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1369 [In-Portal CMS] Admin Interfaces bug report always 2012-07-23 08:48 2012-11-05 13:04
active 5.2.0-RC1  
Fixes catalog item (uploaded via flash uploader) images deleted on approve
0001369: Images are deleted during link approval process (flash uploader fix)
1. I've stumbled upon a problem during link approval (from Admin Console).

There are 2 category permissions:
LINK.OWNER.MODIFY - changes, user makes to it's link are immediately seen on Front-End
LINK.OWNER.MODIFY.PENDING - changes, user makes to it's link are stored in another link record for admin to approve/decline
When user has LINK.OWNER.MODIFY permission it works, like a charm. However, there are a problems in creating a link, that contains all changes made by user.

All files are copied normally. Images are also copied on disk (e.g. image_one.jpg will be copied to image_one_1.jpg), but original image filename stays in link record.

This way approving a link will delete all it's images from disk keeping broken records in Images table.

Since images are copied at least, then I suppose it's working partially. Then we need to ensure, that copied image filenames are put back into Images table record associated with the link, that will hold all modifications.

2. Another small problem here - such links (that needed to be approved) have broken icon in catalog. They should have Pending icon I suppose.
related to 0000049closed  (5.1.0)alex Merge ConfigurationAdmin and ConfigurationValues table 
child of 0001142closed  (5.2.0)alex Images are deleted during link approval process 
child of 0000835needs work  (Icebox)alex New 5.1.0 style flash uploader porting to Front-End 
patch link_approve_removes_wrong_images.patch (2,687) 2012-07-23 08:52
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