used units
 - warning shown, that such tag can't be deleted
6. automatic total weight calculation for tag (usage count across all units)
7. automatic unit weight calculation for tag (usage count from each unit)
8. tag filter: see all unit items (e.g. in current category) that have given tag
9. tag colud (links in tag cloud have size based on their weight)
10. custom tag link:
 - to page with all item list, that have this tag
 - to page with tag description and possibly link to previous page (with usage)
11. recalculate weight button - in case if weight is incorrectly calculated recalculate all weights
12. tag type - project-specific tag types, that allow to divide tags into groups by their type
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