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106 [In-Portal CMS] Admin Interfaces feature request always 2009-06-30 22:08 2011-01-31 02:18
needs work 5.1.0  
Ability to dynamically change Product Price in Catalog grid
0000106: Ability to Change Price on Products "Advanced View" Grid
Ability to Change and Save Price in Products Advanced View Grid. See attachment.
This has been completed as customization - attached for future reference.
related to 0000104closed  (5.0.2)alex Unify "Price" virtual field processing 
gif PriceChangeInGrid.gif (84,687) 2009-06-30 22:08

zip (34,172) 2009-06-30 22:09
patch grid_editable_price.patch (5,483) 2010-03-10 06:20
patch grid_editable_price-cleaned-Dmitry.patch (5,629) 2010-05-14 17:38
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2010-04-12 18:48   
Patch tested - working okay EXCEPT:

I see no option to Save Price changes in Catalog Grid in "Show Structure" mode (while Save button available in Show All).

Additional questions:

1. is whether we CAN or can NOT have Cancel button next to Save so it's activated the same way as Save does now

2. can we move both Save and Cancel button after Approve / Decline buttons, but add a separator before new them on Show All and HIDE that ability to change Price dynamically from the Catalog Gird in Show Structure for now since there is NO room for Save/Cancel buttons.

I want consult with Andrew (interfaces) before putting under the main Catalog Grid.

2010-04-13 02:55   
1 - why to cancel, just don't press save button
2 - we can't move, since we only have specific place in toolbar, where all buttons from other tabs are inserted, like "New Link", "New Product" is added. We can hide this button in catalog, that's ok.
2010-05-14 17:35   
Reminder sent to: alex, andrew

Hi Alex,

I have shown Andrew what we have now. Below are his comments:

1. We want to have this ability for other TEXT fields (not all of course) and possibly for other items (not just Products or even Catalog).

Example - Name/Title, SKU, Link URL and so on.

2. Save button. We'll need to find a better way to manage Save and Cancel options for this. Perhaps, not a Toolbar button, but something more dynamic smoothly poping up once we start editing.

3. Ability to have drop-down if the field was a drop-down choice.

Alex, please look into listed above notes and comment. I know everything is possible - it's a matter of time so please be considerable.

We have agreed that he'll look into the Interfaces and provide us with some new ideas how to better implement into what we have now.
2010-05-14 17:40   
Also, uploaded (grid_editable_price-cleaned-Dmitry.patch file) cleaned version of Alex's patch after 5.0.3 merge into 5.1.0 considering numerous changes in products_config.php.
2010-05-15 04:33   
Reminder sent to: Dmitry

So you are trying to convert our grid to Microsoft Excel? Our grid wasn't designed for that. For example no input inside is resized, when you resize column.

For now I use current cell data to place OnClick handler to replace that text with textbox. In case, when field displayed is empty, then click won't work.

Also you imagine that we will have a lot of click handlers (for each cell in each row) for all this to work no matter if user will click on cell to change data or not.

At the end we will face same problems, as described in discussion.

Also any large scale modifications of javascript-based grid will make it slower for sure and I don't think, that this is what we want most.

By my opinion editable grid is not the feature, that we will experience in 5.1.0 release.
2010-05-15 18:39   
Hi Alex,

Thanks for the feedback. The answer is NO we are not trying to convert to MS Excel!

The goal is to fully review the options we have and improve the Grid in such way so it becomes even more easier to work with and more attractable to the regular users, and more then just a plan grid!

Timeline - I propose to move this whole improvement thing to 5.2.0, and work on all Grid aspects at once. I believe we all can agree that our grid needs to evolve and many ways so it's more lightweight, Ajax enabled, Pagination and Sorting friendly and uses the JQ if possible.

Please keep in mind we need to do both Interface and Code improvements to reach higher goals!

What you think?
2010-05-16 01:45   
Agreed, let's move.