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116 [In-Portal CMS] Admin Interfaces bug report always 2009-07-17 20:34 2010-08-31 14:25
active 5.1.0  
0000116: In-Portal Tags not Visible in FCK Editor Textareas
In-Portal Tags are fully skipped and not visible in FCK Textareas.

Example - Your suggested category "" has been added.

This mainly applies to Email Templates editing.

Need to find solution to escape <INP2:../> tags so they some visible or at least treated as Regular text.
patch in-portal tags in fckeditor.patch (6,978) 2009-09-29 14:58
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2009-07-19 05:53   
Reminder sent to: Dmitry

Earlier such tags were threated as HTML and were mangled and were broken as a result. I've implemented this quick fix, that hides such tags from editor window, but they will be back, when text is saved.

Although there are some cases, when tag is between two words and words are deleted, then tag is deleted as well.

Normally we should display place holders (yellow ones, like in Dreamweaver) where in-portal tags are located.
2009-07-19 08:47   
Agreed, we'll work on this shortly
2009-07-25 06:33   
I've tried to research what actually FCKEditor will allow and here is what I've got:
1. all non-pair In-Portal tags are converted to pair tags, because FCKEditor don't know anything about them: <inp2:m_Param name="test"/> will become <inp2:m_param name="test"></m_param>
2. all tag names and parameter names are lowercased, because it's XHTML.
3. There is a way to replace In-Portal tags with fake images and replace them back when text is saved, but this results in that content of pair In-Portal tags, like "<inp2:m_if ...></inp2:m_if>" is not visible/editable after replace is made and we can see only one image. If we have nested pair tags, with some html inside, then we can't edit it after this replace.
4. When replacing In-Portal tags to fake images there is no way to determine if we are replacing opening or closing tag, both tags appear to be same document element with contents inside it.

As a result this quite difficult to do such a thing. Maybe you will have better luck finding useful solution on the Internet (pair tags content should be visible after fake images are shown!).
2009-09-29 14:59   
I've attached what I've done so far. I hope, that this will be starting point when we address this issue later.