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ID Category Type Reproducibility Date Submitted Last Update
0000714 [In-Portal CMS] Other feature request always 2010-04-26 07:54 2010-08-31 14:13
Reporter Dmitry View Status public Project Name In-Portal CMS
Assigned To alex Developer
Priority normal Resolution open Fixed in Version
Status needs work Product Version 5.1.0 Target Version Icebox
Time EstimateNo estimate
Summary 0000714: Add ability to generate "Rounded" and "Grayscale" images
Description Improve our current Image helper (already powerful tool) and teach new things like create new version of the image:

- Rounded
- Grayscale
Additional Information 1. Converting to Rounded
function imageRoundedCopyResampled(&$dstimg, &$srcimg, $dstx, $dsty,
                                   $srcy, $dstw, $dsth, $srcw, $srch,
$radius) {
    # Resize the Source Image
    $srcResized = imagecreatetruecolor($dstw, $dsth);
    imagecopyresampled($srcResized, $srcimg, 0, 0, $srcx, $srcy,
                       $dstw, $dsth, $srcw, $srch);
    # Copy the Body without corners
    imagecopy($dstimg, $srcResized, $dstx+$radius, $dsty,
              $radius, 0, $dstw-($radius*2), $dsth);
    imagecopy($dstimg, $srcResized, $dstx, $dsty+$radius,
              0, $radius, $dstw, $dsth-($radius*2));
    # Create a list of iterations; array(array(X1, X2, CenterX,
CenterY), ...)
    # Iterations in order are: Top-Left, Top-Right, Bottom-Left,
    $iterations = array(
        array(0, 0, $radius, $radius),
        array($dstw-$radius, 0, $dstw-$radius, $radius),
        array(0, $dsth-$radius, $radius, $dsth-$radius),
        array($dstw-$radius, $dsth-$radius, $dstw-$radius, $dsth-
    # Loop through each corner 'iteration'
    foreach($iterations as $iteration) {
        list($x1,$y1,$cx,$cy) = $iteration;
        for ($y=$y1; $y<=$y1+$radius; $y++) {
            for ($x=$x1; $x<=$x1+$radius; $x++) {
                # If length (X,Y)->(CX,CY) is less then radius draw
the point
                $length = sqrt(pow(($cx - $x), 2) + pow(($cy - $y),
                if ($length < $radius) {
                    imagecopy($dstimg, $srcResized, $x+$dstx, $y+
                              $x, $y, 1, 1);

could be a better solution, which does this:

   - draws white square based on source image dimensions
   - cuts circle from the midle
   - places original image under prepared image so only image part, that fits the hole is visible

This approach will use standard GD function, like "imagefilledellipse" and
so on.

2. Converting to Grayscale
$source_file = "test_image.jpg";
$im = ImageCreateFromJpeg($source_file);
$imgw = imagesx($im);
$imgh = imagesy($im);
for ($i=0; $i<$imgw; $i++)
        for ($j=0; $j<$imgh; $j++)
                // get the rgb value for current pixel
                $rgb = ImageColorAt($im, $i, $j);
                // extract each value for r, g, b
                $rr = ($rgb >> 16) & 0xFF;
                $gg = ($rgb >> 8) & 0xFF;
                $bb = $rgb & 0xFF;
                // get the Value from the RGB value
                $g = round(($rr + $gg + $bb) / 3);
                // grayscale values have r=g=b=g
                $val = imagecolorallocate($im, $g, $g, $g);
                // set the gray value
                imagesetpixel ($im, $i, $j, $val);

header('Content-type: image/jpeg');
Tags No tags attached.
Change Log Message Ability to generate "Rounded" and "Grayscale" images on the fly
Estimate Points 0
Attached Files patch file icon rounded_grayscale_images.patch [^] (9,060 bytes) 2010-05-06 15:15 [Show Content]
patch file icon radius_grayscale_image.patch [^] (9,424 bytes) 2010-05-20 12:09 [Show Content]

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-  Notes
User avatar (0002069)
Dmitry (manager)
2010-05-06 14:47
edited on: 2010-05-06 14:58

Please test.

Patch is build from 5.1.x (May-6-2010).

1. Using format to get Rounded corners:


2. Using format to get Image Circled:

rounded:100%x100%|#FFFFFF (for percentage or rounded:100x100 (for pixels)

User avatar (0002268)
Dmitry (manager)
2010-05-19 16:06

Please attach your version of the patch for review.
User avatar (0002270)
alex (manager)
2010-05-20 12:11

Reminder sent to: Dmitry

Here it is "radius_grayscale_image.patch".

I haven't tested it myself, but new syntax is:

<inp2:prefix_Field name="ImageFile" format="corner_radius:5;fill:#FFFFAA"/>

<inp2:prefix_Field name="ImageFile" format="ellipse_radius:5x10;fill:#FFFFAA"/>
<inp2:prefix_Field name="ImageFile" format="ellipse_radius:5;fill:#FFFFAA"/>

Maybe "fill" format won't be working as expected.
User avatar (0002302)
Dmitry (manager)
2010-05-23 19:51

Reminder sent to: alex

What if want have Percentage from width and/or height when using "ellipse_radius".

In my example it was - rounded:100%x100%|#FFFFFF

Also I didn't get your comment about the FILL param there.
User avatar (0002307)
alex (manager)
2010-05-24 02:40

You can specify percents as well.

About "fill" parameter: try my samples and verify, that "fill" really fills proper image parts, not whole image.
User avatar (0002336)
Dmitry (manager)
2010-05-30 16:36

There are several issues with your patch:

1. when I use FILL in format (ie. fill:#555555) it always puts black instead the proper color.

2. when I use FILL in format it always fills in the empty space with color (due to bug below it's black), while in some cases I do NOT want it. I believe we should NOT mix these 2 FILL options into 1.

3. FILL color param should be built-in into CRC when we generate Image ending-name otherwise image remains the same when it changes.

To be honest while my code was a bit rusty it worked well in all these scenarios.
User avatar (0002337)
Dmitry (manager)
2010-05-30 19:01

Let's finalize and put this in 5.1.0. I really see no point of leaving this behind especially if we have 5.2.0 targeted for PHP5.

User avatar (0002342)
alex (manager)
2010-05-31 01:51

Of course it's buggy, since I haven't time to test it myself because you've forced me to attach what I have now in task.

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Date Modified Username Field Change
2010-08-31 14:13 alex version => 5.1.0
2010-05-31 01:51 alex Note Added: 0002342
2010-05-30 19:01 Dmitry Note Added: 0002337
2010-05-30 16:36 Dmitry Note Added: 0002336
2010-05-30 16:36 Dmitry Status needs feedback => needs work
2010-05-24 02:40 alex Note Added: 0002307
2010-05-23 19:51 Dmitry Note Added: 0002302
2010-05-20 12:11 alex Note Added: 0002270
2010-05-20 12:09 alex File Added: radius_grayscale_image.patch
2010-05-19 16:06 Dmitry Note Added: 0002268
2010-05-19 16:06 Dmitry Status needs testing => needs feedback
2010-05-06 15:15 Dmitry File Added: rounded_grayscale_images.patch
2010-05-06 15:14 Dmitry File Deleted: rounded_grayscale_images.patch
2010-05-06 14:58 Dmitry Note Edited: 0002069 View Revisions
2010-05-06 14:57 Dmitry File Added: rounded_grayscale_images.patch
2010-05-06 14:57 Dmitry File Deleted: rounded_grayscale_images.patch
2010-05-06 14:57 Dmitry Note Edited: 0002069 View Revisions
2010-05-06 14:47 Dmitry Note Added: 0002069
2010-05-06 14:47 Dmitry Assigned To => alex
2010-05-06 14:47 Dmitry Developer => Dmitry
2010-05-06 14:47 Dmitry Status active => needs testing
2010-05-06 14:47 Dmitry File Added: rounded_grayscale_images.patch
2010-04-26 07:56 Dmitry Change Log Message => Ability to generate "Rounded" and "Grayscale" images on the fly
2010-04-26 07:54 Dmitry New Issue
2010-04-26 07:54 Dmitry Reference =>

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