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1400 [In-Portal CMS] Front End feature request N/A 2012-09-16 06:47 2012-09-16 06:47
active 5.1.3  
Adds ability to display any fields inside a menu elements
0001400: MenuHelper improvements
Right now we have nice <inp2:st_CachedMenu .../> tag, that prints every menu on website without doing a database query.
This works good, however in some projects I came across situations where a new database field (e.g. extra css class name) was added to a page (category) and this field needs to be used during menu printing.

This requires to override 2 methods in MenuHelper class.

I'm proposing to create an array (as a property of MenuHelper class), where mapping is created between Categories database table fields and parameter names, used to retrieve their values from template.

Here is an example array:

Array (
    'parent_path' => 'ParentPath',
    'icon' => Array ('Icon', 'resize:100x100'),

Then these parameters would be used with GetField method.
Also need to reset menu cache, when either of these new fields will be changed in a category record.
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