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0000413 [In-Portal CMS] Install / Upgrages feature request always 2009-10-28 02:02 2012-07-25 05:32
Reporter Dmitry View Status public  
Assigned To alex
Priority normal Resolution fixed  
Status closed      
Summary 0000413: System Requirements Check before In-Portal Installation
Description We need to introduce new "System Requirements Check" step in In-Portal installation wizard.

Below are to scenarios:

1. Clean/New Installation

This step will be located before "Filesystem Check" step and will NOT allow to continue if ANY of required settings has not passed.

We need to show FAILED or PASSED to the right from the setting (see Security check step for example).


MySQL version: 5.0+ (required) - checked as part "Database Configuration" step
MySQL Packet Size: 1MB min (required) - checked as part "Database Configuration" step

Don't allow moving forward if any of thee 2 MySQL settings are incorrect/lower than minimum.

2. Installation Maintenance

This step will be checking for System Requirements (see attached image).

After user selects that wants to check the System Requirement he will see a page with list of them and FAILED or PASSED to the right from it (see Security check step)

Below is list of checks that will consist of "Server-side" and "Client-side" requirements subsections:

Server-side requirements
PHP version: 5.2+ (required)

MySQL version: 5.0+ (required) - NOTE: ONLY on Installation Maintenance step
MySQL Packet Size: 1MB min (required for large website, optional for small website) NOTE: ONLY on Installation Maintenance step

URL Rewriting Support: yes/no (optional)
PHP extensions:
- Memcache (optional); Memcache class
- Curl (required); curl_init function
- Freetype (required); imagettfbbox function
- GD 1.8+ (required)
- jpeg (required)
- MySQL; mysql_connect function (required)
- JSON (optional); json_encode function
- Java (optional); run "java args" (need to determine args that cause error on incorrectly installed java)

PHP settings:
- ini_set('memory_limit', ...) - works/don't work (optional)
- ini_get('date.timezone') - timezone set/not set (required)
- ini_get('gpc_order') - contains "GPC" string
- ini_get('output_buffering') > 0 - buffering works (required)

Client-side requirements:
Cookies enabled
JavaScript enabled
Additional Information I suppose we can place all server-side checks in prerequisites.php file of CORE module installation folder.

Later (NOT NOW):

Same checks for other modules will be performed once on module selection step. Other modules can't be installed until required requirements are met.

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