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0000604 [In-Portal CMS] Front End bug report always 2010-03-14 08:20 2011-03-30 09:53
Reporter alex View Status public Project Name In-Portal CMS
Assigned To alex Developer
Priority critical Resolution fixed Platform
Status closed   OS
  OS Version
ETA none Fixed in Version 5.1.2-B2 Product Version 5.0.2
  Target Version 5.1.2 Product Build
Time EstimateNo estimate
Summary 0000604: Extra output Sent by during Script execution which leads to Cookie headers not being send
Description Starting In-Portal 5.0.1 (possibly even 5.0) we have came across the
situation when Cookie hasn't been set due to issue with script sending
extra output (wasn't buffered by PHP) during it's runtime. This lead
to the issue with properly setting the Cookie when required. In
particular this happens on the Front end when you are trying to add a
product to your cart and new session is created, but can affect other
places as well.

The above issue is ONLY in affect when PHP configuration setting
"output_buffering" has NO value. By default it's set to 4096 (4K), but
sometime changed to No Value.

Here is a link to PHP manual with more description on Output Control
system in PHP

While it was done before - the task is:

1. check and find all places where extra (early) output is sent.
2. Do check before installation on "output_buffering" setting which is
preferable to have some value.
Steps To Reproduce
Additional Information Related issue is with "Remember Me" checkbox being used. Initially we don't create session on front-end, when it's no needed. When user logges in with "Remember Me" checkbox checked, then later, when user session will expire, then it will be recreated using "remeber_login" cookie set first time.

Because of session is created after output is made (see kApplication::Done method), then SID will never be placed in cookie. Only works, when debug mode is on.

Ideas how to fix that:

I don't see any reason, why session is saved before page output is sent to browser, because session saving doesn't take too much time anyway (especially, when no session data was changed). Agents are run just before session data is saved there and that's wrong, because agent is session-independent event in all cases and we should save session before that.

Need to check all agents, to confirm that.
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Attached Files patch file icon unable_to_set_cookie_with_redirect_without_output_buffering.patch [^] (570 bytes) 2011-02-10 12:52 [Show Content]

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parent of 0000529closed (5.0.3)alex Unable to login when, when IIS compatibility option is used in non-debug mode 

-  Notes
User avatar (0001656)
Dmitry (manager)
2010-03-16 18:48

Additional note here.

Captacha is also giving us an issue here.
User avatar (0001726)
Dmitry (manager)
2010-03-23 01:36

Moved to 5.0.4
User avatar (0003229)
alex (manager)
2011-02-10 12:52

Here is the fix.
User avatar (0003230)
Dmitry (manager)
2011-02-10 13:10

Thanks for patch - tested well and can be committed to 5.1.2-Beta2
User avatar (0003264)
alex (manager)
2011-02-15 11:02

Fix committed to 5.1.x branch. Commit Message:

Fixes 0000604: Extra output Sent by during Script execution which leads to Cookie headers not being send
User avatar (0003325)
Dmitry (manager)
2011-03-30 09:53

Closing, since 5.1.2 release has been released.

- Related Changesets
In-Portal CMS: 5.1.x r14205
Timestamp: 2011-02-15 11:02:07
Author: alex
Details ] Diff ]
Fixes 0000604: Extra output Sent by during Script execution which leads to Cookie headers not being send
mod - /in-portal/branches/5.1.x/core/kernel/application.php Diff ] File ]

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Date Modified Username Field Change
2011-03-30 09:53 Dmitry Note Added: 0003325
2011-03-30 09:53 Dmitry Status resolved => closed
2011-02-15 11:02 alex Changeset attached 5.1.x r14205
2011-02-15 11:02 alex Note Added: 0003264
2011-02-15 11:02 alex Status reviewed and tested => resolved
2011-02-15 11:02 alex Fixed in Version => 5.1.2-B2
2011-02-15 11:02 alex Resolution open => fixed
2011-02-15 11:02 alex Assigned To !COMMUNITY => alex
2011-02-10 13:10 Dmitry Note Added: 0003230
2011-02-10 13:10 Dmitry Status needs testing => reviewed and tested
2011-02-10 12:52 alex Note Added: 0003229
2011-02-10 12:52 alex Assigned To alex => !COMMUNITY
2011-02-10 12:52 alex Developer => alex
2011-02-10 12:52 alex Status needs work => needs testing
2011-02-10 12:52 alex Target Version Icebox => 5.1.2
2011-02-10 12:52 alex File Added: unable_to_set_cookie_with_redirect_without_output_buffering.patch
2011-02-10 12:43 alex Relationship added parent of 0000529
2010-05-10 14:50 alex Target Version 5.0.4 => Icebox
2010-03-23 01:36 Dmitry Note Added: 0001726
2010-03-23 01:36 Dmitry Target Version 5.0.3 => 5.0.4
2010-03-16 18:48 Dmitry Note Added: 0001656
2010-03-16 18:48 Dmitry Assigned To => alex
2010-03-16 18:48 Dmitry Priority normal => critical
2010-03-16 18:48 Dmitry Status active => needs work
2010-03-16 18:48 Dmitry Target Version 5.0.4 => 5.0.3
2010-03-14 08:21 alex Reference =>
2010-03-14 08:20 alex New Issue

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