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Themes :: Modern-Store: 1.0.x r14980 Diff ] Back to Repository ]
Author Committer Branch Timestamp Parent
alex 1.0.x 2012-01-04 05:31:48
Affected Issues 0001126: Implement Smart Filters
Changeset Bug 0001126: Implement Smart Filters
1. update other filter counters, when current filter is changed
2. reset filter icon in each filter
3. filter sidebox header is now blue when filter is in use and grey when it's not
4. "Show All" link above the list now resets all filters at once
5. filter collapse/expand on filter sidebox header click no longer happens
mod - /themes/modern-store/branches/1.0.x/elements/content_boxes/products.elm.tpl Diff ] File ]
mod - /themes/modern-store/branches/1.0.x/elements/filters.elm.tpl Diff ] File ]
mod - /themes/modern-store/branches/1.0.x/elements/sorting.elm.tpl Diff ] File ]
mod - /themes/modern-store/branches/1.0.x/img/bg-block.png Diff ] File ]
add - /themes/modern-store/branches/1.0.x/img/btn_reset_filter.png [ Diff ] File ]
mod - /themes/modern-store/branches/1.0.x/inc/js/list_manager.js Diff ] File ]
mod - /themes/modern-store/branches/1.0.x/inc/styles.css Diff ] File ]

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