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Summary 0000949: Change in user Email Validation process
Revision 2011-09-26 04:45:59 by alex
Additional Information How to implement UNDO e-mail change
1. create PrevEmails column (text, empty serialized array by default) in PortalUser table; will be serialized array of all user's email change attempts in format:
Array (
md5(emailchange_time1+user_id) => old_email1
md5(emailchange_time2+user_id) => old_email2
2. when user's e-mail is changed, then we add one more record to array in PrevEmails column and send a link with that hash (array key) to a user as undo link
3. when user clicks an undo link we can search for given MD5 string in that field using LIKE clause; when found we revert e-mail change and delete that record from array

Other stuff
Other stuff is pretty obvious and we have done it on some other projects already. I'll just copy-paste from there.
We also need to make sure, that user can't manually change EmailValidated column.

Also I think, that column should be called EmailVerified, since we verify that user owns a e-mail he typed on form. Email is already valid, since matches user@domain.tld format.

Revision 2011-09-23 21:28:11 by alex
Additional Information

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