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1314 [In-Portal CMS] Install / Upgrages refactoring N/A 2012-06-11 07:04 2012-12-24 00:13
needs work 5.1.3  
Upgrade file storage refactoring
0001314: Change module upgrade script storage system
Right now In-Portal has upgrades.php and upgrades.sql files in each module, that can be upgraded.
Over time we got a lot of code there that is only executed once, but distracts attention from actual last upgrade script code that needs to be written.

I'm proposing, that we return to upgrade script storage system, like it was in 4.2.0 and earlier versions of In-Portal:

one file per version:
* upgrade_5.2.0-B3.sql and upgrade_5.2.0-B3.php and so on

Using php build-in function "version_compare" we can easily sort these files. But this time let's place these files in install folder sub-folder and not in install folder itself, like it was done in 4.2.0 and before.

All PHP upgrade scripts will derive from kUpgradeHelper (as right now) so there will be ability to use common code between modules as before.
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