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114 [In-Portal CMS] Optimization task always 2009-07-17 07:05 2009-10-06 14:26
active 4.3.9  
0000114: Make kPDFHelper class error message more informative
Class kPDFHelper allows to generate PDF document based on template, that produces well-formed HTML document.

When document, produced by template parsing contains validation errors, then "BAD TEMPLATE" is shown as a result, and nothing is generated.

I propose to make this error message more descriptive and add information about incorrect tag location (line and column) and we could display invalid document as well.
Issue History
2009-10-06 14:26 alex Type bug report => task
2009-07-21 20:04 Dmitry Target Version => Icebox
2009-07-17 07:05 alex New Issue

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