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0000268 [In-Portal CMS] Optimization task always 2009-09-04 12:05 2012-07-25 05:39
Reporter Dmitry View Status public  
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Priority normal Resolution open  
Status active      
Summary 0000268: Code Cleanup in 5.2.x branch
Description This an ongoing task for Code cleanup in the whole system in 5.2.x branch.

1. kModRewriteHelper and kUrlManager both works with urls and get some data from kApplication class too. Need to unify url build/parse process (maybe by creating kiUrlProcessor interface, that will be implemented in PlainUrlProcessor and RewriteUrlProcessor classes).

2. Temp Handler class optimization:
- implement class using Collection pattern (like tests are collected in phpUnit) and create Clone, Delete, etc. methods for the class.
- this way operations will be single-item based, not table-based as right now.
- This of course will result separate sqls for subitem quering based on individual parent, but that's small price to pay to have correctly organized class hierarchy

3. 0001224 - Email event usage refactoring (part 1)
- create kEmail class with following public methods:
-- findEvent($name, $type)
-- setParams($params)
-- send()
- make $this->sender refer to kEmailSendingHelper class instance for easy access across all methods
- move existing code from EmailEventsEventHandler into new kEmail class
- replace OnEmailEvent event sending with new kEmail class usage

4. Email event refactoring (part 2)
- replace tons of "switch by RecipientType (to, cc, bcc) field" into polymorphism
Additional Information Users:

0001031: User management internals refactoring
0000964: Improvements to user Login field
0000778: Improvements to Create User & Admin form in Admin
0000948: Change in "Forgot Password" logic

Data Validation:

0000270: "Form Configuration" for Add/Edit in Admin Console
0000271: Redesign "Data Validation" Engine!topic/in-portal-dev/cfhRH6VUxaE/discussion

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