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1048 [In-Portal CMS] Caching System bug report always 2011-05-04 15:41 2011-12-18 15:06
needs work 5.1.2  
Fixing fatal error on content language negotiation when memcached is used
0001048: Using "Content Language Negotiation" along with Memcache cold start gives Fatal Error
I have "Content Language Negotiation" and memory caching enabled. When I restarted Memcached server and then visited Front-end with empty url, e.g. then redirect was made, since my "Accept-Language" header matched non-default language.

Because I have no cache, then kApplication::RewriteListeners array was empty and attempt to build redirect link resulted in fatal error listed below:

Notice: Undefined index: m in ...\core\kernel\application.php on line 1953

Fatal error: Method name must be a string in .../core/kernel/application.php on line 1955

I suggest following fixing approach:
1. place return ; after each kApplication::Redirect method call
2. when !$this->Application->InitDone and redirect attempt is made, then schedule redirect, but don't perform
3. when init finishes and there is a scheduled redirect, then perform it

Here are the places, when redirects happen:
* Redirect on Session Expiration
* Redirect on non-rewritten url
* Redirect on language negotiation
* Redirect on missing item’s view permission
* Redirect on category import completion
* Redirect on module install finished
* Redirect on site domain mismatch
* Redirect on category cache updated finish
* Redirect on request event processed
* Redirect on CSV import complete
* Redirect on install complete
* Redirect on login required template
* Redirect on SSL mode mismatch
* Redirect on email queue processing finished
* Redirect on url ending mismatch
* Redirect on template compilation finished
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2011-11-01 08:41   
This might not be the right way to fix this. We should move all code that does redirects during initialization into 1 place.